CHAPTER 1: The Proposal

Ion sat on the window sill, enjoying the night air. He was trying to relax before he saw Esther after five years of agonizing fighting with Cain. He heard a woman singing below him. Someone outside? This late? Ion thought, slowly looking below him.

"And with each passing minute, I wait in agonizing pain as I wait for you. I just wanna hold ya, squeeze ya, love you for ever." The woman's voice sounded so beautiful that it almost made him fall over. The woman looked up and Ion ran away from the window, backing up against the wall.

"E-Esther, was that really you?" Ion whispered, his eyes wide with shock. He shook his head and headed to the window. He nervously looked out the window and saw her running to a grey-haired man. "Abel, of course." He laughed and shut the window. Sitting on his bed, Ion took one last glance out at the star-lit sky. "Tomorrow will be the day of change. I have made my desision and I will stand by it. Tomorrow, I will tell her how I feel and hopefully she'll accept what I ask." With that said, Ion shut off his night lamp and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


"Master Ion, there's a lovely lady hear to see you," a woman's voice whispered, knocking lightly on the door. Ion was startled to hear a vase fall and the familiar, bell-like laughing as the woman repeatedly apologized. "Oh, I'm so so sorry, ma'am. Really, I am."

"Don't apologize to her. She's a very forgiving person. Trust me." Ion laughed as they walked in. Esther dropped the vase in her hands when she saw him leaning ever so casually on his bedpost. The maid left.

"Ion!" She ran into his arms, Ion blushing as she kissed his forehead. "I missed you so much! I really did!" Ion felt a tear drop on his head and made a tiny gasp.

"You have a lovely singing voice, ya know?" Ion whispered, a smirk forming. Esther blushed and looked at Ion with her deep, sea blue eyes.

"I thought I heard someone last night. I didn't know I was being watched by such a handsome Methusalah, though," Esther replied, kissing his cheek. His cheeks were crimson red as she slowly moved her mouth closer to his. "So, so handsome," she breathed before locking lips. Ion drew in a quick breath as their lips parted, her tounge tracing his. He soon joined in, his cheeks on fire and still bright, bright red.

Their lips finally parted and Ion knew Esther felt the same way. "Esther, marry me." Ion pulled out the ring from his pocket, his cheeks still briliantly red and on fire.

"Yes," Esther breathed, slipping the 24-karot band, dimond ring. Ion, his cheeks not as red but still red, kissed her again. This time it was more demanding. Esther slowly pushed him on the bed, ripping off the bottom of her skirt untill it was to her knees. "Ion, I feel weird. It's all tingly down there and a little wet." Esther was suddenly under Ion.

"I'll make you feel better," Ion replied, taking off his jacket and shirt. Esther felt a shaky hand touch her down there. She unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra. Ion stared at her breasts for a second in disbelief. He shook his head and slowly put his hand in her underwear. "Wow, you are wet." He took out his hand and looked at the sticky liquid on his fingers.

"Ion, let's become one," Esther whispered as she slowly pulled him onto her.