Teddy glared at the kid .

He didn't care how ridiculous he looked or how childish he was being , he just glared at him.

"Oh if only looks could kill" he thought to himself " he'd be one steaming pile of dead pain in the ass"

This idiot had reduced him , Teddy Lupin , a 20 years old beautifully aspiring auror , to jealousy .

Petty teenage jealousy .

Then again it wasn't so much his fault as the delightful little tart he was clinging to.

He watched her flick her shimmering blonde hair over her shoulder and giggle at something the moron had said .

" That's right Victiore laugh at the poor bloke , try to make him feel like you aren't just dating him because he's a worthless , sorry , pitiful excuse for a_"

" Teddy"

He jumped as he heard his godfather walk over next to him .

" Your starting to talk to yourself there mate , you feeling alri_" Harry caught sight of what Teddy had been glaring at and nodded. " I see" he said .

" I don't know what to do" Teddy said desperately , he had always felt like Harry had all the answers and there was never a time he needed them more than now.

" About?"

" Them, Victiore and Chris or Sean or whatever his name is "

" It's Greg" Harry said .

" I don't care" he sighed " I've tried , I've tried so hard just to forget about her and move on but _ I just cant. Its as simple and plain as that . I _ cant .I break down every time I try"

Harry nodded and stared at the ground , figuring Teddy just needed some time to vent .

" I just , I cant see him with her . And she knows ,I know she knows, and I know she's using him as revenge and trying to get to me . Because every time I turn my head or walk into a room , there they are , kissing and hugging and laughing , and I am left to resort to creepy stalker-prone glaring ! It's not fair , everything I do somehow leads me to think of her. I mean really Harry tell me how planning the arrest of a four hundred pound Puerto Rican " business partner" of Mundungus Fletcher should trigger you to think about a nineteen year old , half vela , beauty queen ?"

" I don't know Ted , I don't know " Harry said , trying to keep a straight face .

" She says she wants to be friends , she wants it like it used to be , well sorry Vic but that's just not gonna happen .... friends .......HA fuck that"

Harry raised his eyebrows at him .

" Sorry" Teddy said lamely , he sighed trying to wretch his eyes from the couple to look at Harry " How long till this goes away?"

Harry's face sunk as he looked at him " I don't know Ted "

Teddy honestly hadn't been expecting any other answer , that's the only answer that seemed to fit his particular predicament . At least it was the only one he had gotten from those he'd talked about it with , in fact that was the only answer he had for himself .