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Through His Eyes

Chapter One: Rose's Bathroom

Through his eyes, she'd always been a bit of a mystery. With all the years he'd spent with humans, on their planet, mingling with their cultures, people seemed to assume that he understood them. But nothing was further from the truth. Sure, he understood their passion for life, their courage, their stupidity, but he never really understood people. And when he met her, he thought it was just his luck to find someone who seemed to epitomise human idiosyncrasy. And it puzzled him.


The Doctor was bored. He really had no idea what to do. Rose was somewhere in the bowels of the ship, looking for something she'd misplaced. He'd offered to help but ended up distracting her by showing her various objects he'd accumulated over the years, and burying them both in a pile of miscellaneous debris from ancient, dusty shelves. A rather dishevelled and angry Rose had made her way out of the pile of dusty papers and clutter, and ordered him to go and find something to do. So he'd gone to fix the TARDIS, although the poor old girl had insisted she was fine and really didn't need fixing. He'd eventually made such a nuisance of himself that she'd spat sparks at him, causing him to recoil and curse her quietly.

So now he sat staring at the console, swinging his legs underneath the chair. He sighed, and looked at his watch, which was pointless, he realised. He cleared his throat and sighed again. He couldn't bear it any longer. He had to find something to do.

He left the control room and took to wandering the corridors in an aimless fashion. He eventually came across a door that piqued his interest. It had a strange aqua mosaic around the doorknob. He knew what this was. Rose's bathroom.

Now, please don't misunderstand. The Doctor was definitely not in the habit of sneaking into his friend's personal rooms while they were otherwise occupied. But he was so utterly bored, and he hadn't been in this room since before she'd arrived...

He looked over his shoulder to check Rose wasn't anywhere around, before slowly opening the door and sneaking inside.

Inside, he sighed in dismay. He hardly recognised the place. The original calm of the room had been overcrowded with bottles, lotions, sprays, electronic devices, cotton wool, towels and clothes. Not that it was particularly messy, just full of products he couldn't identify. This made him grumpy. After all, he was the last of the Time Lords, the ultimate explorer. It seemed unthinkable that something like this should remain unexplored in his own ship.

He started looking around with interest, picking up bottles, reading the labels, opening caps and sniffing the contents. He found one he particularly liked; he had no idea what it was or what it did but it smelled of bananas. He slipped it into his pocket, making a mental note to buy Rose a new bottle when they next visited 21st Century Earth.

He found a strange black device plugged into the wall. He turned it over in his hands, and noticed it opened and closed like flat scissors. He saw a switch on the side, and, being the Doctor, he had to switch it on. And almost immediately he dropped it on the floor.


It was getting hot. And he suddenly realised what it was. Hair straighteners! He'd seen her looking at something similar in a shop window. He picked them up again, careful to avoid the hot plates. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. Why not...?

When he'd finished, he smiled approvingly at his new look, and continued exploring the room. He found a plastic container of powder, and sniffed it, making him sneeze, and covering him in pink dust. He hurriedly put it down.

As he made his way around the room his eyes fell on a row of brightly coloured little bottles. He was fascinated. Pink and orange and blue and green and purple and red and black...

He picked one up, and looked at the label. 'Ultra Fast Intense Colour Long Lasting Varnish,' it read. The Doctor frowned. He thought he knew what she used this for...

He opened the bottle, and sniffed, at once regretting it as the pungent smell assaulted his nose. He gagged a little, but was still intrigued by the bright colours. Surely it couldn't hurt...

When his nails were dry, he decided to investigate the cupboards, and was fascinated by a small, strange item. It was flat like paper, but clear like plastic. And it appeared to be made of two sheets with an orange goo in the middle. He tried to sniff it, but couldn't smell anything. So he decided to open it...


A while later, Rose returned to her room triumphant after her search for her blue hooded top. She threw it down on her bed and noticed the door to her bathroom was ajar. She frowned, and headed over. She opened the door wide and stared at the sight in front of her.

The Doctor was perched on the edge of her bath, his face pink and powdery. His hair was poker-straight, but because of the product he regularly used on it, it had stuck up all over at bizarre angles. His fingernails where painted messily, each a different colour, and a large splodge of yellow polish had stained his pinstripe jacket. And he was fighting with a wax strip that had got stuck to the hair on the back of his hand, making him a very sorry sight indeed.

Rose didn't know whether to laugh or scream. But she ended up just whimpering in delight. The Doctor looked up, momentarily distracted from his ordeal. He gulped, and grinned awkwardly.

"Hi?" he offered.

Rose just smiled, shook her head hopelessly, pulled her phone from her pocket, and aimed it at the Doctor. Before he could protest, Rose was running back into her room with her phone to her ear.

"Mum, I'm sending you a photo. The funniest thing you've ever seen...!"


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