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Parachutes: Death & all Her Friends


Bella is an angel of death but she hasn't always been. She used to be someone's guardian angel – that is until, that someone turned immortal 108 years ago. All chapters set to Coldplay Songs.

This is set in Twilight time frame but is an AU. It's already December and all the vamps are still vamps. Bella however is an angel of death and of course all the crazy rules that go with it.

The only POVs in here would be Bella's and Edward's.

This story unraveled itself when I was listening to Coldplay's new album, Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends. All the chapters will revolve around a song of theirs though not necessarily found on their new album.

Please remember that it's better if you listen to the song (check the chapter titles) while reading. Sometimes I put all the lyrics, at times only snips. Each chapter really would be based on a song – seriously.

Chapter 1: Shiver

September ? 1918

So I looked in your direction,
But you paid me no attention, do you?

A white shadow hovered over a young man with bronze hair who was oblivious to her as he sat in front of his desk writing. The shadow ghosted over in front of that man and moved her face an inch closer to the man'. She saw the man's brow wrinkle and she knew of his worry.

She tilted her head and stared at him with unblinking brown eyes then with her transparent hand she touched the man's face in an attempt to soothe him.

She let out a sigh and as if from response the man suddenly looked up from writing as he somehow felt something. Brown eyes widened as green eyes met hers. She could see. She could see everything about him. She could see every thought, every dream, every need, and every want. She could see his soul.

The hand she withdrew contemplated on touching him again but the man shook his head then looked back down to his writing.

Those green eyes couldn't see eternal brown ones staring at him. They couldn't see the pink full lips that were slightly opened in wonder. They couldn't see the long wavy mahogany hair that curled at the ends as they kissed the floor. They couldn't see the pale skin that stood out from the darkness of the room. They couldn't see that there were feet off the ground. They couldn't see the feathers rustling from flight.

I know you don't listen to me.
'cause you say you see
straight through me, don't you?

The white shadow tilted her head and sighed once more. She flew behind the man and bent to whisper on his ears but decided against it. She knew he would do right even without her.

On and on from the moment I wake,
To the moment I sleep,
I'll be there by your side,
Just you try and stop me,

She continued to hover and watch as the young man ran a hand through his hair, yawn, stretched, then walked over to his bed. She watched him go under his covers and close his eyes to sleep. Floating just above him she stared at his beautiful face then descended to lay beside the man and continued watching him like always for sixteen years.

I'll be waiting in line,
Just to see if you care.

She whispered good thoughts into his ear and stroked his hair though she knew he would never feel it but someday he would. And she would wait for that. As she watched him sleep peacefully she looked on lovingly.

Did she want me to change?
But I changed for good.

She smiled as she watched his dreams. He wanted to know if he needed to change for someone she somehow couldn't see. She would eventually see that person as days would go by but for now she watched on.

And I want you to know.
But you always get your way,

She then whispered peaceful things to him as well as build him up to be strong for what she knew was coming. She knew that even though her small voice could reach him, she could only go as far as plant seeds and suggest. Whether to water them would always be his choice.

No matter what he chose, she would never leave him. Even through the darkest night, she would stay with him. Beings like her had too much love to bear grudges or any ill feelings. She would never leave him.

There was no doubt that beings like her loved their keepers. But hers was a love that was starting to cross boundaries – not that it was forbidden.

She hummed with her voice like chimes as she rubbed his arms. She knew he couldn't really feel it but she wondered if he could.

I wanted to say,
Don't you Shiver? Shiver, Shiver

The humming stopped abruptly when she felt him shiver a little and worry quelled from her eyes. She drew one of her large white wings closer until it covered the young man's body.

She started humming again and saw that the he relaxed his features and drifted to tranquility once more.

But there was something troubling her. She knew of what was to come the following days. He was going to need all the strength he had. But no matter what happens, she would wait for him.


Because she could no longer see past what was going to happen after those days have passed. She would wait because she knew he needed her.

She would wait because she needed him as well.

I'll always be waiting for you,
So you know how much I need ya,

She would do anything for him but there was only so much she could do. She has been watching him for all his life and she has loved him all those sixteen years. Yet…

But you never even see me, do you?

There was a chance, she knew, that they could meet but again – always his choice.

And this is my final chance of getting you.

Ever gently, she caressed his face and marveled at how warm he felt. She wondered what he thought of her if he could really feel her. Yes, she thought. She would wait for him. Always.

Sing it loud and clear.
I'll always be waiting for you.
Yeah I'll always be waiting for you.
Yeah I'll always be waiting for you.
Yeah I'll always be waiting for you, for you
I will always be waiting for

At times, she would think of how different it would be if she was something else.

And it's you I see, but you don't see me.
And it's you I hear, so loud and so clear.
I sing it loud and clear.
And I'll always be waiting for you,

Of course, those were only errant thoughts that she casts away casually. Beings like her have unconditional love that it was okay for having this one-sided love.

Someone like her entity was capable of being content to such great extents that to simply be given the opportunity to watch over someone as special as he was to her, was more than enough.

She smiled widely and kissed his forehead.

"Sleep well…"

So I look in your direction,
But you pay me no attention,
And you know how much I need you,
But you never even seen me.

AN: This is shorter than what I usually write but the theme is heavier than ever. I promise that what this story might lack in length, it makes up in depth. I hope you like this. I've read some good "Bella/Edward is a guardian angel" and some "angel of death" AUs but Coldplay's "Shiver" made me think of this. So allow me to try my hand at this. It gets better, I promise.

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