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It was a drizzly Sunday morning here at Forks. I wake up to the sound of rain drops tapping on my window and the cold muscular arms wrapped around me.

"Good morning sleepy head!" A stunning voice greeted me. A voice that only belonged to the one that makes my heart stops, Edward Cullen.

I flutter my eyes open, still adjusting to the blinding light. I looked up seeing the most beautiful face I have ever seen.

"Morning. What time is it?" I asked resignedly.

"8 in the morning. Wanna go out for breakfast? Charlie just came in saying he's going to La Push."

"Is something wrong?" Charlie rarely ever goes to La Push. Unless it's an emergency.

"Nah. Billy just got a new flat screen TV." He smiles at me flashing those perfect pearls of his.

"Gotcha. Now, you go home, change and get your car while I go and get ready. This might take a while." I got out of bed but not before giving him a smack on the lips. I got some change of clothes and headed for the showers.

(A/N: ok, she takes a shower, no need to write that down.)

I wrapped my hair in my towel and walked across the hallway to my room. To my surprise, Edward was still sitting there, in my bed, exactly where I left him.

"What are you still doing here?" I questioned him.

"I already took care of it."

"But how did you– How about your car? I didn't hear your engine running."

"Emmett." He grins. Not the kind of grin I expected. A type of grin that he would do if: 1. He's hiding something from me. 2. He's planning something. or 3. He is taking me to the mall so Alice can take me to ANOTHER shopping spree.

"What's going on?" I asked nervously.

"Nothing." He stands up walks to the door and reaches out for the knob. "I'll be downstairs waiting. You better hurry."

Something is definitely up.