a/n: So since I'm back in the Twilight spirit, and I happen to believe that Alice and Jasper are the cutest, I decided to write oneshots,ficlets, and drabbles about the two around christmas time. There will be 25, for the 25 days of christmas. Each one isn't connected in anyway unless specified. Read&.

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Outside of the Cullen home, Christmas lights twinkled in the evening sky. Jasper watched from the porch as his wife flitted around the yard with Christmas decorations.

He walked out to her as she stood looking at the house. She wrapped her arms around his waist, once he approached and he kissed the top of her head.

"What do you think Jazz?" she said her deep golden pools boring into his.

The settling sun broke through the trees, and shone onto the pair. Jasper's lips curled into a smile, as he looked from the Christmas lights to his wife.

"The lights are nice, but you are far more stunning."

Alice stood on her toes and place a kiss on her husbands lips, and they both sparkled far more brighter than the Christmas lights behind them.