Finding You

By: Hitokiri Musei

Rated: T

Summary: Sequel to Behind Those Teal Eyes! The war has continued, but when the 19 year old twins' parents are taken hostage into Hueco Mundo they take things into their own hands, traveling to the Hollow's world to rescue their parents… and to stop the war.

Warnings: This is yaoi, IchiHitsu, and it is a direct sequel to Behind Those Teal Eyes. If you have not read that, you need to! This story revolves mostly around the twins, Ichigo and Toshiro's sons, so you need to know how they came to be! The twins are extremely close, bordering on twincest, but as of right now I have no plans to actually make them get together. That may change, depending on the reviews I get from my readers, and how the story goes!


And OMG here's the release! I know you all have been waiting for so long, and I bow to you! There is a preview for this (shameless, I know) the link is on my profile, I hope that you will go see it! Without further ado, here is the first chapter of Finding You!

I don't own Bleach, but Yoru and Sora are my own creations, as is Sora Kitsune.

Chapter 1

There was a snort of laughter.


"Quiet, shut up!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "You do realize that this is never going to work."


"You're awake?.!"

Toshiro laughed softly, turning his head where it was against his husband's shoulder. "We're going to hear you every time, or sense you."

"But Papa,"

"We're masking our reiatsu!"

Ichigo snorted. "And we're captains. No matter how good you are at that, we can sense you anyway. Besides, you're our sons; we would be able to pick you out no matter what."

"Especially me." Toshiro said drily. "You were once a part of me. You have no idea how easy it is for me to sense you."

The two captains looked up to see two orange heads poking through the door to their bedroom, dark teal eyes watching them.

Yoru moved into the room, tugging on his shihakshou as he did. "We'll get them one day, Sora."

A snort from Toshiro made him start. "You say that every time, Yoru, and yet we find ourselves here every time." The small shinigami pushed himself to his feet, stretching. He adjusted his sleeping wear, a white yukata, and then headed into the bath.

"Are you two ready for drills today?" Ichigo asked as he readied himself.

"Hell yes." Yoru said with a rouge grin, leaning against his twin. "We totally got this."

"It's our first day, but we'll do well, don't worry, Father." Sora said firmly, his eyes hardening slightly with determination.

Ichigo smiled slightly at this, feeling proud of his sons. They had just been accepted into the Gotei 13 and put into his squad. They were both powerful shinigami, with ice and fire type zanpaktous. Both had achieved shikai before the rest of the Academy, and had been placed directly into the ranks of his squad, Yoru 3rd seat and Sora 4th. Both were plenty powerful enough for these positions, though Sora was much better at kidou than his older twin. Yoru took after their father in that aspect; he'd never been very good at kidou.

Only 19 years old, and they had already accomplished so much. Ichigo was immensely proud of them, and he knew that they would do well.

Toshiro came out of the bath, pulling on his haori and smiling up at his husband of nearly 14 years. "See you at lunch?"

Ichigo nodded. "As always, yuki hime." He kissed the small shinigami and then turned to the twins, who were making gagging gestures. "Well, you ready boys?"

Both nodded, in synch, slinging arms around each other's shoulders, speaking as one. "You got it!"

The clang of swords and battle cries echoed through the 9th division, officers and squads sparring with each other in the rather hot day. Ichigo wandered throughout supervising, his chocolate eyes calculation as he watched his subordinates.

His eyes kept moving back to his sons, watching them spar with his fukutaichou, Sora Kitsune. While they could fight well on their own, they worked best together, synchronizing their moves perfectly to attack with deadly force.

Neither had called on their zanpaktous yet, but they were holding their own quite well against Kit, who was one of the most talented fukutaichou's that Ichigo had seen in a long time. The woman hadn't stepped it up yet, but she knew as well as Ichigo did that the squads doubted the twins' strength, and they needed to see this. There were whispers among the teams, that the twins had only made it so high up in ranking because they were the captain's sons.

Ichigo caught his lieutenant's eyes as he noticed the squads were beginning to watch, nodding to her. She grinned, and then called out. "Fire away! Oni!"

Sora blinked, and the grinned as well, flourishing his zanpaktou and crying out. "Freeze the skies! Koorimasu!"

With a white glow the sword changed, shifting to a double weapon. Two short scythes were held in Sora's hands, a chain trailing between the two ends. Sora stood tall and straight, holding one scythe in his left hand and spinning the other by holding the chain in his right.

There was a silence and then Yoru raised his sword, spinning it slowly by the short chain at it's end. "Ready?"

Kit snorted. "Bring it on, boy."

The zanpaktou began to glow red, and Yoru shouted out. "Bring the heat! Kogasu!"

The glow dimmed to reveal a large scythe, its end resting on the ground, standing as tall as Yoru himself, the blade beautifully curved and glowing red hot. A short chain trailed from the base of the blade, clinking in the wind.

Sora moved first, swinging his right scythe at the fukutaichou as he ran towards her. Yoru came not far after him, moving towards Kit as she avoided Sora's attack. The glowing blade left a smoking mark in her hakama, and she shot off a reiatsu bullet.

The bullet ricocheted off of Sora's spinning scythe, dissipating just before it hit Kit herself. Kit looked up in time to see Yoru leaping towards her, Kogasu whistling through the air, it's almost white hot blade screaming.

Kit jumped and dodged, but as Yoru flew past she was met with Sora's Koorimasu, the frozen blade missing her face by a mere centimeter.

A clapping sound interrupted them, and they looked to Ichigo, who was moving towards them with a smile. "Very well done boys, I'm proud of you. However, I think it wise to stop this fight before anyone gets hurt, we don't want that. Good work, Kit."

"Thank you, taichou."

"Well then, what about the rest of you? Are you satisfied with them?" Ichigo's voice boomed out over the watching squads, causing many to flinch. There was no response, and Ichigo grinned. "Good."

Sora sheathed his zanpaktou, a small smile on his face as he moved to stand beside his twin. "Well that was fun."

Yoru scoffed faintly, looping an arm over Sora's shoulders and leaning against him. "Stupid shinigami, don't trust our abilities. Dad would tell us if we were shitty fighters."

His twin's smile widened. "Yea, and then 'gichi would beat some fight into us and make us better."

Ichigo chuckled, hearing Ogichi's agreement in his mind. Damn straight I would.

Ogichi had been working with the twins since they hit 17 years old, his speed and wild style giving them good experience that both Ichigo and Toshiro approved of. The twins had known of the Hollow since they were young, affectionately referring to him as 'gichi.

Clapping a hand on Yoru's shoulder, Ichigo grinned. "Alright boys, you're done for the day. As I remember your Papa wanted to see you when I was finished with you."

The two nodded, speaking as one. "Gotcha, Dad!"

But as they turned to leave a sound rang out over the Seireitei, the alarm. Ichigo swore, placing Zangetsu at his back and barking out orders. "Kit, get your squads together, quickly! Sora, Yoru, you're in charge of squads 2, 3, 4, and 5! Prepare for battle, men and women!"

"But, taichou…"

"What's going on?"

"Yamamoto-soutaichou told the captains to be prepared, but we never thought it would happen this soon. Aizen has sent Arrancar into the Soul Society, he finally got in! Now hurry, we have a duty to fulfill!"

The division moved out, following their respective leaders out of the barracks and towards the 1st division building where Ichigo was leading them.

Yamamoto was waiting, sending out divisions to different areas with sharp words and quick gestures. "Kurosaki, you're with division 10 by the 78th District. There are several Arrancar scattered there, hurry."

"Yes sir!"

As they ran through the city Yoru reached out, grabbing Sora's hand and squeezing. "Our first battle… Our first big one…"

Sora nodded. "This is nothing compared to patrol in Karakura." His dark teal eyes met his twin's. "Are you ready?"

"As long as you're with me."

Screaming. Roars. Swords clashing. Terror. Death.

Sora felt pressured, Koorimasu's hilts slick in his hands. He could faintly hear the whistle of Kogasu nearby, so he knew that Yoru was nearby, close enough for him to feel Yoru's reiatsu pulse with his fear and determination.

He was terrified. Battles he had been in, but nothing like this. Death was all around him.

It was smothering. Suffocating.

He could barely hear his father shouting; feel the cool waves of his Papa's reiatsu. It was pure chaos.

Koorimasu was screaming at him suddenly, and he looked up to see a Hollow diving at him, screaming wildly. Sora flung a scythe out, catching the creature in the arm, freezing it solid.

With an angered squeal the Hollow fell back, and then dove again, furious.


The blade of Kogasu came into his vision, the white-hot blade burning through the Hollow's mask. Sora found himself looking into identical teal eyes, Yoru's hands on his shoulders.

"Come on, Sora, stay with me! Don't freeze up!" the elder roared in his brother's face, shaking him.

Sora stared at him, and then nodded. "Y-Yeah. Sorry."

"Yoru, Sora!"

The twins whirled, seeing their Papa near them. Toshiro was breathing frantically, blood moving from a slash in his hairline, a cut across his right shoulder, and a slice across his chest. His left arm was encased in ice; Sora knew it was broken, the ice was stained red and the hand was twisted.

The 10th division captain had leapt in front of them to protect them from a bigger Hollow, something they couldn't handle.

An Arrancar.

Sora felt his heart stop as if frozen, his eyes going wide as his grip loosened in fear on Koorimasu's hilts.

The roar of a dragon broke his thoughts as Toshiro raised Hyourinmaru, meeting the Arrancar's blade so it wouldn't cleave his son in half.

"Yoru, get him out of here!"

"Y-Yes, Papa!"

Sora was swept off his feet, thrown over his twin's shoulder and carried away from where Toshiro was spreading icy wings as he met the Arrancar in battle.

Yoru carried his brother out of their Papa's way, and then put him down, shaking him frantically. "You've got to stay focused, Sora! I'm scared too, but you have to keep going!"

The younger nodded faintly, swallowing thickly and tightening his grip on Koorimasu. "Yea. Yea, okay. I'm alright."


Both whirled around to see Ichigo, Hollow's mask on his face, diving for Toshiro as the captain's bankai shattered, blood exploding. Ichigo attacked, Tensa Zangetsu screaming in his hands.

"Dad!" Sora yelled, leaping forward.

"Sora, no!" Yoru cried, reaching for him. "We'll get in his way!"

Sora looked to the Arrancar that his father was facing, and then blinked. It was smiling.

Sora's genius mind realized. "No! Dad, get away!"

The world exploded.