ABC's of Christmas, Slayer Style

Author notes: I got the idea from Zoe Saugin, and in fact stole her entire format. Here is her story here: .net/s/3963796/1/ABCs_of_Christmas But of course this story/series of stories is entirely my own. Basically each chapter is a short Fuffy story having to do with Christmas. This is very fluffy/sappy, a nice counterbalance for Bonded, which once again seems temporarily stalled, and this will have very frequent updates I'm sure since each chapter is so short. Very AU as well. Each chapter takes place not in chronological order…basically Buffy and Faith are together as a couple, for many years in some, only a short while in others.

1. A is for Angel

"Can I put the angel on yet?" asked Callie, and her tiny six-year-old body shifted impatiently as she hung close to her mother's side. She had been 'helping' decorate the Christmas tree earlier, but given that with her limited height, she could only reach to put the ornaments so far and her childish nature made her first participate eager, but then quickly losing her interest. Now, it seemed, the only reason she was hanging around at all was so she would not be denied the pleasure of putting the angel on the tree's top.

Buffy kept her voice patient as she addressed her, even this entire family-tree-decorating affair was no going at all the way she had envisioned.

"You know we do that last, honey, the angel is the last thing we do. We put it on after the entire tree is finished."

"Why?" Callie asked, her tone of voice and the face she made to back it up making Buffy grit her teeth in irritation. She did NOT get that attitude from HER, that was for sure. "Why do we have do it THEN? How come I can't do it now?"

"It's a tradition, Callie," Buffy told her a little less patiently than before. "That's the way me and my mother did it, so that's the way we're gonna do it now."

"Well that's stupid," Callie declared, crossing her arms; she was still standing very close to Buffy as Buffy hung several colored balls, deliberately trying to wear down Buffy's firmness towards her. "I don't want traditions. And how come only you make me do tradition things, Mommy- how come MAMA doesn't?"

Buffy looked over at the woman in question she was being compared to, who had been watching her casually from the couch; Faith had declared herself to be 'supervising,' but the truth, Buffy suspected, was she got greater amusement from watching her lover and their daughter butt heads over tree decorating then she got out of actually helping. And sure enough, Faith was grinning, eyes twinkling in a way that made Buffy simultaneously want to kiss her and to slap her.

"Mama had traditions too, Cal," Faith said casually, "but there weren't any we're gonna repeat here with you."

Buffy knew what she was referring to; Faith's childhood Christmases had not been the happy fare hers had been at all. But Callie, of course, did not understand, and she frowned, dark eyes narrowing in a small pale face.

"What traditions? How come we gotta do Mommy's and we can't do yours? What if I like yours better, Mama?"

"Trust me, Cal," Faith said wryly, raising an eyebrow. "Mommy's are better. And besides, she's almost done anyway, aren't you, B?"

Buffy wasn't, and she gave Faith a pointed, indignant look. But Callie was already tugging at her arm, bouncing on the tip of her toes…

"You are? Will you lift me up to put it on then? Hey…how come it's named after Uncle Angel anyway? It's a /girl/…and Uncle Angel doesn't wear dresses, or have wings…but he is dead though. Can you be a vampire and angel too? "

Faith snorted with laughter at that, and even Buffy had to smile as she gave in, lifting her daughter under her arms and holding her up so that her small arms stretched out to reach the tree tops… and couldn't quite make it. Buffy, apparently, was a few inches too short to allow her to reach.

"Uh, Faith?" she said, looking back to the smirking brunette again. "You're not off the hook with the decorating experience after all…."