Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Star Wars: Five Things Continued, an ongoing look into the lives of various Star Wars Characters if their lives had been different, utilising the now famed 'five short AU stories in one' tactic. Some will seem better, others worse. It's called 'Continued' on account of the fact that the author of the original series, Muleteer, has shown great generosity and heart in letting me doing my own series. You can read his original series here - search for 'TheMuleteer' - but I would like to point out that this is not a passing of the torch, just me being allowed to do my own take. I'll be starting with characters which Muleteer had yet to use, but it is possible I will return to some of the originals in time, should I think of five new stories to tell for them which haven't been considered yet. In regards to requests for characters – I will certainly consider them but bear in mind that my knowledge of every last detail of the Expanded Universe is vague at best, so try not to pull out an obscure one out of a hat and expect me to know who they are and what would work. That doesn't mean you shouldn't, I just want you to be prepared, just in case.

Anyway, please enjoy 'Five Things Continued'