WOOT! another SasoxDei! I've wanted to make a vampire Sasori one yay! so I did. Sasori is from Romanian, and please dont take my word on any of the Romanian, I barely know my own language. so enjoy my vampire story!

"So how was you Thanksgiving?"

"It was fucking great, it's not every fucking day you entire damn family comes and sacrifices a fucking sheep!"

"Umm…That's nice, I have to go see you at school."

"See ya then!"

Deidara flipped his phone closed, he really hated texting, but it was the only way to stay in touch, he hated talking on the phone even more. How hw could be scared to death of that little object was beyond him, but he was. He continued down the side walk, with a sigh. Thanksgiving break was over, now he had three long weeks before the next break. If only something exciting could happen, but the small town he lived in, nothing happened. He would be lucky if a house caught on fire, boom hehe!

The high school was crowded, just like any other school day. With a white flash, Deidara was tackled to the ground.


"So, what took you so damn long?"

"Sorry, but if you look at you watch, I'm here early un. Why are you here so early un?"

"Dude I fucking heard there was a new student, and I wanted to see the bastard."

"Having any luck un?" Hidan pulled the blonde to his feet, as Deidara brushed himself off.

"Fuck no, all well, come on lets head out." Deidara nodded, and headed out with his best friend. They split separate ways, Hidan heading to math, and Deidara to Earth Space Science.

So there was a new student at school, hum, it didn't really matter much, just another human taking up space. But Deidara was curious about what they looked like. He took his seat in the class, to the back, at by himself. Everyone in the class had a lab partner, but Deidara was just fine doing everything by himself. He pulled is notebook out, and wrote the notes down the teacher was writing on the board, or doodling. He really had nothing to worry about in science, it came to him naturally.

"Ahhh! Oh Mr. Akasuna, you scared me! I didn't hear the door or anything. Class this is Sasori, the new student, please make him feel at home," he turned to Sasori, "Take the seat by Deidara in the back." Deidara glanced up, and his azure eye's widened. He was beautiful! His skin, as pale as a ghost, but his hair, as red as the burning pits of hell. But his eye's were a creamy golden brown. He styled a all black wardrobe, jeweled belts, and tight pants. He was toned, and well built. All the girls eye's were one him.

His hazel eye's locked with the blue ones, and crooked smile crossed his face,

"Your Deidara right?" he had a beautiful accent, Deidara heart skipped a beat. He nodded. Sasori took the seat, glancing at the board, then curled his arms on the table, and rested his head. He turned and faced Deidara. Deidara gulped, trying to cover his face with his golden locks.

"Y-you should take notes un…" Sasori chuckled,

"You mean like you?" his accent stunned him again. His breath caught in his throat,

"Y-You know I'm a guy right un?" he glanced at his red headed partner,

"I know, you have an Adams apple." Deidara smiled, no one ever noticed that, they always thought he was a woman. He felt a slight tugging on his hair, and turned to the red head. His pale fingers ran through the golden hair, Deidara's cheeks blushed. No one had ever touched him once finding out he was a guy,

"You have lovely hair." Deidara turned away, trying to rid his face of the redness. "If I'm annoying please tell me." Deidara glanced at the teacher, then laid down like Sasori,

"Where are you from un?"


"What part un?"


"That explains your accent, but your name, it's Japanese un." Sasori smiled, Deidara's breath caught in his throat.

"My mom was Japanese, and wanted to name me, my father obliged."

"Say something in Romanian un." Sasori smiled,

"Tu a poseda magnific ochi's." Deidara blinked a few times,

"What dose that mean un?" Sasori brushed the stands of blonde out of Deidara's face,

"You have beautiful eye's." Deidara's face turned the shade of Sasori's hair. "a voastră magnific când tu roşeaţă." Deidara leaned in closer, intrigued by the new language, eye's twinkling,

"What did you say then un?" Sasori leaned closer,

"My little secret." Deidara inhaled the sent, ahh the sweet smell of mint, and what's that other smell? Lilac? Lavender? Whatever it was it was a flower smell.

Sasori pulled away quickly, he could barley stand being this close to him, but this close was pushing it. The pain in his chest grew, and the itching in his throat became worse, he would need to feed soon, and with the blonde this close and tempting him, God he smelled good. He wiped his mouth quickly.

"Do you need some one to show you around un?" He turned back to the blonde,

"Sure." Deidara smiled, and headed towards the door,

"Just hold on to my hood or…" Sasori cupped his hand around Deidara's lower back, "Um…that works too un…" Deidara glanced around, most girls were giving him a death glare, unlike the guy's, the girls knew Deidara was a guy. Deidara stopped at his locker, throwing the door open.

"Dei! Yo Fuckard! Who is this?"

"This is Sasori, the new student un, this is Hidan, ignore his language un."

"Bună Încântat de cunoştinţă." Hidan's eye twitched,

"Dei, what did he say?"

"I don't know un, what did you say un?"

"Hello, pleased to meet you."

"Oh so you do speak Japanese…" Sasori nodded, Hidan glanced between Deidara and Sasori and then Sasori's hand,

"Dude you know Dei's a guy right?"

"I know…"

"Ok…well see ya at lunch bitch!" Hidan ran away, probably to try to still another rat from the science lab to sacrifice.

Deidara was surprised to find that they had all classes together even gym, the class that was already over the limit with students. This was the class Deidara hated the most, he had to be the most uncoordinated person in the world. Lucky for him, Sasori had his back, he never let the volleyball get close to him.

The girls drooled over him, he was like an athlete, but never broke a sweat. And just like all the girls, Deidara was falling head over heals for him. Deidara never thought he was the gay type, but when he looked at Sasori it was different. He loved everything about the red head, his skin, hair, eye's, his smell, and that beautiful accent. Gym was called to an end, and everyone went in to change. Sasori glanced at the blonde,

"Do you need a ride home?"

"You have a car un?" Sasori nodded, "Sure un, beats walking."

They headed out of the building, and towards the parking lot. Deidara had to admit, most cars in the lot we old hand me downs, but one car stood out among them all. The lights flashed when Sasori hit the lock.

"That's your car un?"

"Yeah." a black 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder stood in front of them, shining in the sunlight. Deidara's jaw dropped to the floor, he wish he could have a car like that but his parents didn't trust him yet. And that didn't matter, not many people had the money to buy a car like that and keep up with the insurance. Sasori opened the door and motioned for him to get in. Deidara climbed into the car, and buckled up as Sasori did the same. He pulled out of the parking lot, getting the finger from the car he cut off.

Deidara gave him the directions to his house. They pulled into the driveway,

"Where are your parents?"

"They both work at the hospital, so they never have a designated time they come home un…" Deidara stared out the window to the empty house. He was always scared to be alone in the house, afraid of burglars, or…or…vampires. The words fell out before he could stop them, "Would you like to come in un?"


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