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Chapter 22 – Home

"So how did it go with Naruto?" Ino asked, gaze downward. "I had to say goodbye to Shikamaru today as well." 'Damn, this is much harder than I thought. Especially looking at Sakura, she looks so pitiful. I don't want to see her like that, hell I don't want her to see me like that.'

"It went fine," Sakura solemnly replied. "I told him everything and I apologized," she paused. "But Ino… He doesn't hate me, even though I want him to hate me for what I've done to him. I want him not to love me anymore so that it makes all of this easier!" 'Why can't he just hate me? When I so badly want him to hate me, I want him to loathe me.'

"Maybe he doesn't want to hate you because he loves you," Ino offered, gently enveloping her in an embrace. "Maybe he wants to remember you as the girl he loved, not as the girl he hated." 'Well at least that's what Shikamaru said to me when I said he should just forget.'

"Why would he want to? I've caused him so much pain in this last month that I should have no right to be loved by him," Sakura whimpered. "I don't want him to remember me as the one he loved because it'll just make it harder for him to move." She lowered her voice, "It'll just make it harder for me to move on."

"And if he doesn't want to move on? What if he only wants to remember loving you?" Ino probed. "What if he just wants to be with you, only you and knowing that he can't he'd rather just stay that way." 'I would, I wouldn't want to move on if I was losing the love of my life.'

"Why does it have to be like this?" Sakura whispered. "Why can't we just get what we want? It'll make the world a happier place for all wouldn't it?"

"Because life isn't fair, but it's not fair to everyone so that makes it fair," the blonde replied. "I also want life to be the way I want it to but we can't have what we want Sakura." 'I wish we did though, because then I wouldn't have to worry about the future because I would know what would happen.'

"There's one thing in life I want more than to be with Naruto," Sakura began. "I want to be-able to call Konoha 'home'. But my proper home, where I can just forget all my troubles," she continued wistfully. "I want to forget all the pain I've accumulated here; I just want to forget it all."

"Don't we all Sakura," Ino mused, fingering a rosette lock. "Don't we all want to be-able to go somewhere and forget about everything but happiness?" 'I would want to because then this dull ache would just disappear.'

"What is happiness when you are forced to throw it away?" Sakura questioned, scanning the bare bedroom. It used to be decorated with various posters and pictures yet now the walls were home to nothing. 'Why should we even speak of happiness of you are undeserving of it?'

"Then all it is… is pain. That isn't true happiness because you shouldn't be forced to throw away true happiness," Ino responded, frame trembling. "Yet I'm one to speak aren't I?" she weakly joked.

Sakura laughed, "I guess we are both one's to talk, imagining things that could never be. I suppose we just come from two different worlds," she mused, knowing that she was referring to Naruto. "I suppose two worlds are not supposed to collide."

"I guess not," Ino repeated, smiling meekly. "I guess that some things are just not supposed to mix, even if they will produce something even better in the end."


'The course of true love never did run straight,' Naruto thought, forlornly smiling. 'I'm guessing that quote applies to me Shakespeare? You'd have one heck of a field day writing about my romantic life wouldn't you?' he mused, chuckling lightly. 'Anyone would if they had to hear how my life had been twisted in the past five months.'

He sighed, sapphire gaze observing the confinements of his room. Dozens of pictures and posters littered the wall while even more adjourned the desk. Many of them were famous actors, soccer players while others were just of life. There were some of his family, of his friends and there were some of Sakura.

'Sakura-chan,' he thought, eyes closing as images of the pink haired teen flashed through. 'Your smile, your eyes, your skin, your everything. I could just be with you now, holding you. That would be much better than holding onto 'what ifs…'.' He flinched, an image of the first day he met here replaying itself.

She was so weak and timid and she only radiated fear. He had walked in on a moment of pure weakness and he had stopped her from inflicting harm. He had stopped her from something that might have developed into more. He had comforted her, pulling her closer in order to give her the warmth she needed. 'I wanted to make sure she was fine, and I wanted to comfort her with soft words.'

Then he had befriended her, innocently beginning what was now known as 'The Bubble War'. The following day he had led her to a favorite spot, Ichiruki ramen. They had talked, learning about each other, finding that that they were similar to one another. 'I can still remember her expression as those bubbles hit her face. It was absolutely priceless.'

They both had fears and insecurities yet through the bond they created they were able to face them; to work them out. They had grown closer, finding that their feelings had grown. 'I couldn't take my eyes off her when we came back from Ichiruki. She was like an angel that night.'

They had helped friends getting together, despite avoiding the fact that they wished to be together. Yet they had broken down all defenses in one mind-blowing kiss that innocently happened. One kiss had managed to accumulate into three before either regained their senses. 'I can remember the waves crashing around us .'

That night they had discovered hidden feelings for one another, feelings they wished to explore. 'I couldn't sleep, I just kept dreaming about her and her touch. I dreamt about her kiss and how she responded.'

They had stepped into the unknown together, fingers intertwined. They had admitted feelings and desires to be with one another. 'Yet they all came crashing down.'

'And now I've lost you Sakura-chan because you'll never be coming home again.'


"Sakura," Mizuki called, "Ino, it's time to go!" 'I don't want to make this any harder on them so we have to leave quickly,' she thought, sighing. 'I wish that we could have worked something out but that just isn't possible. Sakura is going to become and Uchiha when we get back to Suna and all things in Konoha will be forgotten.'

"We're here," Sakura replied, smiling weakly. "And we're ready to go." Ino nodded, approving the statement. 'So I guess this really is goodbye Konoha,' she thought, smiling appreciatively as Sasuke draped an arm around her shoulder.

"We'll come visit, I promise," he whispered, kissing her forehead. 'Although I don't think she'd want to come and visit.'

"Thank you but that won't be necessary Sasuke-kun," she whispered, head upon his shoulder. "It's just too painful for me at the moment." 'As much as I want to come back I can't. I can't knowing that he'll be here, waiting.'

"As you wish," he responded, ushering her into the car. She complied, hesitantly watching as he closed the door. 'So this is really, really good bye Konoha. I miss you but I can't come back.'

'I can't come back because Naruto will be here and he will be waiting.'


"Rin-nee," Sakura stated, somewhat wide eyed. "What are you doing here? I thought you and Obito were on another flight?" she questioned, frowning. 'Aren't they first going to Iwa and then going to Suna?'

"We are but I came here to talk to you Sakura-chan," she replied, smiling. "But could we talk in private because it is kind of personal," she continued, somewhat blushing. 'Please fall for it Sakura-chan because I have never ever been a good liar,' she thought.

"Of course," the pinkette warmly responded. "Where do you wanna go and talk?" she questioned, quickly smiling at Sasuke and Ino. 'I wonder what Rin-nee wants to talk about, especially if it means leaving Obito's side. They haven't willingly separated since they announced their engagement.'

"Oh just in this shop where we'll be safe from prying eyes," Rin mumbled, pulling her into the nearest shop. "I've got to ask you a question Sakura but you have to be as honest as possible when it comes to answering okay?" 'Damn, I really, really am a bad liar. Just from the look on her face I can tell that she's caught me out.'

"Okay," Sakura replied, eyebrow raised. 'Oh yeah, she is definitely hiding something. Has no-one ever told you that you are a bad liar?' Sakura thought, arms crossed.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Rin bluntly queried. 'Sorry but there is no other way to phrase this question.'

Sakura froze, eyes widened. "What do you mean Rin-nee?" 'What does she what am I doing here? I'm living, I'm going to Suna. Is that what she's asking? Or is there something else behind that question?'

"I mean why are you at this airport? Why are you throwing away everything in going back to Suna?" she questioned, frowning. "You can't go through with this and I can't willingly let you go through with this." 'You love the man! So why are you going back to Suna only to be involved in a somewhat loveless marriage?'

Sakura's frame shook, "I'm not throwing anything away. All I'm doing to making sure that no-one else suffers because of me. All I did was cause everyone to be hurt and that's not who I am. I don't anyone to be in pain because of me! I'm walking away so they can be happy!"

"You're not Sakura, you're not," Rin countered. "You're running away! You're running away from the happiness! You're not giving anyone else happiness by leaving them, that's the only way to give them pain is by running away. You're running away from the man you love because you're afraid of what others will feel." 'I didn't want to do this.' "You're only hurting everyone more by running away! You're causing pain to your friends and to Naruto!"

By now, all who were in the shop were staring.

'Is that really all I am doing?' Sakura questioned, limbs numb. "I…I… I love Sasuke-kun! Not Naruto! So I'm not hurting him. All I did was pain all my friends in Konoha. I hurt them so much that I don't deserve to call them friends!" 'I can't let her make me change me mind. I have to lie to her otherwise no-one can truly be happy.'

"Don't lie to me Sakura," Rin retorted. "I know what real loves feels like and you don't have real love for Sasuke. That love is stored only in your heart for Naruto. So don't lie and tell me you love Sasuke because you only think you do!" 'I have to make her understand that what she is doing is wrong.' "You'll only end up hurting him if you carry on doing this to Sasuke. You'll hurt me, Obito, Itachi, your mom and everyone else if you go on with this."

"At least I know what to expect when I'm with Sasuke-kun," Sakura whimpered. "With Naruto every step we take is a step into the unknown, into untested waters. I don't want that life anymore! I want security! Can't you of all people understand that? Yes, I love Naruto but I don't want to go through any more unknown."

Rin laughed, "It won't be the unknown Sakura. It won't be the unknown because you'll be with him! You'll be together through everything so you won't have to worry about the unknown!"

'Don't make the biggest mistake of your life Sakura-chan.'


"Attention ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Unfortunately due to technical problems we will be taking off 30 minutes later than scheduled. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause."

Sakura groaned, 'Damnit, why does it seem that everything is so intent on keeping me in Konoha for longer than I want to be?' she moaned. 'I already have Rin-nee's words echoing through my mind but now this?'

'Maybe you should listen to those words.'

'What who was that?' she questioned, scanning to see if anyone had spoken to her. 'Who are you and why are you speaking to me?'

'I am the inner you, your voice of reason. I have just one thing to say to you. Rin has had much more experience than what you have had in life. She knows and understands many more things. You should listen to her and instead of following your brain you should follow your heart. Believe me; it'll be much more satisfying in the end.'

'Oh great, now I've got you on my case as well. I can't even believe that I'm about to argue with my 'voice of reason' as you say. Can't you and Rin see that I've been through enough crap? I lost my damn child okay? How the hell is that supposed to make me feel? I don't want to stay in the place where I lost my baby. I don't want to hurt everyone else because of past choices. Can't you understand that?'

'I will understand when you stop making excuses. You love Naruto don't you? You even told him that yesterday. So tell me, who puts the one they love through all that you're putting him? Please tell me that.'

'No-one does,' she trailed, realization hitting her. 'Oh crap I am such an idiot! Why the hell did you decided to only appear now and make me realize that I am only making myself and everyone else unhappy by doing what I'm doing? Why didn't you help me earlier? Why did you only tell me now that Naruto is the only one I want to spend my life with?'

'Would you believe that I did it for dramatic effect? But that isn't the point; you know what you have to do.'

'I do and I'm going to do it,' she thought, nodding. "Eh, Sasuke-kun, I'm going to go to the bathroom…" she lied, anxiously giggled. 'He won't believe that, I'm giggling like an idiot.'

"Hn," he replied, allowing her to go.

She nodded appreciatively and steadily made her way to the back of the plane, where along with the bathroom, the exit was situated. 'I will get out of this plane,' she thought, eyeing the air hostess at the door.

"I need to get off this plane," she stated, hoping to convince the uniform-clad woman.

"I'm sorry but all passengers are to stay on the plane until the technical issue has been fixed. I would also need the captain's approval in order to let you off this flight," the woman smiled, clearly faking.

"… And if you had the approval of an Uchiha?"

Turning, Sakura was shocked to see Sasuke, smirking. "I do believe that this lady here wishes to get off the plane," he said, arms crossed. "So I think you'd better respect her wishes before you get fired as the Uchiha family owns more than half of the company that hired you."

"Ri…ght away Mr. Uchiha…" the air hostess stammered.

"Sasuke-kun, why are you allowing me to get off?" Sakura questioned, eyes widened. "I'm leaving you yet you are allowing it?" 'Should he be mad or something, hell he should at least argue with me!'

"I don't have the right to claim something that is meant to be claimed by another," he emotionlessly replied.

Sakura embraced the stoic man, weeping upon his shirt. "I really do love you Sasuke, just I…I…"

"I understand," he replied. "But you should get going before I change my mind."

She nodded, bangs ruffling. "I owe you one," she called.

'Wait for me Naruto, I'm coming!'


'Sakura-chan's plane would have taken off by now, wouldn't it?' Naruto grimly questioned, grimacing. 'She really is gone; now and forever more because there is no way she is coming back here. Not while I still live here.'

'I can't believe I was such an idiot,' he thought. 'I always could feel that she would be the girl I wouldn't be allowed to have. Yet I fell for her anyway, and I fell damn hard. I love even after just five months and I always will love her, even if she can't or won't be with me.'

'I really did want to stay with her forever, we'd date a little, go to college and then I would finally propose so that she could become Sakura Namikaze. It has a nice ring to it. Then if baby-chan was still alive, it would have been baby-chan Namikaze. Hell even that has a great ring to it! Sadly that's all it will ever have because Sakura-chan is now Sakura Uchiha.'

'I really want her to come back and visit, even if she does belong to another man. I wouldn't care. Just being in her presence would be enough for me. Hell, even one glimpse would be enough for me,' he thought, willing himself not to cry. 'I can't cry now because I always knew this would happen. I always knew she would be the unattainable girl.'

'I had no reason to believe that Konoha was her home. Konoha could never be her home.'

'I knew that yet I still fantasized about having a family with her. We'd still live in Konoha, maybe build a house in this neighborhood. She'd be a medical doctor while I would be a businessman of some sort. We'd have two children, a boy named Akira and a girl named Ichigo. They'd go to a top school and study hard while we worked hard to build a comfortable life. Yet at the end of the day we'd still be family and have dinner together. Sit in the living room and talk about life while drinking some hot chocolate or something. Then Sakura-chan and I would tuck Akira and Ichigo in when it was their bedtime. In the morning we'd have a family breakfast before heading out to a hectic day.'

He smiled. 'Yes that would be the pe-

"This is where we first kissed isn't it, the beach?"

He rose from his position on the sand, hesitantly scanning the area behind me, heart pumping, eyes widening. 'I know that voice but it can't be- "Sakura-chan?"

"Surprise?" the pinkette stated, stepping into forward, and the sand wriggling beneath her feet. With a small run she leaped into his waiting arms. "Hey you," she spoke. "You gave me a hard time trying to find you." 'But I'm here now, and I always will be.'

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be half-way to Suna by now?" Naruto questioned, bewildered. 'I must be imagining this. There is no way that Sakura-chan is currently in my ar- "Ouch!" he was cut off by a sharp stinging sensation. "What was that for?"

"I'm just proving to you that you aren't dreaming," she whispered. "I finally realized that I love you too much Naruto," she continued, pulling him into the soothing waves, giggling as the water iced her bare feet.

"I realized that I was merely hurting us both by running away from Konoha," she continued. "I'm sorry for being such an idiot and only realizing it all now but I want to be with you so badly," she finished, leaning forward and closing the gap between their lips. 'This reminds me of the first time we kissed. I'm glad I found him here of all places,' she thought, relishing the blissful moment.

'This is real, this feeling is too real to be a dream,' he thought, eagerly responding to the gesture. 'This really is Sakura-chan below me; this really is Sakura-chan kissing me. I'm really not dreaming.' He gently broke the kiss, tenderly caressing her cheek. "I want to be with you as well Sakura-chan but I just want to ask one thing…" he paused. "… You promise that you'll never go again?"

She smiled, "I promise Naruto I'm not leaving because I love you and I just want to be with you." she paused, burying her head into his chest, enjoying his warmth, his security, his scent.

"I know Sakura-chan," he said softly, deeply breathing in the rose scent of her pink locks. "I'm glad that you came back to Konoha and that you came back to me."

She sighed, "I realized something else while I was running back as well."

"What's that?"

"… I'm home."

"Aa," Naruto added, "You're home."

'... And I promise to make sure you'll never leave again.'

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