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The next few days were bad for Demyx. He had had miserable nights for so long, not getting a moments sleep. His brain was focused on the one Superior that had changed that one night. Saix.
Every night, Demyx would cry, not being able to get the frightening thoughts out of his mind and away. He wasn't one of those people who could just forget something so easily and let it roll off their shoulders. No, this time, it stayed, knowing it wouldn't be leaving for a long long time.
And after the few days, he ran into several other members, such as Axel, one of Demyx's very good friends. When Axel saw something was wrong with Demyx, seeing his miserable expression that was so deep and sad, he questioned, what was wrong? Demyx would tell him that everything was all right, and head back to his room again. Demyx had spent the last three days spending time in his room, crying deeply and loudly, holding himself and sadly sobbing.

In addition, whenever the blonde would so much as even see Saix from a far distance... he'd immediately run and go in the opposite direction. Even once, he had accidentally bumped into Saix down one of the long corridors, making a loud gasp, blushing and would run off again...

Demyx was so tired... sleep tearing at him, making him almost in an irritable mood. That's why he wouldn't come out of his room sometimes.

That night with Saix was too scary, too horrible for it to get out of his mind, knowing he'd hear his door knob turn and he'd see the Superior walk inside, placing his lips against his and the whole thing would happen all over again... Demyx dreaded that, hoping it would never happen again...

Even if there was another strange emotion clawing at him from deep down inside him...

It was one of those 'other' nights when Demyx couldn't sleep, yet again. Those images flowing through his mind, the sound of the door opening and hearing Saix's voice...continued through his mind.
...He couldn't take this anymore...this not being able to sleep was driving Demyx mad. He sat up on the side of his bed and rubbed his eyes, which looked exhausted. He was frightened, so scared... knowing Saix would come for him again. He looked at the door, knowing he'd see it open, knowing he would see that Superior again and oh god... the worst would come to him...

Demyx rose to his feet, approaching his door quietly. He walked out into one of the long, dark, quiet corridors, the sounds of Demyx's door closing the only sound. And the spooky wind blowing the trees which scraped against the castle silently. Demyx slowly walked down the hallways, very scared... he didn't know what he was doing... he knew he just needed to do it!
Then his eyes laid upon the door. Saix's door to be exact. The blond hesitantly reached out for the handle and very scared, heart pounding, sweat forming on his head... he turned it, peeping inside... scared to death...


"Saix! Did you hear me?"

Looking up, the Deviner blinked and focused on the angry face of his Superior. The silver haired man stared at him, arms crossed, fingers tapping on his arm in irritation.
"My apologies, Superior..." He answered, straightening his back and folding his hands on the table in front of him. Xemnas sighed in slight frustration and continued to stare at Saix for another moment before speaking again.

"You have been distracted for the past several days, Number VII..." He said. Saix hated it when he used only his Organization number to address him, "And I wonder what could possibly be on your mind that is more important than what I am telling you..."

"Its nothing, Xemnas..." Saix replied in a flat tone, tired, golden eyes staring, but unseeing, at Xemnas' face. The other man simply rubbed his forehead before raising his other hand and motioning toward the door.

"That's enough for today...you are excused..." He muttered without giving Saix another glance. He turned his attention toward a computer monitor behind him and began typing. Saix rose and left the room silently, grateful to be out of there so he wouldn't have to put up with Xemnas' annoying questions.

Saix wandered down the corridor, undecided about what he should actually do now. He thought he would be in that meeting with Xemnas for several more hours, but apparently Xemnas was just as frustrated as Saix was...but for a different reason entirely.
Saix considered going to Demyx's room.
No, he couldn't do that. As odd as it might seem, Saix didn't want to scare the younger man. And he knew that's exactly what he would do if he went to see him.
Head lowered, Saix continued down the hallway, finally deciding he would just go to his own room when he heard rapid footsteps approaching him from the other end of the hall.

"Saix!" Called the voice of the owner of the footsteps. The red hair and unusually slender figure gave him away instantly. Axel.
Number VIII was walking toward him quickly, hands clenched into fists at his sides and an expression of deep hatred on his face.
"What did you do to Demyx?! I know you did something to him, now tell me!" He demanded, pushing his face close to Saix's and staring into his eyes without the slightest bit of fear of the older man.

"I have done nothing..." Saix answered voice smooth and calm.

"Don't give me that! I know something happened between the two of you!" Axel reached forward quickly and grasped the front of Saix's cloak, yanking him forward roughly, "I've stood outside his room every night for the past week and listened to him crying! Don't you dare stand there and tell me you haven't done anything!"

Saix's face remained calm as Axel grabbed him, though the hair on the back of his head began to rise slowly and his nails began to cut into his palm where his fingers were clenched tightly with growing anger.
When Saix didn't answer, Axel growled, eyes narrowing and hand tightening on the Superior's cloak before he raised his other hand, prepared to strike the elder in the jaw. Before his fist came anywhere near Saix's face, his own hand flew up and grabbed Axel's wrist, holding it in a death-grip while he used his other hand to slam the red-head against the wall, fingers wrapped dangerously tightly around his throat.
Axel's eyes rolled back into his head for a second as his head hit the wall with a sickening crack and his arms and legs went limp, Saix's hand at his throat his only support.
Saix smiled and tightened his fingers so that the tips of his long nails would press into the vulnerable flesh of Axel's neck, causing the younger man to gasp and yelp in pain. He struggled to get free but Saix's grip was too strong. He could only push against Saix's shoulder with one hand, the wrist of his other still trapped in Saix's hand.

"Let me go!" He gasped, coughing slightly. Saix was cutting off his air with each tightening of his fingers.

"Why do you care so much?" Saix asked, voice calm and deadly, "We are Nobodies...we don't care..." Staring into Axel's frightened eyes, Saix noticed that he could feel the red-head's heart beat in his throat where he held him. Axel struggled to catch his breath, but each time his breath hitched and he gasped sharply, head straining back desperately to get away from Saix's grasp.
Saix's expression then changed slightly. A wicked smile spread across his face and he moved closer, one leg shifting forward, in-between Axel's.
"I do believe you are jealous..." He purred, smile widening as he caught the flicker of fear and panic that flashed across Axel's eyes, "Ah, yes...that's it. Jealously...tsk, tsk...such a vile emotion..." Saix paused and traced his lower lip with the tip of his tongue, "But I don't think it is me you are jealous of..."
At those words, Axel's eyes widened and he opened his mouth, breathing suddenly becoming much faster.

Saix grinned with satisfaction at Axel's reaction and proceeded to move his leg forward a little more, "Could it be you are jealous of Number IX?"

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Axel gasped, still having difficulty breathing.

"Oh, I believe I do." Saix replied, "Let's take a moment to recall, shall we?"

"No!" Axel yelled, "Don't say another word!"

"Yes!" Saix hissed, face moving in closer to Axel's, "Let's recall how you begged me! How you pleaded, lieing there like a pathetic little virgin! More, Saix! Faster, Saix! Please don't leave me, Saix!"

"Stop it! You evil bastard!" Axel's eyes were now glistening with unshed tears, fingers quivering and digging into Saix's shoulder. He coughed and closed his eyes, which caused a tear to run down both cheeks, face burning with embarrassment and shame.
Before Saix could continue any further, he was interrupted by another set of footsteps coming toward them.

"Axel! What are you doing to him?!" Roxas yelled, beating on Saix's shoulder. Saix didn't look at the blonde, simply retracted his fingers from Axel's neck and wrist, which he had left badly bruised and a trickle of blood was freed to run down the side of the red-head's neck. Axel collapsed to his knees, coughing and clutching his neck. Roxas immediately put his arms around Axel's shoulders and stared up angrily at Saix, who stood, staring down at them silently.
"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Roxas demanded, putting one hand on Axel's head and bringing it close against his chest. Saix didn't answer, but he caught Axel's eyes as the red-head looked up at him and no words were needed to express the anger and hatred that each man felt.
Without another word, Saix walked away, leaving the two alone in the corridor, the sounds of Axel's coughing fading away as he turned the corner and reached the other side of the castle.

He spent the rest of the evening brooding, alone in his room. He stood at a single window and stared up at the night sky. The moon was full tonight, and he stared at it, entranced by its beauty and perfection.
His thoughts would always turn to Demyx and no matter how much he tried to keep his mind on the moon, he would see the Nocturne's face on its pale, ghostly surface.
Growling softly, Saix unzipped his cloak and shrugged it off his shoulders before tossing it to the side, the heavy piece of leather coming to rest on the back of a nearby chair. He now stood by the window, body bathed in silver moonlight, in only his pants and boots. His upper body was built like a Greek god. He was tall and slender but muscular and powerful at the same time, skin creamy-smooth and flawless. The only flaw on his entire body was the X-shaped scar in the middle of his face.
Saix wasn't the least bit tired. He hardly ever slept, even if his mind wasn't troubled like it was now. He wanted to see Demyx again. He had caught glimpses of him in the hallways and had even watched him for almost an hour when he noticed him sitting outside in the garden outside a window he happened to be passing. If the Nocturne had known Saix was watching him he probably would have run and hidden somewhere.
Moreover, the other day when the two had bumped into each other it surprised Saix so much that after his meeting with Xemnas had ended later that night he hadn't been able to remember a single word the Superior had said to him.

Sighing, Saix tore his eyes away from the pale, glowing circle in the inky-black sky and put a hand to face. He rubbed his eyes then ran his fingers through his long, blue hair.
He couldn't go on like this. He needed to see Demyx again. They couldn't avoid each other forever...

Then, as if his thoughts had willed it to happen, his door opened. The man's better than average hearing picked up the sound instantly and he turned quickly to see who was disturbing him.
It was Demyx...face clearly visible in the small opening between the door and frame. At first Saix couldn't believe his eyes. Surely he was imagining it. He saw visions of Demyx so often that he almost didn't dare to believe that the actual Demyx might actually be at his door...and of his own free will.
For a moment, Saix did nothing but breath, body still as stone where he stood by the window. Then he began moving slowly toward the door, careful in his movements so he wouldn't frighten Demyx enough to make him run away, as he had every other time...

"Demyx..." He breathed, afraid to speak too loudly, "Shouldn't you be in bed...?" Axel's voice then flashed through his mind, ringing loudly.

"I've stood outside his room every night for the past week and listened to him crying!"

A pang of guilt hit Saix in the chest. Had Demyx really been crying that much? Because of him?
He hadn't...hurt him...had he?
"Demyx?" Saix was now standing right in front of the blonde and he pushed the door the rest of the way open, hands reaching out cautiously to touch Demyx's shoulders. He ran his fingers over the smooth curve of the boy's shoulders, hands moving so gently and so carefully. He wanted to do everything he could to keep Demyx here with him, "...Why are you here?"


It was so terrifying for Demyx to actually go to Saix's room that night...knowing the Superior would be there. Demyx quivered lightly when he saw the shape of Saix on the other side of the room, terribly frightened. That's when Saix looked around, and Demyx resisted the urge the slam the door shut and run away as fast as he could. But he didn't. That fear stayed inside him, gluing his feet to the marble floor.

The Saix moved the door out of the way; Demyx pulled his arms up to his chest, still very scared. He shut his eyes, his heart pounding hysterically.
Should he be in bed? Yeah, probably, but he could never get to sleep; those nights were so long and sorrowful.
He gave a shake of his head, electing a very quiet noise from his throat. "The past week... I...I've been crying... I haven't slept once... since that one night." Demyx was so scared, so embarrassed that he shut his eyes for a moment and spoke again.
"Saix..." muttered the blonde, opening his eyes again, glancing around at the floor, "I don't know why I'm here..." Demyx could feel more tears filling his eyes... lifting his hand up to wipe them off.

"I just...felt the need to...to come here..." Demyx murmured again, feeling so scared and embarrassed at the same time. Demyx didn't know what to do, he was stuck in a situation so scary that he wanted to just collapse at Saix's feet, crying his eyes out. His fists clenched up slightly, squeezing his eyes shut, shoulders shaking at Saix's firm touch.
Demyx then opened his eyes slowly, letting out the tiniest whisper, "I feel...feel the need I should be with you." Demyx rubbed his arms, feeling frightened and cold. "I don't know what it is... Your always on my mind. I get the feeling that I should be near you."

Demyx had never been with anyone in his whole life, and this was the first person who had been with Demyx. Saix. That name would probably echo through his for the rest of his life.
He shuddered again, knowing he must've sounded ridiculous. Coming to Saix's room in the middle of the night, when everybody else was asleep...and saying these obscure things.
Demyx knew he didn't actually love Saix... he didn't know what this freaky feeling inside him was, but it was driving the Nocturne absolutely insane. Demyx had almost gotten angry one night, feeling the need to break things in his room... he almost broke his sitar... He was that upset to almost break his beloved instrument.
Demyx looked back up at Saix.

"I'm here because...because I feel like I should be here...Saix..."


Saix could see the fear in Demyx's eyes. It was painfully obvious. He knew he had been the one to cause that fear. Demyx had been afraid of him even before he had forced himself upon the boy, but now Saix could tell it was all he could do just to stand there in front of him.
He listened to Demyx's words, eyes focused and unmoving from the blonde's face. He looked so beautiful...so perfect. Saix wanted to gather him in his arms and just hold him forever.

As Demyx's words washed over him, Saix's heart began to beat faster and his lips parted. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.
Demyx actually wanted to be here? How could that possibly be? Saix thought Demyx hated him.
"You...you feel the need to be with me?" He whispered, talking softly, probably softer than he had ever spoken in his life.
Overwhelmed with compassion, Saix removed one hand from Demyx's shoulder and brought it to his face, gently using the pad of his thumb to wipe the boy's tears away. If the man had been a little more sensitive himself he might've been crying also, but Saix's eyes remained dry, but gentle, as he looked down at Demyx.
He could feel Demyx shaking underneath his fingers so, once the boy had finished speaking, the older man moved forward, but his movements were very slow and fluid, not at all swift and aggressive as they had been before and he gently wrapped his arms around Demyx's small, quivering frame.

He wanted to apologize, but as he formed the words in his mind, they never left his mouth. He just held Demyx, the blonde seeming to fit perfectly inside his arms.
"Demyx..." He breathed, still keeping his voice soft, "I had foolishly hoped that you might come to me...but I never thought it would actually happen..." He stroked the boy's hair as he spoke and pulled him closer against his chest, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you...I need you to be near me..."

Slowly, Saix pulled back and looked into Demyx's eyes, fingers gently tracing the shape of his face.
"I don't want you to be frightened of me...I want you to love me..." In the back of his mind, he knew these words were foolish. Demyx would never love him...

Taking his eyes away from Demyx's face for a moment, he traced his lower lip with the tip of his tongue as he considered something. He wanted to show Demyx that his words were true and that he really did care for him.
After a moment of silence, his eyes returned to the Nocturne's face and the corners of his mouth curved into a gentle smile, "I won't ask you to stay..." He touched Demyx's face as he continued, "If you do not wish to be here then you don't have to...I won't force anything on you anymore..."
Saix then leaned forward and pressed his lips against Demyx's smooth brow, allowing them to linger for only a moment before stepping away from the boy and turning to return to the window. It was one of the hardest things he had ever done, turning away from the one person he wanted more than anything in this world, but his heart, if he did indeed have one, told him it was what he should do.
As he took his previous position by the window once more he forced himself not to turn his head and look at Demyx, but he felt something inside his chest and was surprised as a single tear managed to squeeze itself out from one of his emotionless eyes, carving a trail down his pale face.


When the young Nocturne was hugged, Demyx's arms scrunched up against Saix, his blue eyes staring forward, almost looking out the window. Demyx continued staring, until finally, streams of his tears poured from his ocean blue eyes...not closing them once.
Hearing Saix's words, it was shocking for Demyx. He couldn't believe his ears. Saix, the man who had forced himself on Demyx, was actually giving the blonde the choice to let him go... Demyx looked into the Superior's eyes, still very scared... This was all too shocking.

When he had kissed his brow, Demyx gave a soft shudder, still feeling his tears on his cheeks. And watching Saix walk away... Demyx felt stuck, not sure which way to go. Demyx could go, back to his room, and perhaps continue with these scary images of Saix, crying all night long. Or, he could stay here...with Saix... the man he wanted to be around...but didn't exactly love.

That moon was glowing brilliantly and it sparkled over Saix, giving him a gorgeous shine. Demyx turned towards the door, reaching out for the knob. Then he paused, shutting his fist tightly.

Go on! Go! You'll just regreat it if you stay!


No! You hate him remember! Remember!

Demyx closed his eyes tightly, turned around, looking at Saix's figure again and silently marched across the room. His breath shuddered again as he saw how little space there was between Saix and the window ceil. Demyx moved closer and squeezed through the small space, quickly sitting up on the seal. He gave Saix a deep expression: the emotion between confusion and sorrow. He moved his face away, feeling foolish.

Then he stared forward, his arms reaching out and he grasped Saix, hugging him gently. More tears flooded from his closed eyes, wondering... Did I do the right thing...?

Demyx looked up at Saix, his arms still around his waist before he quietly said with a small sweet smile, "I wanna stay with you, Saix."


He would leave...of course he would leave. Saix would be left alone, as he had always been and as he always would be. No one would ever love him or treat him as anything but a tool to be used for personal gain.
He stared up at the moon. It still glowed with a brilliance that almost stung his eyes. He loved the moon...he could just stare at it for hours and never get tired of it.

He was aware of Demyx still standing by the door, but he didn't turn to look at him. Perhaps Demyx was too afraid to leave. Maybe he thought Saix would come after him he tried to run...track him down like an animal and hold him prisoner.
Saix would do no such thing. If Demyx was going to be here, he wanted him to be here because he wanted it and not because he was being forced.
He had been listening, but maybe it was because his thoughts had distracted him, or maybe the moon had put him in a trance, but he failed to notice as Demyx crossed the room and closed the space between them. It wasn't until Demyx was trying to wedge himself between Saix and the window did he notice the blonde.
His eyes widened slightly with surprise and he wavered a bit where he stood before settling his hands upon the boy's shoulders again.

"Demyx...?" He whispered, but was unable to speak any further as he felt the younger man wrap his slender arms around his bare waist. Saix had never felt a more gentle touch and he shuddered as Demyx's bare hands touched the skin of his back.
He couldn't speak. All he could do was just stare down at the blonde, his face impossibly innocent and beautiful. How could he still look so innocent after what he had done to him?

"I wanna stay with you, Saix."

At first, the words didn't even register. They sifted through his mind slowly, like sand through an hourglass before they finally hit their full impact.
Demyx wanted to stay with him? What could have changed to make him want to stay?
After a moment or two, Saix finally leaned the rest of the way forward and closed his arms around Demyx's small frame. This was the first time he had ever embraced someone and had them embrace him back. It was a strange emotion...He felt...wanted...

"Demyx..." Pulling back only enough to look at Demyx and lift his face by placing his fingers underneath his chin, he stared down into his amazingly blue eyes, "I want...to make you happy..." He ran the backs of his fingers down Demyx's face, "I want to see you smile...smile at me and for me..." He then leaned forward again, hugging him tightly and protectively, "You're so beautiful..." He whispered, speaking from the deepest and most honest part of his heart. As the words left his mouth they almost brought tears to his eyes because they were the most truthful words he had ever spoken.
"Please, let me love you..." He stared down into Demyx's eyes, searching for any clue as to what he might be feeling or thinking. Saix was usually good at reading peoples' emotions, but for some reason he was finding it very difficult now.
Licking his lips slowly, Saix pushed one hand through Demyx's hair, around to the back of his head where he cradled it gently, encouraging him to lean his head back and he kissed him.
His lips covered Demyx's slowly and almost cautiously. He tested them experimentally, and kept his tongue inside his mouth. He wanted to wait and see if Demyx would open his mouth himself and allow him entrance instead of forcing anything.

He never wanted to see that look of fear in the Nocturne's eyes again...He had Demyx at last and he couldn't afford to lose him now...


He was blushing. Demyx was blushing... with Saix standing right in front of him. The blonde gave a small smile to Saix when the Superior said his kind, free words. Demyx continued smiling, that same smile that he'd always wear on his face. It was indeed a dazzling smile. Feeling Saix's fingers brush across Demyx's face, his shut her eyes for a moment, wondering: Why am I doing this? Demyx couldn't help but remembering that night. That dreadful night...and how...scared he was. And it would seem like he would be terrified now, but...it was strange. That was the last emotion washing over him right now.

The emotions that flowed inside the Nocturne were sweet. From feeling protected, and that warm fuzzy feeling. Demyx was still a little nervous, but this feeling this oh so strange feeling made him go to Saix's room and stay there.

It was obviously a good feeling, indeed.

Saix wanted to love Demyx.
How is that possible? Demyx wondered, We're nobodies. We don't have hearts...
Demyx anyways looked at him again, his eyes sparkling.
"I...I..." Demyx stuttered. Then he gave a nod, and another smile. "I wanna love you too..."
Demyx wasn't sure if this was him talking or his emotions. He was a little confused at why he was saying he wanted to love Saix as well.

The next touch was Saix's lips against his, and it was a little hesitant, but willing; Demyx kissed him back. He didn't think he was doing a very good job and all, a faint red blush still against his cheeks. He was surprised Saix didn't ram his tongue right inside Demyx's mouth. That made Demyx feel even better. That feeling of love.
Demyx gave a small smile against Saix's lips, opening his mouth very slowly, allowing Saix entry.

It was coming. Demyx knew it. However, it was funny...

He was happy.


Saix sighed against Demyx's mouth and began deepening the kiss. His arms tightened around the blonde and his fingers dug even deeper into his hair. They curled against his head while his other arm held Demyx close against his chest. He wanted him closer, as close as it was possible for two people to be.
He could feel Demyx's emotions now. He was still nervous, but that intense fear he had felt before had all but disappeared. It made Saix want to go even further, but he still kept his actions slow and cautious...

"Demyx..." He breathed, breaking the contact for a second before capturing the boy's lips again, encouraged by the parting of his lips. He started by tracing the other's lips with the tip of his tongue, testing them and tasting them. He then, very slowly, pushed his tongue past his lips and the tip bumped into Demyx's. Saix pushed his tongue against the one he met inside, sliding against it gently and sighing again with satisfaction.
He loved the taste of Demyx's mouth and how it felt against his. It felt so right and so perfect that he never wanted it to end...

He pulled back slowly but remained for a moment to nibble playfully at Demyx's lower lip and suckle it with a small grin.
"You're adorable..." He whispered, looking into Demyx's eyes with something between lust and amusement. He grinned again and pressed his lips to Demyx's once more before moving his head down, lips leaving hot kisses along his jaw line and eventually down his neck.
As his lips and tongue assaulted the boy's neck, his hands moved around from his back and moved upward to the zipper on his cloak. He took it in his fingers and pulled, slowly tugging it down until he stopped it at Demyx's naval. He immediately placed his hands against the blonde's chest and started caressing every inch of his torso. The coat still remained on Demyx's shoulders so Saix slipped his hands underneath the heavy material, pushing it slowly down until the smooth curve of the boy's shoulders came into view, accented by the moonlight which still filtered in through the window behind him.
Saix ran his hands over the small, round curve and then pressed his lips against one of them. He was amazed at the softness of his skin and how warm it felt against his lips.

Then, leaning forward, Saix slipped his arms beneath the cloak, which still hung off of Demyx's arms and he wrapped them around the boy's ribcage, their naked chests pressing together. A shudder raced up his spine as skin finally touched skin and he could feel Demyx against him. He could feel his warmth, his softness and the gentle thump of his heart underneath his ear where his head was resting against his chest.
He closed his eyes and savored the moment. This was what he had wanted from the beginning...to have Demyx willingly in his arms; Saix wanting him and the Nocturne wanting him back...

Opening his eyes, Saix looked into Demyx's face and kissed him slowly, lips lingering sweetly.
"I would do anything for you..." He whispered, pulling back, "All I want is for you to stay with me..." He paused for a moment and hid his face against Demyx's neck, arms tightening around him possessively.
He didn't know how much longer he would be of any use to Xemnas. Eventually, the Superior would have no other use for him and he would become nothing but a liability. Once his mission was complete...Saix would be gone...

Lifting his head again, Saix kissed Demyx on the end of his nose and smiled before lowering himself to his knees, between the boy's slightly spread legs.
With Demyx propped up on the window ledge, he had perfect access for giving him the kind of pleasure he wanted to give him.
After pulling the zipper of his cloak down the rest of the way it slid open completely, exposing Demyx's entire torso. Saix laid down a trail of kisses along Demyx's stomach while he worked open the boy's pants. He wore the same style pants as he did underneath his cloak, as did every other member of the Organization.
Thumbing the button through the hole in the material, he glanced up at Demyx's face. Before going any further, Saix placed a hand between the boy's legs and squeezed very gently, through the material of his pants, just to see what sort of reaction he would get. He then began to rub, applying firm but gentle pressure with his palm, fingers pointed downward.

With his hand still massaging the small bulge between Demyx's legs, he smiled up at the blonde and gave his thigh a playful squeeze with the other hand.
"I want you..." He murmured, voice low and smooth, "Will you be with me tonight...?" As he spoke, he gave Demyx another squeeze between his legs, hoping to see a deliciously dramatic reaction.


Demyx felt the slick muscle of Saix's tongue go into the blonde's mouth. Demyx responded some, almost poking Saix's tongue in return to Saix's mouth movements. Demyx was still feeling a little weird about all this, wondering still why... why? Why did he come here?

He kept reminding himself the reason why was because he felt this need to be with the older man. Demyx gave a smile, a sweet gentle smile, which he knew Saix would like. He stuck out his bottom lip a little at Saix's almost teasing words.

He was...adorable?

Demyx felt the freezing rush of cold wind meet his skin that was covered by the heavy leather material of his cloak, the cold wind coming in and clinging to his skin again. Demyx could see Saix's tall shadow on the floor, the moon being the light. It was bright, shining wonderfully into the soft room. Demyx felt tired. Saix was kissing him too gently and softly.

That's when the Superior pushed down on Demyx's hard erection.
He gave a sour noise, letting out a burst of air, most indeed awake now. He gave a gentle moan, not too extreme. Demyx didn't even notice that his cloak was practically off his body, leaving him bare-chested and showing his bare legs. Demyx gave a blush, timidly reaching down to touch Saix's hand - which was squeezing his thigh - and wrap his fingers around his.

Saix wanted Demyx. Was the Nocturne really that beautiful to Saix? No, he couldn't be... Demyx never thought he was anything, nothing special. He just loved nature and music. He never knew this was going to happen to him, not once in his entire little nobody life.

"Will you be with me tonight...?"

Those words made Demyx blush very hard, almost near-ruby. He gave a small gulp, the large lump in his throat not leaving. He smiled sweetly, a little nervous and embarrassed, and then sent a gorgeous heart-stopping smile at Saix.

"I will."


Saix almost laughed aloud when he saw the look Demyx gave him after he told him he was adorable. It was the cutest thing he had ever seen in his life. The way he stuck out his lower lip made him look like a little child. The elder couldn't help but smile in amusement and thank whatever gods were watching him that he was with Demyx now...he still couldn't believe it.

Extending his tongue again, he pushed the flat side up the middle of Demyx's stomach, tracing the faint line starting below his naval and ending just below his chest. He could feel the blonde shudder beneath his touch and he could feel the rush of hot blood underneath his flesh. It sent a trembling spasm of anticipation up the man's spine before pooling and gathering between his legs where it pulsed demandingly.
Saix looked up when he heard Demyx moan. He smiled with pleasure, knowing he had done something to cause that reaction in the younger man.
He then took a moment to admire the Nocturne's unbelievable body, where he sat, bathed in moonlight. He couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sight; his two favorite things in the world coming together in one gorgeous body right before his eyes.

Focusing his attention back on Demyx's body, Saix finally began removing the boy's clothes. His fingers took hold of the waistband of his pants, gently tugging them off his hips and then down his perfect legs.
He placed a few kisses on Demyx's inner thigh, while he slowly massaged the now hard bulge between his legs, which was still hidden beneath the material of the tight shorts the blonde wore. They were the same type of shorts that Saix had ripped off of Demyx's body that night. He would be removing them in an entirely different way tonight...

Looking up at Demyx from his position on the floor, his lips parted and he smiled at the blonde's words.
What had he done to be this lucky? Demyx should hate him. Nevertheless, here he was, agreeing willingly to be with him...All Saix could do was smile and kiss the boy's thigh again before whispering, "Thank you...Demyx..."

Saix then removed Demyx's last article of clothing, pulling the thin shorts down and off his legs, finally giving the man a complete view of the blonde's amazing body.
He wasted no time. He immediately leaned foreward and slowly licked up the underside of Demyx's length, stopping to close his lips around the head and suckle gently.
The tip was already moist, giving Saix a brief burst of the younger man's flavor. It filled his mouth momentarily, urging him forward.
Hands on Demyx's hips, Saix opened his mouth completely, positioning his lips over the tip and pushed his head down. He took in almost the entire length until he felt the head bump the back of his throat. As he pushed his tongue forward, pressing it firmly against the underside, he looked up with just his eyes, focusing intensely on Demyx's face.
He stared up at Demyx, wanting nothing more than to make him moan in pleasure, as he began moving his head, bringing it back up and creating a fierce suction on his erection before pushing back down again, lips wrapped tightly and never loosening. Moving one hand down, he wrapped his fingers around the base as he began to bob his head faster, using not only his lips, but his tongue as well, all the while keeping it firmly pressed up against the underside...


At all of Saix's kisses and touches, Demyx gulped, biting his lip and his tongue several times. This was a little embarrassing, but Demyx, nevertheless, willingly went along with it all.
After a short moment of just letting off a breath of air, he felt another cold rush of wind come in contact with his legs. He gave a shudder, closing his eyes for a moment then opening them again. Demyx's ocean blue eyes were sparkling like the sun on the sea, the foamy waters splashing onto the blistering hot sands. Demyx could feel the water spray on his face even now... and the hot sun, beating down on his face, creating a few drops of sweat to run down his forehead, chest and even his thighs.
Then the freezing cold rush came back and clung to him again, relaxing the boy.

Then he felt the shorts coming off. Cheeks scarlet, eyes squeezed shut and muscles tense, he felt the tight shorts fall loosely down his pale legs.
The cold air then encountered the teen's erection, wrapping around him like a thick sheet of ice. He gave another raspy shudder, opening his eyes very slowly, staring down at Saix below him, and sucking on him. He gulped, cheeks still crimson, and leant his head back against the wall, yet his upper body was positioned upwards.

He began sweating again, the moisture trailing down his chest in thick globs. Demyx was shaking just slightly; everything was quivering, his arms, legs and shoulders. The Superior was going deeper, and his member twitched, making Demyx re-open his eyes...The whole scene was a little scary... yet then again, Demyx felt absolutely brilliant, the Deviner's tongue traveling up and down Demyx. It felt extraordinarily pleasing.

Saix had placed his hands up a little higher, Demyx resisting a small noise from his throat, the strangled noise growing larger before it came out of his mouth. A deep hard moan escaping from the blonde's lips so suddenly, it made Demyx almost gasp a little. It was loud, and sounded quite pleasurable. Demyx's cheeks became ruby again, Demyx embarrassingly covering his face...

He was still a little scared, but he felt overly protected by the Superior. Saix was almost like an animal, the way he acted sometimes. So imagine how he'd be with somebody he loved. And that was Demyx.
The thought made him shake a little. Demyx then gave a smile... It was a good feeling; Demyx didn't know why he was still slightly nervous. Maybe because it was his first time. Demyx shook the odd feeling off his shoulders, leaning against the wall again; placing his hand at the base of Saix's skull... wondering how much longer this might go on...

As his mouth worked Demyx's length, his hands explored his body where he was able to reach. He stroked his legs, starting at the thighs and going all the way down to his feet. The boy's body was so perfect, in every way and Saix couldn't help but touch him.
Going back up his thigh, the man's hand found the pair of tight sacks between the blonde's legs and he fondled them, rolling them in his fingers and squeezing gently.
He then began massaging them with the palm of his hand, rubbing and kneading as he increased the suction with his mouth.
After a moment, his eyes rose to look at Demyx's face again and a light deep within them pulsed for a brief second when he was met with the expression on his young lover's face. He could tell that he was still nervous and a little scared, but he could also see the deep and intense pleasure he was feeling. That was unmistakable.

Demyx then moaned.
Saix's breath hitched in his throat and his eyes pulsed again. Just the sound alone was almost enough to make the elder come right in his pants. His arousal throbbed painfully under the tight material and he groaned himself, the sound muffled around Demyx's length.
Then Saix, with no warning whatsoever, removed his mouth from Demyx's erection and took his hands away from the boy's body. No part of him was touching Demyx at all. He raised himself so he was level with the blonde and leaned forward, one hand coming down on the window ledge to support his upper body.
His golden eyes, heavily lidded with lust, stared down into Demyx's. His face was close to Demyx's. So close that he could feel the boy's heavy breaths on his skin and even feel the heat coming off of him.
"Demyx..." He breathed, one hand coming forward to trace a single line down the boy's chest and come back up to do the same to his neck and shoulder. He then licked his own lips, the tip tracing the lower one before going over the upper. He could taste Demyx on his lips, the slick, transparent moisture still clinging to his flesh. It made him shudder and release a quivering breath, which ghosted the teen's face.

Saix then leaned forward suddenly, capturing Demyx's lips passionately. He moaned against his mouth and prodded with his tongue until he managed to sneak past the barrier of the boy's lips. He wanted Demyx to taste himself, the boy's essence still practically dripping off of Saix's mouth.
As he continued to kiss him possessively, one of Saix's hands snaked downward and he took hold of Demyx's erection where he stroked him slowly. His fingers squeezed him at the base and then drug upward, pulling as he went, hoping to drive the boy crazy. His hand tightened and he began to pump him even slower so he wouldn't release just yet.
"What do you want me to do...?" He asked, finally releasing the other's mouth, but keeping his lips quite close to Demyx's as he spoke, "Tell me what you want..."
His tone was slightly demanding but not in any way threatening. He needed to know what Demyx's true feelings were and what was going on inside his head. He wanted to know his feelings, his emotions...his desires...


Demyx gave a small, fragile gasp when Saix squeezed and massaged him, making his legs quiver and shake. His knees grew weak and he felt like falling. Slightly surprised - but not much - when Saix had moved away from him and not touching him in any way, the blonde's eyes focused deeply on Saix's golden ones. He saw the pale moonlight glimmering on Saix's face, making him look elegant and glorious.

He whispered so, so softly Saix's name, barely even a mutter... Their lips touching yet again, Demyx calmly relaxed his tense body. Shutting his eyes, Demyx sweetly kissed him back.
Practically cool and quiet again, he began feeling very nice. A great superior like Saix loving him like this was all too much. It made Demyx feel so wonderful, the fluffy, sugary feeling inside him made him feel like insanely playing his sitar. Insanely play it for Saix.
His relaxed body then tensed up again when Saix stroked him, almost loosing his lips against Saix's, only shooting out a soft mewl from his throat and gasp when Saix did it harder.

It was freaky, and Demyx was starting to get a little annoyed. His member twitching wildly, almost coming, but not quite yet. Demyx let out another small gasp and opened his eyes, staring at Saix.

"What do you want me to do...?"

Demyx wasn't exactly sure how to respond. All he wanted was somebody to love. Somebody who he could hug and snuggle with. Demyx smiled, "I want to love you." Started Demyx passionately. "I just wanna have love."

His eyes were literally sparkling. Was it true? Was that feeling inside Demyx the truth? That new feeling...

"I love you, Saix."

With his hand, the hand that had been supporting himself, he looped it around Demyx's waist and held him possessively, pulling him closer against his larger body as he kissed him. It felt indescribably amazing to kiss and hold the younger man like this. He had dreamt about it so much, but the real thing was infinitly better than what he had imagined in his dreams.
Then as Demyx returned the kiss, it made the elder's lips curve against the other's in a small smile. Saix had never smiled so much...not once in his whole life. Demyx made him smile. He was the only thing that brought him true happiness.

As the kiss was broken, Saix slid his tongue along Demyx's lips one final time, smearing what was left across the boy's mouth so they glistened with the delectable moisture.
His lips felt full and swollen from all the kissing and he released a quivering breath through them as he stared into Demyx's eyes, awaiting his answer. Demyx's eyes were so beautiful...especially now, in the pale light of the moon and they sparkled with something...some feeling or emotion that Saix couldn't quite make out...
As Demyx spoke, Saix unconsciously released his hold on the boy's erection, but left his fingers still wrapped loosely around it. All his attention was focused on Demyx's eyes, and his words.

"Do you mean that...?" He whispered, moving his hand up from between Demyx's legs to hold his face gently, his thumb stroking his cheek just underneath his eye, "Demyx..." His emotions suddenly overwhelmed him and he leaned his head forward, onto Demyx's shoulder and just held him.
Did Demyx really love him? Was that his true feeling or was he just saying it to please Saix? There was really no way for Saix to know for sure...but he trusted Demyx and he wasn't about to argue with him about it...

Lifting his face to kiss Demyx again, Saix tucked his hands underneath his thighs to lift him off the window ledge and carry him over to his bed where he laid him down, gently, on his back. His lips never left Demyx's as he carefully lowered him to the mattress.
"I want to show you how much I love you..." He whispered, speaking against Demyx's mouth as he reached down between them with one hand. He didn't stop at the boy's length, but kept moving downward until his fingers were positioned at his entrance, "I don't want to hurt you anymore..."
With movements so slow and gentle, Saix pushed one finger forward, sliding it inside Demyx's body. He pushed it in as far as it would go and stopped for a moment or two to allow Demyx to adjust before letting a second finger join it. With two fingers inside him now, Saix curled them very slightly against the boy's velvety inner walls and leaned down to kiss his neck and shoulder.
He placed slow, open-mouthed kisses against Demyx's neck as he began scissoring his fingers, stretching and preparing the teen's tight entrance. Unlike last time, he wanted this to be as pleasurable for Demyx as it was for him.
If he was lucky enough to earn Demyx's love then he planned on showing his gratitude.
"Is it okay...?" He asked, looking up from his neck as he started to move his fingers in and out of Demyx's entrance, still scissoring and curling them, "If it hurts just tell me...and I'll stop..." He smiled and kissed the corner of Demyx's mouth as the gentle thrusting of his fingers started moving faster and deeper...


True to his words, Demyx gave a cute smile, reassuring Saix that it was most certainly true: Demyx really loved Saix. When the elder sort of embraced him, Demyx lost his smile for a moment, a gentle blush spreading across his cheeks, arms still laying a little motionless down next to his body, before they moved and wrapped around Saix's shoulders, moving closer to the Deviner, shutting his blue eyes and relaxing. Moments like these made Demyx feel so protected that it was scary... he knew that if anybody came along and perhaps tried taking him away from Saix, Saix might kill the person. Demyx finally smiled, the sweet grin growing wider and sweeter. It wasn't before too long, he felt himself being lifted up off the window seat, and then placed on Saix's soft bed.
And while the moving was happening, he was kissing Saix, and ironically, he was enjoying it. Very much. Demyx wasn't really expecting at what was going to happen next... but he braced himself.

Understanding Saix's words, which made him feel even better. Knowing that the elder would stop if Demyx wanted to, it made him smile so happily, and that dancing, twirling feeling inside his stomach, was just overwhelming... in a good way of course.
Shutting his eyes, he waited until Saix had entered his body...And then came. His fingers trailing inside, Demyx narrowed his brow, trying not to tense up at the feeling in his lower body.
Shuddering a gasp and then a moan, Demyx placed his hands on Saix's shoulders, arms and elbows quivering.

"Is it okay...?"

Demyx opened his eyes, giving him a small smile.
"Yeah..." he replied softly, shutting his eyes again. He felt the hard thrusting go faster, making his knees and thighs start shaking. Demyx kept his eyes shut, squeezing them tightly, knuckles turning pale on Saix's shoulders. He moaned deeply as Saix's fingers came out and then back in, the Nocturne's moans coming louder and much longer.

Demyx was scared... yet positively happy and full of joy at the same time... Demyx was speechless, hardly ever knowing what to say or do. This was his first time... and actually doing it willingly. Moreover, more importantly... with Saix. Demyx smiled. Being with Saix was a good feeling and a good thing. And he hoped he wouldn't forget it... ever.

Saix could feel Demyx's inner muscles tensing and clenching around his fingers. The first time he had taken him, the boy hadn't been at all prepared, but now Saix wanted it to be different. The desire to take Demyx, by force or not, was gone now. All he wanted was to be with him and know that Demyx was giving himself willingly.
As his lips moved up Demyx's neck, his fingers began to move faster and as he scissored them he spread them further apart. Just a bit more and he would be satisfied...

As he pushed forward again, Saix's eyes raised to look at Demyx's face and instead of pulling out he left his fingers inside and pressed upward with the tips. He searched for that elusive, little bundle of nerves that he knew was hidden somewhere inside his new lover. His fingers pressed harder and he began to rub, fingers curling inside the tight passage. If he were to find it now, he would be able to find it again later and make it much easier on Demyx.
"Demyx..." He murmured, lowering his head to place a few more kisses on top of the blonde's shoulder, "Are you ready...?"

He looked down into Demyx's eyes and slowly withdrew his fingers from the teen's body, satisfied with the work he had done.
"I want to make us become one..." He whispered, speaking next to Demyx's ear. As he spoke he reached down again, but this time he unfastened his own pants, finally freeing his throbbing and aching length, which caused him to let out a heavy, shuddering breath against Demyx's neck.
With a soft, breathy moan Saix lowered his hips just enough so that they were flush with Demyx's and he rolled them, rubbing the undersides of their erections together. As he did this, his fingers dug deep into the sheets, clenching until his knuckles turned white and he groaned deeply against Demyx's ear.
He felt like he was mere moments away from his release so he forced his hips to become still and just allowed them to rest against Demyx.

Panting and brow slightly damp with perspiration, Saix captured Demyx's lips briefly but passionately, "Will you give yourself to me...?" He asked, his heavily lidded and glossy, golden eyes staring down intensely into Demyx's...


Feeling sweat trickle down Demyx's face, he clenched his fists tightly at the major pain in his lower half. His eyes were squeezed shut, creating even more sweat and knuckles turning pale, Demyx muffled out a soft moan. Feeling Saix's fingertips touch something highly sensitive, Demyx gasped lightly, eyes barely opening to reveal that deep blue color.
Demyx strangled out another moan, trying to ignore the intense pain that strained at his lower half. Once Saix's fingers were removed from Demyx, he let out a shuddered breath, slowly opening his eyes, letting his fists fall loose again. His ocean blue eyes were a little wet; he was almost at the verge of tears. Tears of pain.
But luckily they had not come out. Demyx stared at Saix, listening to his words, Demyx gave another quiet gulp.

"Yes..." he whispered gently. "I'm ready."

Watching the sight before him, Demyx couldn't help but be just a bit aroused at the sight of Saix's length, the feeling of both of their members rubbing together. It made him groan loudly, arms quivering lightly.
Demyx's blonde hair stuck to his forehead, still feeling the thick sweat roll down the side of his face.

Glancing back down at Saix again, Demyx caught his words, tilting his head backwards a little. He was a little distracted at the rubbing between his legs. That feeling was deep and rough. Demyx wanted to bite something in half. Anything.
Then his mind actually caught Saix's words.

"Will you give yourself to me...?"

Demyx looked into Saix's ambers, creating a loose and yet heavy breath from his throat.

"I will..." he replied softly. Demyx shuddered another quiet moan at feeling Saix's arousal against his, making him close his eyes...

Let's become one... Saix


There it was. Saix could tell he had hit Demyx's sweet spot as he saw the reaction on the blonde's face. It was unmistakable.
Good...now he knew where it was...

"Yes...I'm ready..."

Saix couldn't help but smile. He couldn't believe he had managed to come this far with Demyx after what had happened between them.
In the back of his mind he could still see that look of fear and hate that had been etched into Demyx's eyes...he hoped, that this time, when it was over he would look at him with something else in his eyes...

Raising up off of Demyx just enough, Saix removed his pants the rest of the way. They were tossed off to the side somewhere, completely forgotten as the blue haired Superior leaned down again to capture Demyx's lips.
"I'll go slow..." He whispered, reaching down to prop up the teen's rear to give him better access. His hips lowered and he found Demyx's entrance, pushing forward slowly and carefully until he was completely swallowed by the blonde's tight canal.
He released the breath he had been holding and clenched his eyes shut, fingers digging into the sides of Demyx's thighs. Even though Saix had taken the time to prepare him, Demyx was still incredibly tight and as his velvet heat was wrapped around the rock-hard flesh of his erection he felt the muscles in his stomach clench and tighten.

After he had let himself just rest inside Demyx he slid his arms underneath the blonde's back, holding him securely and lovingly with his face hidden in the crook of his neck.
He then began to rock his hips slowly, keeping himself inside but creating enough friction to cause a deep moan to erupt from his chest.
"Demyx..." He moaned, holding him tighter as he rocked harder against the boy, feeling his release coming on already.

After another moment or two, Saix raised his upper body so he could look at Demyx's face and he slid his arms out from underneath the blonde's body and took his hands, lacing their fingers together. He raised them up above Demyx's head and they pushed down into the soft mattress.
"I love you..." He whispered, pressing his lips against the smooth plane of Demyx's forehead as he began to pull out. He removed himself about half way then pushed back, fingers tightening around Demyx's hands and knees digging into the mattress for support.
As his thrusts began to get a bit faster he carefully aimed himself upward, intending to hit that spot he had located earlier. On each forward thrust, he concentrated on finding that spot and kept his glossy eyes trained on the teen's face for any sign that he had found it...


He gave a soft nod at Saix motioning again that he was indeed ready. Yes, Demyx was scared... he was nervous... but that same feeling of Saix protecting him and watching over him stabbed out all those thoughts and away from his mind.

Shutting his eyes, Demyx waited for the slow impact in his lowar half. In addition, not before too long... he felt it come. It was definitely something longer and thicker than the two fingers. He stifled a moan, Saix's intense thickness invading his lower half. Demyx's breathing was shallow... he could feel Saix going in much deeper.
He grabbed the sheets with his hands tightly, knuckles turning very bright white. Feeling Saix slowly come back out, he created a soft whimper... opening his eyes, breathing loudly.

Then Saix thrusted back inside, making Demyx gasp loudly. Squeezing at the sheets under him again, Demyx kept his eyes open, and then he felt himself suddenly relax once Saix lace his fingers with his own. Demyx shuddered...

Did he really love him?

Demyx considered the thought... but then rolled the thought off his shoulders... focusing back on the real situation.

Demyx wrapped his own fingers 'round Saix's passionately... creating a smile towards Saix. He didn't know whether to say he loved him too.

"I love y-" He was cut off by feeling Saix's member touch the little bundle of nerves inside him. He let off a soft gasp. "Saix...!" He squeezed Saix's hands tightly... getting deeply nervous...

Demyx's hips quivered horribly, arms shaking as well. He knew he was going to come soon, he just knew it. Feeling more globs of sweat trickle down his face, Demyx squeezed his hands tightly... knowing he couldn't hang on any longer. He let himself come, feeling the hot liquid shoot out, letting out a loud, strong breath of air, his breathing very breathy and shallow.


The world had completely faded around him into nothing. The edges of reality had bled and blended, slowly dissolving until there was nothing left to see or to hold onto. Everything was black and silent around him...all but...Demyx...he was the only thing Saix could see.
The boy's face was clear in his eyes and in his mind. He could feel him and hear him...his moans and gasps as his hips began to move faster.
Shaky breath after shaky breath, Saix's body moved against Demyx, their glistening flesh sliding against each other in perfect unison. The elder's back heaved and his shoulders quivering slightly. Moonlight fell upon his back, illuminating it and creating an ethereal sheen.

In the dull silence of the room, their breaths and the occasional gasp and moan seemed amplified. Saix's keen hearing picked up sounds that no ordinary human could and he relished in the delicious sounds that issued from his young lover's mouth whenever his hips made contact with the undersides of the teen's thighs.
Tightening his fingers around Demyx's, Saix closed his eyes and bit down on his lower lip as the speed of his hips began to get faster. He was so close...
He was then distracted by the sound of Demyx's voice and he looked down, breath catching in his throat. By the unmistakable look on Demyx's face, Saix knew he had found the spot again so he kept aiming for it...

Tilting his head down, Saix kissed Demyx's neck and felt his arousal throb inside the boy as the younger of the two called out his name.
Saix loved the sound of Demyx playing his sitar, but this new sound...this new sound that Saix never thought he would hear was infinitely better...Demyx's pleasure-filled voice calling out in the silence for him...just him...

Just then, an even tighter clenching around him and Saix knew Demyx had reached his release.
His eyes squeezed shut and he arched his back, hair thrown back as he too climaxed, finally able to release and empty himself inside the other.
His hips and stomach muscles spasmed, clenching and convulsing as he moaned and his lungs worked furiously to draw in as much air as possible.
Waves of pleasure crashed over him and he felt almost as though he was going to black out but he opened his eyes and he saw Demyx...

After a moment, he slowly collapsed onto the younger man, face resting heavily on his shoulder and breathing hard and deep.
His arms closed around Demyx's small frame, drawing him in closer against his chest. His face nuzzled into the crook of his neck and he took in a long breath through his nose, simultaneously inhaling the blonde's scent.
Hardly able to control himself, Saix felt sleep begin to cloud his mind and make his vision blur but he blinked his golden eyes and managed to summon enough energy to pull himself free of Demyx's body and pull the sheets up over the both of them.

"Please stay with me..." He whispered, voice soft and almost child-like, "Stay...here with me...please..." His voice began to trail off and his arms loosened very slightly, where they were wrapped around the teen's waist, eyes slipping slowly shut.
Saix then let his mind go, allowing his exhaustion to overtake him and carry him gently into unconsciousness. Oddly enough, as the last coherent traces of his mind slipped away, he couldn't help but smile and realize with faint amusement that this was the first time in months he had been able to fall asleep so easily...


Demyx body was loose after his 'moment' had come. He struggled to continue breathing properly, unable to really focus on Saix's thrusting.
"Oh... oh, god, Saix!" Demyx moaned, feeling Saix go deeper. Opening his eyes a little, he could tell that Saix had come himself, releasing it inside Demyx's body. Then it was just faint, quiet silence... both of them lying against each other, the smell of sex and sweat floating in the air.

Demyx never knew this would happen to him, and most especially with Saix, nonetheless. Demyx thought he wouldn't end up with anybody... he thought nobody loved him. However, he found out. He found out big time.

Feeling Saix's silky sheets cover him over his sweaty body, he shut his blue eyes, his quivering legs, shoulders and arms finally calming down, able to relax again. Feeling Saix's arms wrapping around his waist protectively, Demyx pulled his arms up towards his own torso, cuddling into Saix sweetly, his head nuzzling down into Saix's chest. He let out a soft yet deep sigh... Demyx hadn't really caught the words Saix had murmured, but he had no intention of going back to his own room...He most definitly wanted to stay right there, right then... with Saix. In addition, frankly, he didn't wanna leave...

Demyx curled up a little more closely to Saix, and he knew: he knew he had finally found a person who really loved him. And Demyx finally got some sleep.

Sunlight peeked through the large window in Saix's room, sun rising over the hills. It was morning. A new day had started. Demyx always woke up at dawn, eyes peeping open slowly. He gave a long, long yawn, shutting his eyes for a few more moments before slowly sitting up. His eyes traveled around the bright room... when he noticed: Saix wasn't there to greet him.

Demyx glanced down next to him, not seeing the man he had fallen in love with just last night. He was gone. Demyx thought for a moment, deciding he should wait there... He knew positively Saix would return for him.

Waiting patiently, Demyx gave a smile, the sun rising a bit higher over Castle Oblivion.


He had no time to waste. Xemnas wasn't the type to idly waste time when there was business to be done. He had been given a task and he was going to complete it. Efficiency was his top priority.

As his boots carried him quickly down the hall toward his fellow Superior's room, he went over the details in his head. The news he had been given to relay was definitely not the most pleasant of things and Number IX was surely not going to take it well...
With a sigh, he turned one final corner and his eyes came to rest on the closed door of Saix's room. It was stark and cold looking...nothing the least bit welcoming about it as he grasped the handle and pushed it open without any hesitation.
His eyes immediately fell on Demyx, his slender figure almost glowing where he sat, bathed in the morning sunlight. If he hadn't been there on urgent business he might've stopped to admire the sight but instead he stepped into the room and cleared his throat importantly.

"Number IX..." He said formally, making his way toward the bed and trying to ignor the fact that the one he was addressing was currently naked. Xemnas was just grateful the sheets mostly covered him, "Number IX, I have been asked by my fellow Superior to transfer a message to you..." He paused and turned his gaze away from Demyx, apparently distraught by whatever he was thinking, "Earlier this morning, Saix came to me and told me he was leaving...he asked if I would come, after he was gone, and tell you..." He paused again, perhaps for affect, or perhaps he was genuinely saddened by what he was about to say to Demyx, "I know what happened between the two of you and I know that you have developed feelings for Saix..."
His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms, "As leader of Organization XIII I do not approve of this arrangement, but I see it cannot be helped..."

Xemnas then took a moment to walk towards the window that Saix had been standing at the night before, the blue haired Superior bathed in moonlight...now the silver haired Superior stood before it, covered from head to toe in sunlight...
"He isn't coming back..." He said finally, keeping his eyes focused on the window, "He wanted you to know he regrets having put you through any hardship but he...he truly did love you..." At this Xemnas turned away from the window and looked at Demyx, something that could have been sorrow flashing across his eyes before they reverted back to their emotionless state, "The best thing you can do now is forget him...forget you ever got involved with him and focus on our mission...you have Numbers VIII and XIII to keep you company so you should have no need to feel lonely..."
His eyes fell away from him again but they did not return to the window, "Just forget about Saix..."


Hearing the door creek open, Demyx smiled, knowing Saix would be coming through the entrance. Happily smiling and waiting for Saix to enter, he paused, realizing it wasn't the Deviner, but the grand superior of them all. Xemnas.
Demyx instantly blushed, grabbing the sheets and covering as much as revealed flesh as possible.
"Um... Superior..." gulped the blonde, definitly embarrassed. Wondering where Saix was, Demyx listened to Xemnas talk.

Gazing into Xemnas's orange eyes, Demyx focused on what he was telling the younger boy.

"I know what happened between the two of you and I know that you have developed feelings for Saix..."

Demyx looked away quickly, another faint blush spreading across the Nocturne's cheeks. He felt foolish sitting in Saix's bed, undressed, while the superior of the organization talked to him. While Xemnas was standing by the window, gazing out of it, Demyx hurriedly put on his cloak. Pulling on his gloves slowly, he looked back at Xemnas.

"He isn't coming back..."

Demyx narrowed his eyebrows for a moment.
"What...?" he whispered. "What do you mean he's not coming back?"
Demyx blinked, awfully confused at all this. "Superior, don't tell me... don't tell me that Saix..." He looked down at his feet, tears beginning to appear in Demyx's blue eyes. He jerked it head back up towards Xemnas.

"Don't tell me Saix is going to die!" he shouted.

"The best thing you can do now is forget him...forget you ever got involved with him and focus on our mission."

"NO!" screamed Demyx, marching towards Xemnas angrily. "I CAN'T!" Finally, those loose crystal tears fell from his eyes, streaming down his pale cheeks. "I can't! NO, I CAN'T! He WILL come back! He WILL! It's not true..."
He began to sob uncontrollably...All of that... was...was gone? He finally spent a night with somebody, saying how much they loved each other... and then they disappear?

Demyx shook his head, tears flying.
"I won't believe it!" he cried out. "I wont'!"
He angrily let out a yell, banging his fists on Xemnas's chest, full of rage... and full of sorrow.

"Just forget about Saix..."

"No...no I can't..." whispered Demyx, more of his tears flooding down his face. He was almost practically leaning against the superior, hands still in tight fists. "I won't... I can't forget..."
He saw his tear drops fall to the carpet floor, leaving a small stain.

"I...I love Saix... I can't forget... AND I WON'T!" He began sobbing again, and not before too long he slowly fell to his knees, still crying hysterically.

He could tell by the way Xemnas talked that Saix was definitely not going to come back. Not ever.

Demyx was alone...


A/n: I know it sounds like the ending but believe me there is more.