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I walked to the beach, the small box in my back pocket weighing me down. I felt like it was slowing me down and speeding me up at the same time.

I knew I was ready for this. I knew from the day that Carlisle and I looked through that jewelry store in the mall. I knew that Bella was the woman I wanted as my wife.

I smiled brightly as I thought about our future together. I saw a modest house, pets, friends, maybe children. Happiness.

But at the same time, I saw myself, bended on one knee in front of Bella, the box pushed towards her, but a horrified look on her face. It was too soon, she wouldn't want it; she wouldn't want me.

I shook the thoughts out of my head. I was sure of this. The ring had been sitting in my nightstand drawer, under the magazine, for weeks. I had thought of every possible outcome, and if only one of them resulted in Bella agreeing to marry me, then it was worth it.

I got to the beach quickly after that, upping my pace as I thought of Bella waiting for me. I quickly checked my watch again. She wasn't supposed to be there for another fifteen minutes.

My thoughts changed as I walked up to our spot on the beach and saw the picnic I had spent an hour on destroyed. I was angry at first, but as I got closer, it quickly changed to panic.

The picnic basket was tipped over, food spilled across the disturbed sand. The wine bottle had been shattered, pieces of glass all over. What frightened me most were Bella's shoes, thrown in different directions, and the heavy footprints that took off in the direction of black tire tracks from the parking lot.

My phone was out and dialed before I realized it, Bella's number with a small "calling…" beneath it. It rang five times before I got her voicemail. I hung up and quickly dialed again. I reached her voicemail immediately this time; her phone had been turned off.

The next number I called was Alice.

"Hello!" She squealed over the phone. "What does it feel like to be engaged?" She asked enthusiastically.

A small sob escaped my throat. "Alice, I just got here."

"You were late?!" She yelled in accusation.

"No. Alice, I'm fifteen minutes early. When did Bella leave the house?"

"Edward, our clocks here say that it's almost six. She left half an hour ago. Why?" Alice asked, worry seeping in to her voice.

"Alice, something is terribly wrong. The picnic is destroyed. Her shoes are here, but she's not. Alice," I sobbed. "I- I think she was taken."


I woke up in the back of a van, sore and bloody. Shards of glass were stuck in my dress and my hair was matted around my face. I felt nauseous from the gash on my head that had been used to knock me out. I shut my eyes and sat still for another moment before I felt him push hard on my shoulder.

I sat up quickly and looked him hard in the eye. I couldn't believe it. After all these years.

"Victor?" I asked softly.

He threw a piece of paper and a pen at me.

"Write down everything I say, as I say it." He commanded.

"Why?" I asked timidly. This man was definitely terrifying.

He smiled an awful, sinister smile. "No questions." I nodded softly. "Dear Edward," He said.

No. No no no. He couldn't be making me write to Edward. I sobbed out loud as I wrote his name on the paper.

"I can't." He said thoughtfully. I wrote down all the words he said. I wrote down a few morel lines before I realized what he was truly saying.

"It's my fault it's ending this way, Edward. I found the ring, and I can't do it."

I cried even harder as I wrote down the lies on the paper. This was cruel. Was there really a ring? I howled even louder as I realized I would never get to see it.

He yanked the paper away after I finished writing it all.

"Good girl." He sneered. "You'll be better in a few days baby doll. You'll see. That head injury is just making you emotional. Now, you wait here for me and I'll be right back."

He stepped out the driver side door of the van and locked the doors from the outside. I looked out the window and yelled as I saw him take the letter full of hate into the beach house.

Victor POV

Bella's roommates sprinted out of the house with tear stained faces about five minutes before Bella woke up. With the shoes they were wearing, I knew it would be a good twenty minutes before they got too the picnic and back. I woke Bella up and had her write a letter that was sure to chase Edward off. I knew he had bought a ring, I saw him at the store several weeks earlier. I knew I had to act fast.

She had worn my ring first.

When Bella finished the letter, I pulled myself up into her bedroom window. I snuck over to her nightstand and pulled open the drawer. I smiled when I saw my letters there. She had kept them. She must have known I was going to save her! I wandered into the living room, pushing my luck, but I had never been inside her home before, and I had to look. I yelled when I saw a "Congratulations, lovebirds" banner hanging from the main arch in the living room. A cake sat underneath it with a picture frame with Bella and Edward's picture in it.

It was the same picture from that damn magazine. The article had pushed me into action.

I had all but given up on Bella until I read that article. No man would ever own her like I did. It pushed me out of my depression and showed me that I would have to save Bella from the dull life I know she didn't want.

I laughed as I thought of how happy we were going to be. That must have been why she was crying, right?

I threw myself out the window and saw Edward running towards the front door with Alice and Rose trailing behind him. I smirked. They would find that letter soon.

I got back in the van and took off, Bella sleeping again in the back. At least, I assume she was sleeping. There was a large pool of blood surrounding her halo of hair.

I should probably get that head wound checked.

Edward POV

"You don't understand!" I yelled over the beach house phone, "We know she was kidnapped! She hasn't taken any of her things. She just disappeared!"

The receptionist sighed heavily in to the phone before speaking again. "Look, young man, I'll transfer you to an officer just to humor you, but he'll tell you the same thing I am."

"Thank you." I said, exasperated, to the elderly woman. Alice and Rose were on the phone with Jasper and Emmett, who were about to head over to the beach house.

"This is officer Jacob Black," said a gruff voice, "How can I help you?"

"My girlfriend has been kidnapped." I said quickly. "Bella Swan is her name."

"You mean Isabella Swan? The singer?" He asked.

"Yes!" I yelled quickly. "She has this stalker and I think he's taken her!"

"Okay, sir," He said skeptically. "You're telling me that you're dating the famous singer Isabella Swan and that she has been kidnapped. Did you want me to go pick her up and drop her off on your doorstep?"

"It's true!" I yelled. "We've been dating for a few months! My name is Edward Cullen. Have you seen the articles?"

"I've seen 'em." He sighed, "Alright, why don't you tell me why you think she's been taken and when this happened."

"She was on the beach, waiting for me. I had set up this picnic thing. When I got there, the whole thing was destroyed. There was a broken wine bottle. She left her shoes. It happened about twenty minutes ago."

"Okay, sir. We've got a number of problems here." He sighed. "First, there is no real sign of fowl play. A broken wine bottle is not real evidence, and she could have easily left her shoes when her other boyfriend picked her up. Second, adults have to be missing for 48 hours before a missing report can be filed."

"That's what the receptionist told me!" I yelled, furious.

"Well you should've listened to her, sir. I'm sorry you don't know where you alleged girlfriend is. Maybe you should wait an hour and call her."


"Have a nice day, Mr. Cullen." He said before hanging up. I screamed and threw the phone across the room.

Rose cried out at my sudden action. She came over and wrapped her small arms around my body. "I don't know what we can do." I whispered.

"We'll do something. You'll do something." She said softly. "Emmett is on his way over."

"Okay." I replied. "I'm going to get some reinforcements then." I said, determined, as I headed out to my car.


When I woke, I was in a bed. It was soft and white, and for a moment, I almost thought all of this was a dream.

But it wasn't. The bloody gauze wrapped around my forehead and the straps tying my arms to the bed told me that.

My head ached, and my eyelids slid shut again, too heavy to remain open on their own.

"Don't worry, my Isabella," he said. I didn't open my eyes at the sound of his voice. I was oddly calm. "We'll get you to a hospital to look at that head wound, and then, we can finally be together again."

I didn't fight the blackness.


Even with my fast driving, it seemed like I couldn't get to Forks fast enough. It was a small enough town, and with very little digging, I was able to find his address.

Charlie Swan.

I knew that the police wouldn't help me; they were very clear about that. When I was rejected, I went over my options. Who would be as desperate to find Bella as I was?

Of course her father would want her to be safe, away from the danger her kidnapper presented. Or at least, I hoped he would.

I pulled up to the quaint house and sprinted up to the door. Three heavy knocks were all I got out before the door swung open.

The man was gruff, tall, lean, muscular, and hadn't shaved in a few days.

"I think you got the wrong house." He said quickly, starting to shut the door. I grabbed it quickly, stopping his movements. I knew I was in the right place; he had Bella's eyes.

"No sir I don't." I said quickly. "You're Charlie Swan, and I need your help."

His face lit up at Bella's name. He stared at me for a moment, squinting in to the setting sun and looking over my features.

"You're that boy, the one from the magazines." He said, pulling the door open and inviting me in. Magazine covers with Bella lined the walls, mostly in frames. I was surprised at all of the pictures of Bella. She seemed so happy. I saw pictures that dated back to her pre-teen years, quite a few of her with her friends, and one with her on what looked like prom, folded in half, so the other person wasn't visible. She didn't look as happy in that picture; she almost looked scared. Above the mantle place was the cover of the two of us together.

"What can I do you for boy?" He asked, obviously uncomfortable with our meeting this way.

"Origionally, I was hired as Bella's security guard." I said quickly. "She was having some problems with a stalker. He was very threatening. He disappeared for a while, but tonight, her took her, sir. I need your help."

"How can I help?" He asked quickly, visibly upset.

"Well the police can't help for 48 hours, and I was hoping you could help me lead a search." I said hopefully.

"Of course," he said, standing and grabbing his gun belt off the wall. He checked his magazine and looked at me. "Well you coming?" He asked, walking out the front door. I followed him quickly. "Will you lock the door son? Key is under the mat."

I bent down to grab the key when I heard a thud on the porch. "Oh crap," I muttered, pulling the velvet box off of the icy concrete. Charlie snatched it out of my hand and looked at the ring inside.

"I take it this is for my daughter." He said softly. I nodded slowly. "You'd better take care of her." He said with command, walking towards the police cruiser in the driveway. "Well come on." He said quickly. "We got some detective work to do."