I know it's been a ridiculous amount of time. I'm so sorry! But I really wanted to get this story right, and although a lot of work is left to do- I really think I've got something decent to work with now that will be good enough to produce a sequel. So I thought while I'm churning out all these new ideas and writing the story, I'd give you all the official Trailer for the sequel. I hope you'll like the direction of the sequel :D

So here it is, finally. The sequel to A Blackened Core : A Tainted Truth.

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Enjoy (: the music does give the trailer more impact I think, so I hope you are able to listen whilst reading!

They stole something Merlin.

It whispered every night. It was no longer the tainted, blackened voice it had once been- but it was still drenched in a perilous meaning. Then the second voice would sound, and Merlin knew full-well who it was, and it terrified him.


Pulling the pillow over his head, Merlin clamped his eyes shut, refusing to acknowledge the voices.

They're coming Merlin. Coming for You.


"Leave." He muttered, tears riming his eyes.

You know I won't leave you.

A kind of ironic comforting tone, but there was an overdose of sarcasm, and a helping of malevolence that knocked Merlin backwards.

You made an Oath

Something has been stolen.

Every night, since the death of Gaius, the death of himself, and the rescue of the soon-to-be-crowned King. Every night.

It had been sixteen nights. Sixteen long sleepless nights.

It didn't stop.



"Everything you are, Arthur Pendragon, is a lie."

A broken Kingdom

"My Father, was a great King. He always did what he thought to be right for his Kingdom and for his people. He stood for justice; he stood for honesty; he stood for his people. He deserved a noble death; the death of a King, and yet it was the hand of sorcery that ended his reign."

A broken Ruler

"That, is exactly why magic can not return to Camelot." He said bitterly, even without looking at the Prince, you could imagine the fire smouldering through his eyes, the hatred engulfing him.

A broken Heir

"Magic cannot be trusted. Sorcerers like Edwin and Nimueh have scarred the kingdom. They have tainted the beauty of our land, destroyed our hope, our faith. We can not afford to let such travesty fall upon our Kingdom again. It is times like these when we fully understand why Magic cannot be welcomed to Camelot."

"Not now,"

At these words, Merlin swallowed-hard, eyes watery and hazy. He gazed over to the broken, distant Arthur, who turned to him slowly. A wave of fear pulsed in the warlock's body. The heir's next words – spoken with a stern tongue and raw ruthlessness - pierced Merlin in the heart, an unpleasant shiver shook through his spine.

"Not ever."

This year

"What if they are coming?" he asked uncomfortably, the thoughts in his mind now drew him into a state of panic.

"…what if they're already here?"

A Blackened Core continues

"Arthur Pendragon may be the heir to the throne, but he is not the true King until that crown is placed on his head on his coronation."

On a quest beyond Adventure

"Run." Merlin muttered, voice tense.


Beyond danger

"The Dark ones harbour a great weapon young warlock."

Merlin replied slowly, trying to process this. In exasperation, he raised a hand gesturing defeat.

"I don't understand. What has been stolen? Who's coming?"

Beyond death

"I gave my life for you!" Merlin exclaimed loudly in disbelief at what he was hearing, ungrateful prat. "I-I gave everything and-"

"-Andwhat?" Arthur replied hastily. "You wish you hadn't done so now?"

Blinking back tears, a look of horror on Merlin's face, the warlock stood motionless- is that really what Arthur was thinking? That if he could take it all back with a spell he simply would?

"No." Merlin whispered, voice hoarse, surprising the future King. The genuine honesty in his voice created a swell of something in Arthur's heart that he hadn't felt for a long time. "Never."

In the search for truth

"We need to find what was once lost." Merlin stammered out of the blue, and despite all the hurt Arthur Pratdragon had thrust upon his manservant the past few days, his tone was resilient, and so god-damn hopeful.

Narrowing his eyes, Arthur literally growled, standing up.

"I will not hear any more of this Merlin!" he roared.

"A King must listen for truth, search for it in all words spoken Sire-" Merlin began wisely, only to be cut off by the blonde male.

"-you are dismissed." He uttered hoarsely.

For Honesty

"My father, my ancestors were honourable rulers of Camelot-"

The man interrupted, a dark simper leaving his lips.

"-But they were not the true rulers."

At this Arthur lunged. Merlin dived between the pair, eyes locked on the future king. And for a moment, Merlin was terrified that the infuriated Arthur was thinking about running him through with his blade also.

For everything Camelot stands for.

Because without truth,

"Merlin." Morgana cried, grabbing the warlock by the shoulders frantically.

"I need to know Merlin. I need to know."

Without honesty,

Camelot is tainted.

"What if it was always meant to be this way?" he asked slowly, "What if the truth isn't tainted at all…"

"What if I'm tainted?"

AnalystProductions Presents,

"You made me an oath young warlock." The dragon growled, and that dark, foreboding part of the beast overpowered the wisdom.

"I promise I will," he mentally hit himself for those words. Damn his sincerity. "But right now I can't. Arthur Pendragon distrusts magic, distrusts everyone…even himself."

A Tainted Truth

"Are you ready to prove yourself as the real King of Camelot?"

"Arthur doesn't have to prove anything, he is the true King." Merlin said fiercely, jumping in, hand raised warily. But Arthur pushed him back, adjusting the sword in his belt thoughtfully.

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"I'm ready."