Prompt: 01--Beginning
Title: Your Loyal Retainer
A/N: This is one (of many) fics written for the FE Drabble Community on Livejournal. Different wordcount is different.

"Come in." Ephraim called out when he heard a knock, not bothering to look at his bedroom door. He continued to stare solemnly out his window, shifting the pillows set up behind him just a little to get more comfortable.

Kyle walked in and dropped to one knee after closing the door. "My lord!" The knight greeted clearly, bowing his head. "How are you feeling? Not too bad, I hope…"

Ephraim sighed, running his fingers lazily through his hair. "I've felt better, but I'm alright." He eyed Kyle suspiciously, noting the defeated expression. "And you? How've you been faring?"

There wasn't an immediate answer, and he feared the worst: Kyle was going to scold him. Just like Seth. And his father. Even Erika. The young prince sighed and focused his attention on his window again. Wow, just what he needed: a killer headache, pain in his leg and a lecture! Awesome.

"I'm not feeling too well, Prince Ephraim. Of course, how I'm feeling doesn't even compare to the pain you're in right now. Sorry if--"

Ephraim groaned, resting his head back. "You're making my headache worse, Kyle. Just get on with it."

"I just wanted to apologize!" The young knight said, looking up at him. "I should have been more careful, and I shouldn't have been that rough with you. I have shamed the proud Knights of Renais."

Ephraim simply stared at him, utterly confused. "Kyle…what the hell are you talking about? 'Shamed the Knights of Renais'? Pff, no one else knows what really happened beside you and me." He paused for a second, eyes looking up at the ceiling. "And Forde, he figured it out. Seth also…and Erika, of course. But that's all."

"Still!" Kyle shot up and rushed towards Ephraim's bedside. "I should have been more careful. You probably don't even want to train with me anymore." His eyes dropped down to the floor.

Ephraim gave him a stupid look, "That was training? I thought we were just playing around…ahh…" He winced, rubbing his pounding head.

"My Prince!"

"S-stop yelling when I'm right next to you!" He hissed back, closing his eyes as he felt a little faint. "I'm alright, okay? And you're being foolish…of course I'll still train with you, Kyle. Maybe not for the next few weeks…I'll still be bedridden until the wound in my leg heals, so it'd be impossible."

"I'm so sorry, my lord."

Ephraim clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. "Stop apologizing. Nothing's wrong; it's not like I'm dead or anything."

Kyle shook his head, "You could have died, and would have been my fault. We were both being reckless--"

"Exactly! 'We were both'. The blame's just not your's alone. Let's just leave it at that."

"No. I'm your loyal retainer--I'm supposed to look out for you, not hurt you."

"It was an accident…"

"Regardless! From this day on, I will be more careful and I'll watch out for you. I'll make sure you'll never get hurt again. And--"

Ephraim let out a small groan, "Kyle. Shut-up and go." He sniffed, rubbing his eyes, "I'll talk to you later."

"Of course, my prince!" Kyle bowed and started walking backwards, "I'll go get you some apples from the royal garden. I'll make sure you'll have a quick recovery!"

Ephraim rolled over, throwing his quilt over his head. "Go, Kyle. Just go." He muttered, letting a small tear escape from under his closed eyes. "You're just making my headache worse. Please…"

"No problem, my prince! I will be back in three hours, with the best apples Renais has to offer!" And he left, slamming the door. "Sorry!"

"You idiot. You stupid idiot…"