this is the last chapie of Phobia This, OMG i felt like i just started this yesterday but it was about two or three months ago! but i want to thank everyone who reviewed, read, and favorited, you guys are amazing, thank you and enjoy the last chapie.

Everything went back to normal, well, as normal as two vampires can get. Deidara's parents never expected anything, and the rumors of and alien attack spread through the small city. Deidara continued school, and went on pretending he was a normal gay kid. He finally told his parents his secret, and they were ok with it. His mom was just happy that she had a child. But they didn't take it to well when they found out Sasori was the reason he ran away, and was also the reason their son was gay. But luckily they didn't find out the red head was bulletproof.

School was almost over, and after the family calmed down, Sasori asked for Deidara. They couldn't refuse when they saw how happy Sasori made their son. So when they graduated, they would get married, and move into their own house; but not to far away.

"Welcome to a new world class of 2009!" the hats flew into the air like rockets. And they screamed and hugged each other. Sasori pulled the blonde close, and captured his lips, soon those lips would be his forever. Deidara locked his arms around his neck,

"So Danna, when will I be your uke forever un?" Sasori smiled,

"In due time my iubire." (love) Deidara smiled and kissed him again. And on cue, Konan came in with the camera.

"This will go in your wedding scrap book, along with the first time you two kissed!"

Hypervenolation was far from pass. Deidara was so nervous, this had to be the scariest thing he had ever done in his life, even fighting Orochimaru didn't compare. Konan was at his side the whole time.

"Hun it will be fine, you love him right?"


"Then everything will be fine…" Deidara nodded, he did love Sasori, and couldn't live with out him, so the only thing left was this. He took a deep breath, and stood up, Konan fixed his puffy dress, which was Konan's idea.

"Now go out there, and marry him, and get it on!" she smacked him on the back. Lord only knows what's in their hotel room, that Konan booked for them.

Konan walked in front of him, and down the isle. Deidara glanced out the door, and saw all the people, and lost it again. His father walked up to him,

"Why are you wearing a dress?"

"Konan's idea."

"You nervous, you didn't even say 'un'." Deidara nodded.

"What are you nervous about, if it's what happens after the wedding your on you own I don't know how guys…"

"No dad it's not that…" his father wiped his head, thankful for missing that one.

"Then what?" Deidara just smiled,

"Nothing dad, I realized everything will be fine un." he stood and took his dad's arm. Konan hadn't let Deidara see the decorations, so he feared what they might be. But once stepping out of the room his fears vanished. The room was covered in white, and the only thing that stuck out was Sasori's bright red hair. Sasori smiled sweetly, as he took the blonde from his father,

"You look uimitor." (amazing) Deidara looked away.

"Do you take Iwaga Deidara to be your husband?" Sasori smirked, looks into the blue eye's,

"I do."

"Do you take Akasuna Sasori to be your husband?"

"I do un."

"Now you may kiss the…" Sasori just smirked, and kissed Deidara. Konan again with that infernal camera!

The cake was placed in front of them, Sasori took a piece and fed it to the blonde. Deidara was so close to killing that woman!

The music filled the room, and everyone cleared off the dance floor. Sasori took Deidara's hand and lead him out. He pulled the blonde close, and they floated over the dance floor. And like a ninja, Konan was there with a camera.

"I really hate that woman un!" Sasori smiled as he turned into the parking lot of the hotel,

"No you don't, besides, you did put her in charge of taking the pictures iubire." he kissed Deidara on the cheek, before hopping out and heading for their room. At the door, Sasori picked Deidara up, and carried him through the door. He laid the blonde on the bed, before straddling him. He crashed their lips together,

"You know Konan probably set up camera's all over the room un." Sasori smirked,

"Dose it look like I care?" Deidara smiled,

"Still want to learn what a 69 is un?"

and they live happly ever after. and so this concludes another story! hope you all enjoy and thanks to everyone who reviewed.