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This chapter is mostly a prologue, and the first few lines are a retelling of a scene near the end of Graduation - I'll start twisting things right after those.


"Okay, this was real," Kim said as both her and Ron landed beside Shego "but I've got to graduate before some other disaster strikes."

"And stick us with clean-up duty?" Shego asked, the expression on her face clearly telling her that there was just no way in hell that would happen.

Kim didn't seem to get it. "Please and thank you."

"No. Nooo way!" There was a moment of silence as Kim gave her the infamous puppy dog pout, then Shego sighed. "Aghh... just go!" she snapped, and she was about to add that she was going to make Drakken clean up that mess since that stupid flowers were his anyway when something – someone, actually – suddenly hit her and sent her slamming against a rock, knocking her out.

Both Kim and Ron gasped as they turned to face Warhok – how had he gotten free? Then again, Lowardians seemed to have an incredible strength. Why hadn't they thought about it?

"Did you think that the most fierce warrior in the galaxy could be defeated by flowers and children?" the alien warrior growled as he tore what was left of Drakken's flowers and vines from himself.

Children? Hey, wait a minute…!

"I am not a child," Ron protested "check your calendar, it's graduation day!" he exclaimed, charging at Warhok – which was actually a pretty stupid thing to do, but thinking before acting was something he didn't usually do after all.

He did however realize that maybe, just maybe he should have thought better as the warrior punched him with inhuman strength, causing him to slam back against Kim before landing face down on the ground. Ow, that hurt…!

He groaned as he looked up, and he froze as he saw Warhok picking up Kim. Yes, he should definitely have thought better, but any thought about how stupid he had actually been was overcome by a sudden wave of anger as he was the alien warrior holding up Kim's unconscious body to Warmonga, saying something about what a nice trophy she would make.

Hate was not a feeling Ron Stoppable was used to feel, and the intensity of the hatred he felt now for that guy almost burned in his chest. If he only dared to hurt her in any way –

"Hey, tough guy!"

Ron blinked and raised his gaze to see Drakken hovering right above the Lowardians, a wide grin on his face – it was the same grin he had everytime he had been certain he was about to finally take over the world…and Ron really hoped he would succeed this time.

Warmonga frowned, looking up at him – she hadn't forgotten the way he had lied to her – then she sneered. "Any last word, earthling?"

"Just two," Drakken said almost casually "get them!"

Both aliens gave a surprised gasp as the vines once again wrapped around them, tying them tightly and holding them up, forcing Warhok to let go of Kim. Ron immediately rushed by her said to check if she were alright, and he gave a sigh of relief as she looked up at him.

"You're heavy, you know," Kim said with a small smirk, and Ron grinned sheepishly as he helped her back on her feet.

"You fool – you can't stop us like this," Warhok snarled as he managed to break an arm free…but other vines immediately replaced the torn ones, holding it tightly.

"Oh, really?" Drakken's grin was so wide that his cheeks just had to hurt, but he seemed to be having the time of his life – what the heck, for the first time his plan had worked…and no, he didn't really want to think he was actually saving the world instead of taking it over. "Yes, you can tore the flowers – but I can summon others, and it costs no effort to me. Wanna see who gets tired first?" he gave his best evil laughter, and Kim had to admit it did sound impressing…or maybe it was just because he had the upper hand for once.

Warhok's eyes were nothing but narrow slits of pure malevolence as he looked up at the blue skinned man. "Alright," he said, breaking his arm free and quickly pressing a button hidden on his glove before other vines tied his arm again "you might have won this battle, earthlings – but you won't win the war!"

A low rumble filled the air as a small spaceship landed next to the two Lowardians, cutting the vines that kept them tied. Drakken yelped, too surprised to immediately make his flowers get them again, and his brief hesitation was all the two aliens needed to get inside. "We'll be back, and we'll have our revenge – for Lowardia!" Warmonga yelled just a moment before the door shut and the ship departed, leaving a long trail of smoke behind.

"Well," Shego said, causing both Kim and Ron to wince – none of them had noticed she had woken up "looks like we got rid of them."

"But they said they would be back," Drakken objected with a slightly worried expression as his hovercraft landed.

Kim just shrugged. "They always said that anyway."

"Did you deal with alien warriors before, Princess?"

"Well, no. But I've dealt with people like that for years – you should know," she said with a grin "no…how about graduating, Ron?"

"Yeah, good idea," Ron powered up the rockets on his space suit and held out his hand "care for a lift?"

"I never pass up a lift," Kim turned to Drakken and Shego "I'll let people know you helped," she said, a moment before her and Ron flew off.

"Hey, wait!" Drakken yelled after them "I 'helped'? I did most of the job here! Why must you always…" he paused and blinked "wait. Is she going to tell around I helped saving the world?"

Shego shrugged. "Yeah, it sounds like it."

"Oh," he frowned "is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Well, a bad thing for a reputation as a villain," she said, barely suppressing a grimace at the thought – it looked like she was about to be considered a heroine again, and the thought irked her: it had taken her years to get rid of that title. And man, should Hego hear about it…! She shuddered.

"Aw, snaps," Drakken dropped his shoulders. Once Dementor knew that, he would never, ever hear the end of it.

"On the other hand, it won't be that bad getting some recognition," she said casually, shrugging "you'll probably get a prize, or a medal or something."

His expression brightened up considerably at the thought. "Sure! And the whole world will know I'm a genius!"

Shego rolled her eyes. "Something like that."

"Perfect!" Drakken puffed out his chest with a proud and somewhat goofy smile "to get my prize then…! Aw, c'mon! Not now!" he whined as petals popped out from his neck. Would that ever stop?

"Uh, Dr. D?"


She just raised an eyebrow and pointed to the ruins and destroyed pods around them, mostly covered with flowers. "You're forgetting the clean-up duty."

Drakken's face fell. "What? But that's not fair! Why do we have to do that?"

"We don't have to do it – you have to do it," Shego just said, sitting on the nearest flat surface – it wasn't like being slammed against a rock had been fun after all, and she ached "you did this mess after all."

He gritted his teeth and for a moment he looked like he was about to explode, then his expression suddenly changed into an almost excited one. "Do you think I could make the flowers do that for me?"

Two weeks later

"You guys do realize this was supposed to be the best summer of our lives, right?" Ron repeated for the eleventh time as they got inside the Global Justice Headquarters. Alright, the whole 'secret organization' thing was cool and everything, but it lost much of its coolness when you are forced to get onto some GJ jet in the middle of the night – especially when it means leaving the tropical paradise when you're spending the best summer of your life with your girlfriend right after graduating.

"There are no holidays when the world's safety is on stake," Dr. Director's collected voice greeted them from the other side of the room. She was standing in front of a large screen, her eyes – well, her only eye – staring at the datas streaming on the screen.

Ron grinned sheepishly. "Uh…alright, that's true, I was just…eheh…"

"What's the sitch?" Kim simply asked as if she were simply speaking with Wade.

Dr. Director sighed heavily. "I'm afraid the world is about to face the greatest threat it ever faced, and since you are familiar with…oh, here they are – it will spare me the effort of explaining everything twice," she said, looking at someone behind them – and it didn't take them much guesswork to understand who it was as soon as they heard a familiar whining.

"…and waking me up like that was just rude," Drakken complained at the agent that was escorting him as he and Shego walked inside "I mean, you could have at least called and warn! Would you like to have people in uniform walking in your bedroom when you're sleeping? I will have nightmares for weeks…"

"Oh, knock it off, Dr. D," Shego sighed as she turned to look at Kim "for some reason I'm not surprised to see you here, Kimmie. What's happening now?"

"My guess is as good as yours," Kim replied, glancing back at Dr. Director "why are we all here anyway?"

The woman simply gestured them to walk closer to the screen. "You've been gathered here because we're going to need all the help we can get to face this threat – not to mention that you are the only people on Earth that fought that menace once already and managed to defeat it."

Aw, crap, Ron thought. "You're not talking about the tall green aliens, right?"

"The Lowardians? Yes, it's about them I'm talking about," Dr. Director said, causing everyone to groan.

"So they were serious when they said they would be back," Shego said, glaring at Kim.

"Bad guys always say that when defeated," she said "how could I knew they were being serious?"

"Knowing that before wouldn't have made much difference – we've been fearing their return since the beginning, and our fears turned out to be justified."

"But there hasn't been any attack yet, has it? I mean, the world would know it already," Kim pointed out.

Dr. Director shook her head. "No, there hasn't been any attack yet. They sent a message," she said, typing something on a keyboard "here."

Drakken had opened his mouth to speak, but he closed it without uttering one single word as Warhok's face appeared on the screen, his voice filling the room. Rufus briefly popped out from Ron's pocket, but a glance to the screen was enough to make him shudder and get back in.

"Greetings, earthlings – it's General Warhok of planet Lowardia who's speaking," he said almost solemnly "did you honestly think that primitive people like you could actually defeat a race of warriors?"

"Primitive? Hey, that was totally uncalled for!" Ron protested, but the glares everybody gave him were enough to make him shut up.

"I must admit you surprised me," Warhok went on "I wouldn't have expected a such resistance – I underestimated the enemy, and that's a mistake a warrior should never do. Therefore, I have to fix that mistake," he grinned "with the technology at our disposal, it would take nothing to blow your planet into bits…"

"How nice," Kim rolled her eyes "I bet he's going to say it would be too easy or something."

"But it would be too easy–"

"Predictable," Shego muttered.

"…my people always considered war as an art, as every race of warrior does – that's how we solve out problems, and that's how we'll solve this problem as well. What you witnessed was nothing compared to what we can do – nothing! As I speak, a powerful Lowardian army is being gathered and prepared for war. You might have taken down two warriors and a few pods…"

"A few pods?" Drakken exclaimed "a few?"

"…but I'm really curious to see how you'll handle a whole Lowardian army. Fight with all you have, earthlings – but that won't save you from extinction," his laugher echoed in the room as his image began to fade "enjoy your last weeks."

There was a long silence as he finally faded from the screen. Not that it was surprising – none of them had expected him to invite them to his place for tea and cookies – but still…

"Okay," Kim finally said "that didn't sound good at all."

"Oh, really?" Shego said sarcastically before turning to Dr. Director "what do you exactly expect us to do against a whole army? Shouldn't you be gathering all the men you have at your disposal and alerting the whole word?"

"You are the only ones that fought against Lowardians and won, and as I said we will need all the help we can get. We are alerting all the governments already, and all countries will be immediately preparing their armies – but that could not be enough. There are physically much stronger than a human being…"

"Tell me about it," Ron muttered, wincing as he remembered the blow Warhok had given him during their last confrontation.

"…and their technology is superior to ours – we only have their pods and what's left of their space ship, but that's not enough to see if it has any weak point we can use at our advantage. I can't even imagine how devastating their weapons can be."

"Well, the pods were vulnerable to my flower power," Drakken pointed out "it could work again."

"I doubt it would. If they are going to use pods again, we're sure they will make sure to make them stronger and invulnerable to your…flowers," Dr. Director said, causing the hopeful grin on his face to vanish "war is all about getting rid of anything that could be a weakness, and if they are half of the warriors they seem to be they will definitely do so."

Kim groaned, massaging her temples – yeah, that was much worse than anything she has ever faced before. "How about civilians? Why doesn't anyone know everything at all?"

"We can't afford causing panic if we're not ready to deal with it," she said "the world's population will be alerted as soon as the shields will be ready."


"Force fields," Dr. Director replied, "we're not sure they would be enough against Lowardian weapons, but it's the best we ca do. We'll use them to shield all the big cities all over the world when the moment comes, and we'll tell people to move there until the emergency is over…one way or another," she added grimly.

"We're doomed," Ron whimpered, and judging from Drakken's terrified expression it looked like he agree with his statement.

"Okay, let's not get too pessimistic here," Kim said, trying to fight back the small stab or nervousness in her stomach.

"Pessimistic? Princess, this is about being realistic," Shego stated matter-of-factly.

"Hey, I've seen worse."

Shego raised and eyebrow.

"Alright, this is a tad worse than usual, but…well…"

"If we keep thinking we are doomed since the beginning, we won't be able to put up much of a fight," Dr. Director came to her aid "from what the Lowardian said, we still have at least a couple of weeks to get ready. It's not much but the humanity's survival depends on –"

"You look troubled…" a familiar voice coming from the screen cut her off "…Betty."

She winced and immediately turned to see Gemini's face grinning at her from the very same screen were Warhok had been until minutes before. "Sheldon!" she exclaimed, her only eye narrowing "how did you get in our system?"

The man chuckled darkly, absentmindedly petting a rather nervous chiwawa cradled in his arms. "Oh, it was really easy – your security really needs some work," he said before turning his attention to the others "I see you already gathered your little anti-alien squad," he said, then he frowned "I must say I'm rather disappointed, Dr. Drakken – I really wouldn't have thought you would have joined Global Justice –" he trailed off as the chiwawa yelped at his words "no, no, Pepe, it's alright…"

Drakken cringed just a little – well, he did feel somewhat uncomfortable when someone reminded him he had, technically speaking, been working for good. "I didn't join it, I just…uhu…"

"What do you want, Sheldon?" Dr. Director barked, leaning forward to the screen as if she wished to get through it to get her hands on her twin brother.

Gemini straightened himself. "To offer our cooperation against a common threat, of course – do you really think I wouldn't see that video on your system?" he asked with a sneer, causing his sister to grit her teeth.

"This is none of your business!"

"Oh, really? In case you haven't noticed, I live on this planet! You should just be glad you older brother is offering cooperation rather than taking the matter in his own hands!"

"You only did so because you know you can't fight them by yourself, and you want to take part on this just because you don't want me to do it myself! You always wanted to get in the way of everything I did!"

"So what? I'm older than you!"

"You're just jealous! Just like that time you got angry because I got a new bike…"

Kim groaned. "Here they go again," she muttered.

Shego blinked. "Does it happen often?"

"Pretty much every time they meet," Ron said. Rufus popped out of his pocket and nodded.

"Oh, wonderful. And here I thought Dr. D was an overgrown kid…"


"Just one thing," Kim said before they could start arguing – she was starting to get a terrible headache, and she really didn't feel like listening to another bantering, "why did Gemini say 'our cooperation'?"

"I think I could explain this point to you while Gemini is…otherwise occupied," a collected voice said behind them. They turned to see Senior Senior Sr. looking down at them from another screen…and not just him, Kim was surprised to notice: behind the old man stood Professor Dementor, Duff Killigan, Motor Ed and…Frugal Lucre?

"I get the feeling I'm on the wrong side of the screen," Drakken said quietly to Shego, and she could just nod. Yeah, she definitely felt like she was on the wrong side as well.

"Dr. Drakken!" Frugal Lucre exclaimed excitedly, stepping forward and waving "look at me – I joined the WEE! I'm a great villain now!" he exclaimed, causing Killigan and Motor Ed to snicker – both of them knew he had been allowed to join the WEE because he had promised to bring Gemini's dog out for a walk every day for the next ten years or so.

Dementor simply snorted. "I can't see vhy you admire zat guy – he's one of ze heroes," he said with a clear trace of disgust in his voice.

"Hey, at least one of my plans had success!"

"A plan to save ze vorld," Dementor remarked.

"Professor Dementor, Doctor Drakken," Senior Senior Sr. said politely "would you kindly take your…discussion somewhere else? Thank you," he said as Dementor rushed somewhere off screen. Moments later another screen in the GJ Headquarters turned on – just how many screens were there? – and Dementor's face appeared on it.

Shego sighed as Drakken immediately ran to that screen to keep yelling at his rival. "And then he whines because I say he's an overgrown kid…" she mumbled, and Ron snickered.

"So," Kim turned back to Senior Senior Sr, trying to ignore the bantering that was going on between Dr. Director and Gemini and the way Drakken and Dementor kept screaming at each other "care to explain what is going on?"

"Of course," he nodded slightly "as Gemini said, we offer out cooperation against this common threat."

Kim blinked. "Seriously?"

"Seriously!" from the other side of the screen, Motor Ed raised his thumb "hey there, cousin! How are you doing, babe?" he asked to Shego. She simply lit up her hand, and for once he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

"Well, none of us is willing to let aliens take over the world or worse before we get a chance to do so. It wouldn't be the first time you work with a villain for a common goal," he said, glancing at Shego – Drakken was out of his sight.

"Wow, a massive team-up?" Ron exclaimed, "cool!"

"So...all of you are ready to help?" Kim asked again, as if to make sure she had grasped the concept.

"Och, we live on this planet too, lassie," Killigan grumbled from behind the old man.

"Yes, we are. Dementor put a condition though – he says he wants his own battlesuit."

Ron rolled her eyes. "We should have known," he muttered.

Kim thought for a few moments, then she nodded – after all, they all were on the same boat…and as Dr. Director had said, they needed all the help they could get. She was pretty sure she would agree as soon as she got away from her brother and had a chance to calm down, she thought as she saw her still rambling at her evil twin.

"Alright, he will have his battlesuit if that's what he wants," she finally said – someone had to take decisions while Dr. Director was…busy, after all "anything else?"

"Yes – if we have cooperate and get ready for this fight, think we all would work better in a place that doesn't belong either to GJ or WEE. A neutral zone, if you will."

"Do you have some place in mind already?" Shego asked. She hoped the old man had more sense when choosing a place than he had showed for his son's education. She frowned a little when she noticed Junior wasn't there, but she shrugged and turned her attention back to Senior Senior Senior.

"I do have a very large lair not very far from here, and it won't be a problem to bring there anything we may need," he said "I'll send you the coordinates immediately – we could risk being intercepted if we discuss everything this way for too long. We could meet there as soon as possible to discuss the details."

Kim hesitated just for a moment, and she glanced briefly to Shego.

"You don't have much of a choice, Kimmie."

"I agree with her," Ron said "and we're going to need an awful lot of help."

Kim sighed, then she turned back to the screen and nodded. "It looks like we have a deal," she said "send the coordinates right away, and take away Gemini and Dementor away from those screens. I think we're going to need both Dr. Director and Drakken back."