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The first two chapters will also be relatively short, seeing as they are just introductions to the characters.

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Bella looked up at the young volunteer. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and a Victoria's Secret model's body. She couldn't have been more than 3 years older than Bella was. Damn Barbie, Bella scoffed. She had no curves of her own, so she hated all that did, which was pretty much every girl around.

"It's dinner time."

Bella was silent as she stared at her. Just stared. No talking, no blinking. The worker started to fidget uncomfortably. She would never have come over to Bella if she didn't have to. She had picked the short straw today.

"Um, aren't you—aren't you going to come?"

Bella continued to stare. Of course she was going to come. What kind of question was that? She was skinny enough as it was; there was no way she would skip a meal. Stupid Barbie.

"Okay, well, just—just come when you're ready, I guess," the worker said and hastily walked away. Bella cracked a small smile at her unease. Entertaining Barbie.

They were all scared of her. The workers, the other children, the prospective parents. It's not that she looked scary. She weighed no more than 110 pounds, had brown hair to match her chocolate eyes, and nothing about her screamed harm. No, it wasn't the physical features. It was the silence. Rumor had it that she was a mute, but that wasn't the case. She chose not to talk. She had nothing to say to anyone. Because they would never understand how it was her fault.

Bella got up and walked to her room to grab her iPod. If she didn't have it on at dinner, that girl would try to talk to her, as always. Bella had nothing against the girl. She was nice and the only one to ever make a real effort. But she was happy. Bella didn't like happy people. Not anymore.

Take me down next to the water

Next to flowers and old times

I hope the view is still the same

She was an angry person. Always mad at everything and everyone, even herself. Her anger had caused her to move around through 20 different homes since she became a foster child 7 years ago. No one wanted her. No one tried. But then again, Bella hadn't tried very hard either. She hardly talked, and if she did, they weren't exactly kind words. But that didn't matter anymore. She would be 18 in two months. She could make it on her own. She would have to.

'Cause I've been losing strength and power

Regret occupates my mind

I'm sick of loneliness and pain

Don't misunderstand. Bella didn't like being on her own. She loved people. Well, she used to, at least. She wanted nothing more than for someone to just try. To not give up on her. To make her talk. But no one cared enough. Not a single one.

Bella sat at the table and ate her dinner quickly. She didn't want to linger around these people. Despite the fact that most of them were foster kids, they were happy. She didn't understand it. It didn't make sense. What was there to be happy about? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She just wanted two months to past. Just two more months and she would be an adult, all she had ever wanted to be since she was 10-years-old.

I used to be young and free

Worried about my legacy

Now I'm aged and alone

I'm getting old, and growing up

Is not what it's cracked up to be

We're just names in stone

She used to love being a child. Before that day, she loved it more than anything. Being young. Being free. Being innocent. Being so naïve to the evils of the world. Poverty, war, terrorists; it was all so foreign back then. Not anymore. It was all she thought about. It was all she was. It defined her. After finishing her meal, as she walked back to her room, she saw him come in.

He was young; no older than 25. And he was, no doubt, the most attractive, hot, cute, sexy, beautiful man she had ever seen. He had green eyes that dared you to try to look away first, bronze hair that was attractively tousled, and a perfectly fit physique, not to muscular and not too lanky. He looked over at her and they locked eyes. He smiled at her briefly, though it didn't quite reach his eyes, then resumed his walk toward the office.

Bella's heart raced as she continued to trudge to her room, oblivious to the fact that his eyes had drifted back to her, some force forbidding him to look away.

As I said, that was just an introduction to Bella, therefore it was short. Heads up, I know next to nothing about foster care, so please forgive me when/if I get anything wrong about it.