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Alice looked once more at the stockigns on the mantle, before turnings back toward the empy cardbox box at her feet. Jasper came up behind her and gripped her shoulders.

"Why are you so sad, it's Christmas." he said as she ran her fingers over the stockings.

"Christmas is almost over, in a just over an hour anyway. I'm thinking about how I'm going to have to pack them away."

"Why right away?" Jasper asked frowning.

"New Years eve is in a few days, plus what's the point of keeping up the decorations if Christmas is over?" She replied sighing.

Jasper pursed his lips in concentration trying to get Alice to smile. He hated to see her sad, and when it was time to pack up the Christmas decorations she was sad. A smile danced on his laps as he opened his mouth.

"Do you remember when me made these?"

Alice let out a soft laugh."How could I forget?"

Both laughed for a moment and then Alice started.

"Carlisle had no clue what to put on his, so Esme hot glued his stescope to the stocking to make it look like the stocking was wearing it."

"Oh and then Esme couldn't figure out what to do, so Carlisle wrapped her stocking to make it look like a cast and signed it." Jasper said pulling Alice into a hug

Alice got caught into a fit of giggles. "Then he signed it. 'Get Well Soon - Dr. C'."

"Remember Rosalie's?"

"Oh yea, she went through the whole house looking for compact mirrors. Then she glued them all over the stocking."

"Didn't it fall off the mantle a few years later and then half of the mirrors broke?" Jasper questioned, talking into his wife's hair.

Alice smiled, nodding furiously.

"Then Emmett was like 'I'm going to go skin a bear and use it's fur as the top of the stocking.' "

Jasper smiled and let out a chuckle. "Then he came home, with torn clothes and no bear fur."

Alice clutched her sides and cut Jasper off. "Yeah, and then he just him killing a bear on it."

"Don't forget he knocked over the glitter and it got stuck all over his stocking."

"Didn't he break the chair right after that?"

Jasper nodded to Alice's question.

"Remember Edward got all moody again and was like 'This is stupid, I'm not making a stocking.' "

Alice nodding laughing again.

"Yeah then Esme just painted black lines at the top with the white fur to make it look like piano keys. She forbid Rose and me from decorating it. It's still plain and boring. Just like Edward." Alice said into Jasper's chest.

They both were just laughing for a minute, when Jasper looked into Alice's eyes.

"You remember when we made ours?" He asked, raising an eyebrow; half expecting her not to.

"Of course." She said hitting his arm playfully. "I almost missed up my crystal ball, when Emmett starting making fun of your confederate flag on yours."

"Then I knocked him on his glittery bear and he got all defense, and called the south weak."

"Then I had to interfere, and calm down my hot headed blond solider."

"Yeah, and I let your draw on my stocking even though Esme told us not to let anyone touch our stocking."

"But that was the best heart you've ever seen was it not?" She asked questioning.

"The name in the heart was much more beautiful."

Alice stuck out her tounge playfully. "Stop Jazz, you'll make me blush."

"Then you put a instrument on your's next to the crystal ball and I didn't know what it meant."

"Yeah and I had to explain that I call you Jazz, and this was instrument that they used to play 'Jazz.' And that is was so much more romantic than a heart with my name in it."

"So I was uncreative." Jasper defined. "But, I grabbed your by the waist and laid you on the table."

"Which was romantic, and the whole family disburst in seconds."

Both smiled and looked away from their memory as the clock chimed. Alice sighed as the clock read midnight, Christmas was offically over. Alice shrugged to herself and laughed as she pulled each stocking of the mantle.

"Why so chipper all of a sudden?"

"Because, we made so many new memories this year. My stocking is stuffed full of them."

"So your happy for new memories?" Jasper questioned confused.

"Yeah, from this year and the years to come."

"So Merry day after Christmas?"

"Yes, when does the mall open! Day after Christmas sales."

Jasper put his palm to his forehead, how he wished it was still Christmas.