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It had been about 5 months since their wedding and everyone was living in complete bliss. Nessa had married Frederick at only 15 years old and Elphaba had lectured her on the seriousness of marriage. Until of course, Nessa got sick of it and pointed out that Elphaba had gotten married as well at only 16 in which case Elphaba went on to lecture her about how her marriage was different. Nessa and Frederick moved back to Munchkinland and Frederick's family took up the Eminence and his father became the elected Governor of Munchkinland. Now that the war was over and everything was returning back to normal, Elphaba had suddenly remembered her education. Funny of her to forget it in the first place. She, Fiyero and Galinda all got together one day and wrote their entrance essays. Elphaba asked Nessa to consider Shiz, but she was quite busy in Munchkinland. So it was about a month after that when the palace was filled with Galinda-like bursts of excitement, however this time, Galinda was not the one bouncing off the walls.

Elphaba burst into the library, a bright smiling lighting up her face as she gasped for breath.

"Fiyero! Father!" she yelled. Fiyero and James looked up from their reading and looked at Elphaba, raising their eyebrow simultaneously. If there was such a contest as simultaneous eyebrow-raising, they would definitely win.

"Elphaba, I don't know if you've been in a library before, but usually it is a quiet environment." James said, trying to sound stern, but his smiling eyes gave him away. Fiyero started laughing then and James as well. Elphaba rushed forward, the mail clutched in her hand.

"Do you know what this is?!" she asked excitedly.

"It's the mail darling." Fiyero laughed. Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"Not just any mail, darling," she mocked him. She showed him the Shiz crests on the back of the envelopes; "Yero, we got into Shiz University!" she let out a very Galinda-ish squeal. Galinda burst into the library then.

"Oh my Oz, I heard one of my signature squeals, what's the news?!" she asked, rushing over to Elphaba, James and Fiyero.

"Yero and I got into Shiz!" Elphaba exclaimed happily, resisting the urge to jump up and down. Galinda squealed loudly, she'd gotten her acceptance letter a week prior while she was at her home in the Gillikin.

"How did you know I got into Shiz?" asked Fiyero, smiling.

"Because I opened your letter stupid!" Elphaba said, waving him off. She jumped in the air and settled herself on Fiyero's lap, "Yero, we got in, we got in, we got in!"

"So I've heard." Fiyero grinned, wrapping an arm around her.

"How can you be so nonchalant about this?! You should be--" Elphaba began.

"Squealing?" Fiyero supplied.


"Sweetheart, I'm not gay." said Fiyero.

"But you used to be!" Elphaba giggled.

"Hey, we've been over that. It was acting and I was only trying to protect a certain princess I know." Fiyero muttered.

"Oh you're so cute!" Elphaba poked his nose.

"Elphaba, I'm fairly freaked out now. If just being accepted to Shiz makes you act like a Galinda on helium, what in Oz will happen when we actually get to Shiz?" asked Fiyero.

"Oh stop acting like you're not excited--"

"I am excited--"

"You're just mad because I opened your letter and you didn't get to open it yourself--"


"And if you're not going to celebrate with me, I'll just go celebrate with someone else and--"


"And then maybe whoever I choose to celebrate will actually be happy for me--"

"I am happy for y--"

"And then that person and I will go eat a cake or partake in some other activity that symbolizes celebration--" Fiyero rolled his eyes as she rambled on, "And then I think we'll just eat some ice cream in your face and make fun of you because you couldn't have any ice cream…and then we'll go to the beach and read a book together and then we'll come back to the palace and make fun of you because you weren't celebrating with us and then you'll be all whiny and make your dopey little sad face and be like 'why didn't you guys invite me?' and we'll be like 'because you were being all nonchalant about--" Fiyero silenced her as he captured her in a kiss. Elphaba kissed him back lovingly. She seemed to really be enjoying it until she pulled away abruptly.

"YERO! I wasn't finished!"

"Well, I wasn't finished either." Fiyero grinned and started kissing her again.

"You're so rude." Elphaba murmured against his lips.

"I'm just celebrating." Fiyero muttered back as he pulled her closer.

"Ahem." James and Galinda said simultaneously. There was no response to their ahem, so they ahemed again, "AHEM!" still no response, "Ahem, cough, sneeze, cough, hiccup, cough some more, ahem ahem AHEM!" Without breaking contact, Fiyero picked Elphaba up and carried her out of the library, heading upstairs. James gave them an incredulous look as they left. Then he turned to Galinda.

"She does know I'm her father doesn't she?" asked James, "And she does know that I just saw all of that."

"Sir, I think it's best if you just leave them to their 'celebrating'." Galinda patted his shoulder before darting out of the library. James plopped down in his seat.

"Hmph." he grumbled, "Teens. Why can't they just celebrate like us adults and play a game of bingo, eat ice cream simultaneously and then sleep it off?" James then proceeded to exit library and entering the kitchen as he announced loudly, "Can someone get me some ice cream and my bingo set? I'm in a celebratory mood." he heard laughter and other various noises from upstairs, "And apparently so is my daughter and son in law."

(A/N 2: In case you were wondering...this will ultimately lead to a sequel to "He's a She"...if you'd like anyway.)