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Also, this is a roleplay, done between two people- me and my sister.

His boots clicked hollowly in the hall as he walked. The solid white, almost pearl-like walls towered around him. The place was like a cathedral, except without any of the warmth and peace one might feel while being inside a cathedral. It was cold and unfeeling...as if the place was dead and without a heart.
He walked quickly, glancing into open doorways and even walking into a few rooms as he passed. His golden eyes darted around in every direction, taking in every detail around him as he searched. He was searching for something very specific and so far he had been unable to find it...he had been unable to find him.

Walking past the dining room, he glanced in to see the Superior pouring over some papers on the table in front of him. Xemnas didn't even look up as Saix passed. Usually the lesser of the two would stop and give his Superior some sort of greeting, but not now...not when he was so desperate to find what he desired.
Leaving the other Nobody he continued down the corridor, the clacking of his boots on the marble becoming faster and louder as his pace quickened.
The other member of the Organization that he was currently seeking could usually be found relatively easily. He could usually be found joking and laughing with Number VIII and Number XIII, but now he was nowhere to be found.
Finally getting fed up, Saix decided to leave the castle and head outside. Upon stepping out of the castle doors, he shielded his eyes with one hand as the sun hit his face. He knew, that as a Nobody, he shouldn't find things like this fascinating and even beautiful, but for some reason he just couldn't help it. Maybe he was fooling himself into thinking he had feelings and emotions...he tended to not think about it too much.

Gazing around the garden, which lay just outside the castle, he brushed a stray strand of blue away from his cheek and set off around the outside of the garden. Perhaps Number IX was somewhere out here playing with that infernal instrument of his. Its not that Saix particularly hated the sound of it...in fact quite the contrary. That was one of the things that attracted the Diviner to the Nocturne, but the younger of the two insisted on playing whenever he possibly could...even during mission meetings. He would be just sitting there plucking away while the Superior attempted to relay his plans to them.
Sighing with slight frustration, Saix was just about to come to the conclusion that he was never going to find him when his slightly pointed ears suddenly began picking up a faint sound coming from the small patch of woods that sat on the edge of the garden.
The sound was unmistakable. Soft and gentle, like slowly trickling water or a smooth breeze. It made his heart jump a little as he walked toward it, the sound gradually growing in volume and distinction.
He came to the edge of a small creek and his eyes followed it before coming to rest on the form of a slender figure with what appeared to be an oddly shaped guitar balanced on his lap.
Finally he had found him. Demyx.

Demyx was playing his sitar, an instrument that also doubled as his battle weapon. It had been crafted to resemble the Organizations symbol and glistened brilliant blue in the light that filtered down through the trees around the young Nocturne.
Demyx looked absolutely irresistible sitting there, lost in his own little world, contently plucking away at his sitar. Saix actually considered leaving the younger man alone and not disturbing him at all...but, he was then reminded of how much he had wanted to find him...he thought of nothing but Demyx. He couldn't get him out of his mind. His face. His eyes...his body...images of the boy flitting in an out of his mind constantly, always the same...he wanted him; needed him...ached for him. He couldn't just forget him now...not when he was so close to having him.

Stepping forward, into the light, the sound of his boots muffled in the thick grass, he slowly approached the other. He didn't want to frighten him, but he knew very well that Demyx didn't exactly like him. In fact, Saix had witnessed, on more than one occasion, the blonde being absolutely terrified of him. He had even overheard him telling Number VIII that he, Saix, frightened him. It had caused a horrible pang to go off in his chest...dare he say heart, when he had heard that and come to the realization that Demyx most likely hated him.
He wasn't going to give up though. He needed to claim Demyx and make him his...no one but him would have the beautiful Nocturne.

"Your playing is beautiful..." He whispered as he knelt down beside Demyx, long, black cloak spread out on the ground around him. He leaned his face closer to Demyx's and reached out with one hand to strum the tips of his fingers down the strings of the sitar. His hand briefly brushed Demyx's, "And so are you..." And with those words, he leaned in that last little bit, throwing all caution to the winds, and pressed his lips against Demyx's. He held the boy's face with one hand, his fingers twitching and sneaking into his hair and down his neck while his other hand took hold of Demyx's shoulder, fingers digging in perhaps a little too tightly...


The melodies washed through Demyx's soul and the air, the beautiful, bitter-sweet music of his sitar flowed through the sky like a gentle breeze. Demyx had been so relaxed, his bare feet gently in the nearby crook, the wet, cold water just firmly splashing up onto his ankles. Demyx was in a brilliant mood. He always was when he was alone with nature and his sitar; just him and his melodious instrument. Demyx breathed in, in and out again, shutting his eyes. And right before closing his deep blue eyes, his began playing his sitar a bit more quicker and happier now, his fingers gliding gracefully on the string instrument, not missing one beat or string what so ever.
Without even knowing, the small stream in front of him began to swirl oddly, and after a while, large drops of the water began leaping in and out of the stream, creating a cheerful dance. Demyx smiled his fingers still moving beautifully across his sitar strings.

It wasn't until then, he heard a voice. With a quick and yet short, quiet gasp, the blonde immediately stopped his happy playing, turned his head and saw Saix in front of him. Not before long he felt himself getting scared and slightly nervous. Saix...well, wasn't really the type who'd just come out and look for Demyx, and in such a dark and deep place to find. Demyx gave a small gulp and a shudder when Saix had complimented him on his lovely playing, didn't respond at all.
What was...he doing?
And then Saix sat down next to him, awfully close. Demyx was getting much more nervous than he was before.
"S-Saix...?" stuttered Demyx in almost nothing but a gentle whisper.

He was getting closer, and Demyx then found himself sweating nervously. His voice shuddered again. Demyx gave another hard gulp, feeling Saix's hand brush his own and he very nervously widened his eyes at Saix's next words...

"And so are you..."

Demyx was shocked, almost horrified. Was this really happening? Was this REALLY happening? As Saix kissed Demyx, the blonde found himself too frightened to pull away, feeling the Deviner's each and every touch, in his hair and on his shoulders... which he happened to be squeezing way too tightly. Demyx winced, squeezing his blue eyes shut for a moment. He hadn't spoken once since Saix had come here, and he wasn't expecting for the Superior to come here, either. This was Demyxs' secret spot and regreated playing his sitar so loudly out in the forest.

This had to stop! And now! Demyx didn't have any feelings at all for this older man. In fact, he disliked him very, very much. Demyx lifted his hands, placing them on Saix's torso and pulling away, not too fast, nor too slow. He stared into Saix's golden eyes, a deep confused expression upon the Nocturne's face. His eyebrows were narrowed in a sad and yet confused way.
"Sa-Saix..." murmured the blonde, with a soft gulp and a breath, "I...I don't...like you in that way..."
Demyx gave another deep expression, his deep blue eyes leaving Saix's golden ones. He removed his hands from Saix's torso, gathering his sitar and standing up. He quickly walked a little further away, taking one more glance back at the Superior... so confused... before he ran away back to the castle.


How long had he been waiting for this? Days...weeks...months...maybe even longer. He had been having these strange and irrepressible urges and desires for Number IX, but never had he acted upon them. Perhaps the opportunity just hadn't presented itself yet. Or maybe he had been too unsure or too...nervous? Either way, he couldn't suppress those urges anymore. He needed to do something about it, so as his lips connected with Demyx's he felt a surge through his body, an intense feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Finally, he had him...

Sighing against the blonde's mouth, he leaned in even closer, fingers tightening on his shoulder and his other hand pushing deeper into the hair on the back of his head. He intended on deepening the kiss but he suddenly sensed resistance from the other man. Demyx was refusing him...him? How could he refuse him? How could anyone refuse him?
A soft but dangerous growl left Saix's lips as Demyx pushed him away and his eyes narrowed in frustration. Why?! Why had he pushed him away?!
Saix's teeth were bared slightly and the tips of his blue hair were beginning to stand on end. As he stared back into Demyx's terrified, blue eyes all he felt was anger and betrayal. No one ever refused him.

He didn't try to pull Demyx back after the blonde pulled away, though it took him a moment before he was able to take his hands away from him, but that was only because Demyx had stood up and left his side.
Saix was left there alone by the softly babbling brook, the water instantly reminding him of the Nocturne. He didn't look up as Demyx ran back to the castle and he didn't see him when he looked back. He just stared down into the water, teeth clenched and eyes murderous. His hair was now standing straight up from the back of his head and his eyes began glowing with anger.
Standing suddenly, he raised both hands into the air before bringing them back down with such force that the energy radiating off of them cause a deep crack to split the ground at his feet, shooting straight across the stream and a good distance across the other side.
Water from the creak sprayed up around the Deviner, splattering his cloak and feet. Once he had seen what he had done he sighed and closed his eyes, putting one hand to his forehead. His eyes were no longer glowing and his hair went back flat against his head, fangs retracted back into his mouth.

How could Demyx refuse him? Wasn't Saix desirable? Why wouldn't Demyx want him?
Saix's mind buzzed and hummed as he stood there, fuming over the fact that he had just been rejected. He knew Demyx didn't like him, deep down he knew that very well...but rejection had never really crossed his mind. He always got what he wanted... always...