Rogue watched from a safe distance as Logan debriefed the X-men about what had happened in Genosha. The new war room looked more modern with its greenish-blue lights, state of the art computers, and sleek metal table. Everyone seemed so different at the moment.

Rogue couldn't help but study the new x-men leader. It seemed odd to her still that of all people the Professor trusted, he chose Wolverine to lead the X-men into peace.

It wasn't that Logan hated peace; it was just that from what Rogue had experienced with him and from what she learned from absorbing him, was that Logan was a very coarse man to mess with.

But with Scott down in the dumps about Jean, she guessed that the Professor relied on Logan to keep the team in check.

She looked at him again. She could still remember the way he looked at her after she joined the brotherhood. He was hurt, and the way he had looked at her had hurt her. It was as if she no longer existed to him. That their time together meant nothing anymore.

When she came back into the X-men, everyone was willing to give her a second chance, except for Wolverine who had thrown her into a prison cell as if she were a common thug.

She should have known that not everything would have gone back to normal after leaving the brotherhood. She missed Logan; she missed their talks, his hugs, and his love.

Out of everyone in the mansion, Logan was the only one she trusted. She knew his habit of running away, she hated it. She still remembered all those times waiting for Logan to call the mansion to say that he was alright, or that he missed her…something!
Her head was so high in the clouds that she never heard Logan call her name, until he tapped her shoulder.

She jumped, "L-Logan. Don't do that!" she laid a hand to her heart to calm herself down. Logan only grunted his apology; he had his usual everyday clothes: a gray t-shirt and jeans. The smell of cigar smoke and cheap cologne followed him everywhere. It was a smell that Rogue hated to admit she missed.

"You get what I was talking about there? You didn't seem like you were following it at all." Logan asked. His gruff voice sent shivers down Rogue's spine.

Rogue massaged the back of her neck; she still could recall images and information that she had siphoned from Magneto and Kelly.

"Yeah, Ah did."

Logan gave her a brisk nod and started to walk away.

Rogue sighed; he didn't like talking to her unless it was X-men business. "Did Frost find anything about that mutant that tried to take Magneto's helmet?" she called out to him.

Logan turned around again, "Nope, where ever he went off too. He's not using his powers. Punk almost killed everyone in Genosha."

Rogue bit her lower lip; she could tell he was itching to leave her.

"Maybe he had a reason."

Logan chuckled at her naivety, "No good punks like him Rogue never have a reason. They're just stupid greedy criminals."

"Like you?"

Where did that come from? Rogue's eyes widened in shock at her own guts. Rogue, in the past, had never spoken like that to Logan.

Logan growled, "What was that?"

"Ah said, 'Like you?'" she put her hands on her hips, "You only help people when you know there is something in it for you, other wise you don't give a damn about anybody except yourself."

She could hear everyone gasps in horror and shock

"Oh-oh." Said Bobby as Logan started to become angry. He looked as if he were trying his best to contain himself.

"Admit it, the only reason why you even cared to put back the X-men was because you owed the Professor." Rogue seethed.

She knew where all this was coming from, unrequited anger at Logan for up and leaving her so many times. She was regretting those times where Jean had insisted in talking with her about her pent up emotions.

But it was too late for that, the ball was moving and it was rolling quickly.

"The X-men are back because the world needs us! Otherwise Genosha would be wiped off the face of the map."
Rogue scowled at him, angrier than ever at him for pulling the 'X-men are needed' crap on her.

"Yeah, where were you when we faced Magneto in New York City? Or in the Savage Land? Or how about the time we had to fight Sinister and his stupid marauders in the sewers?"

Logan crossed his arms wordlessly; he knew what she was talking about.

"You weren't there for any of those Logan." He wasn't looking at her "What? Was the world not needing you then?"

"You can't even figure out your past, what makes you think you can lead us?"

That struck a nerve with Logan.


"Logan, stop!" Scott called out to the feral man. Rogue could feel Logan's claws right by her left ear. She could almost feel the warm metal against her skin

He was looking into her eyes, and for just a slight minute he could see fear. But it was quickly replaced by anger and disappointment.

"That's enough; the two of you should be over what ever it is between you two." Scott lectured them; it almost felt like old times. "This team can't make it if you two keep fighting like this."

Logan retracted his claws; his blue eyes were filled with furry. But he kept his voice clear and calm for the team's sake. "Chuck chose me to lead this team, so excuse me for not caring for what a former Brotherhood member thinks."

Rogue's nostril flared in annoyance, trust Logan to throw that in he face when he could. She held her head high and kept her tone equal to his as he walked away from her, "Whatever you say, Weapon X." she smiled coolly. Logan stood rock still, she thought for a second he might turn around and attack her. But instead he just continued to walk away.

Emma shook her head in confusion and amusement, "You shouldn't get under his skin." Rogue didn't even care to look at the blond telepath, "Ah know him better that you ever could. Trust me, Ah haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet."

Emma raised a delicate dyed blond eyebrow, "Oh really? Well, I never really thought your relationship with Logan was that deep."

"It's not." She sighed, "Ah absorbed Logan plenty of times to know what's going on in his head."

Emma tried to smile, "Must be nice."

Ororo put a gentle hand on Rogue's shoulder, "We all know that you and Logan have a very…unique friendship. But you must restrain yourself when dealing with him about your anger. Other wise you may cause a greater more permanent damage in your relationship with him and the team."

Rogue sulked and brushed away the Weather Goddess's hand, "Did everyone just forget how Logan ended up an X-man anyway?" she asked in disbelief and somewhat sarcastically.

She couldn't really believe that everyone had such high hopes for Logan as leader. She looked at Scott, who at times held great loathing for the feral mutant, for support. Rogue could barely make out his brown eyes (she had absorbed him well enough to know the colors of his eyes) through his ruby glasses. All she saw was sadness and doubt.

"Ah can't believe it." She sighed bitterly as she ran out, ignoring the calls from Ororo and Bobby behind her.

After a minute of no one talking, Emma asked a question that couldn't be answered by looking through Rogue and Logan's mind.

"What kind of relationship did Rogue and Logan have?" She looked the team, "One minute I'm getting happy images, the next its images of those two yelling, or Rogue crying." Everyone looked at Ororo for the answer, since none of them could really figure out what to say.

"Rogue and Logan's relationship can best be described as 'off and on enigma'." She looked idly at Emma to gather her response before continuing. "And it currently happens to be 'off' at the moment."

Rogue was having a fitful sleep, no position seemed comfortable enough.


She sat up in her bed in her long black night gown, the cold air made her skin prickle. The mansion was usually quiet at night and no one liked to be up this early in the morning due to early danger room sessions.


"Lordy," she whispered to herself as she got out of bed, she abandoned her gloves incase there was an intruder breaking into the mansion. "wouldn't be the first." Rogue crept out to the hallway. She could hear the noise more clearly now.

She knew that if someone had broken into the mansion that the new security alarm would have woken the team up.

As Rogue descended down the staircase she could smell it, burning electrical wires, plastic, and something else. She covered up her noise and mouth so as not to inhale the strong harsh odor.

The lights suddenly turned on, illuminating beige painted walls and wooden floored foyer. "Rogue?" She jumped and turned to see Logan in sweatpants. He gave her a strange look before asking, "You heard that too?" in a very gruff voice that made her squirm a little.

Rogue nodded silently as Logan went to open the mansion door to see what was out there.

Rogue heard him swear, she took a peek to see what he was going off about and gasped. There in front of them on the dirty cement steps of the X-mansion laid a tall wiry man. His clothes were torn and singed to a crisp, his left arm looked dislocated, and his right pants leg was soaked in blood. Rogue looked at his face; it was black and blue all over. His lips were busted, he had a horrible second degree burns that ran from his cheek to his shoulder, and his eyes were swelled shut with bruises. Not to mention his forehead and hair looked like a bloody mess.

"Oh mah Gawd." Rogue mumbled, this was the worse condition she had ever seen somebody in and it shook her to the core of her bones. The smell alone made her feel as if she were going to pass out. But she forced herself hold onto what little of conscious she had left.

Logan leaned down and growled a bit. He stood up again and began to leave until Rogue called out to him.

"We're not going tah help him!?" She asked in disbelief, there was no way that Logan would leave a helpless person to die.

"Nope, guy deserved what he got. Go to sleep Rogue." He ordered, but Rogue stood her ground and crossed her arms over her chest in defiance.

"NO! He needs our help Logan!"

Logan sneered at her, he didn't like it when people told him 'no'. Especially if the same person had insulted him earlier in the day.

He pointed to the bloody and beaten body, "You don't know what you're talking about, kid. That's Gambit."

She looked at the man again and vaguely recognized him from Magneto and Kelly's memories. He was the one that had set the bombs in Genosha, he was also the one that was about to sell power inhibitor collar to Kelly and the MRD. She knew Gambit was obviously working for the other team. But that didn't mean that he didn't deserve their medical attention.

"If I ever find out who did this to him, I'll buy them a drink." Logan smirked. "Leave him. We'll clean up in the morning." Rogue looked down at Gambit. "Yah cant be serious? He'll die!"

"Not our problem. I'll call the MRD tomorrow to pick him up."

"So you're just going to hand him off to a mutant death camp!?" Logan could clearly hear the hysterics in Rogue's voice rising. Rogue had a certain habit of sympathizing with the enemy when they had gotten hurt. Whether it was Magneto or a member of the brotherhood, her conscience took place before her duty. Which in some cases had pissed him off.

He looked down at her while she kneeled down to check on Gambit. "He's not worth it Rogue."

He was walking away from the two when he heard Rogue mumble something under her breath that made him freeze.

"The professor would help him."

Logan slowly turned around and, while cussing up a storm, picked up the battered and bloodied mutant.

Four hours later Rogue was sitting in the med bay lounge. She could only watch Logan and Beast talk about the injuries Gambit had suffered through the window of his room.

The furry blue doctor had only his white lab coat over his green and blue pajama pants and white t-shirt; he snapped off his bloodied surgical gloves and threw them away.

"I was able to take out the bullets in his side." Hank explained solemnly to Rogue, "There's some damage to his spleen and pancreas, I was also able to patch up his leg. Luckily for him, he's whole knee wasn't crushed. But his left arm is broken, not to mention he has a concussion."

"Will he be alright?" Rogue asked hopefully
Hank gave out a discontented sigh, "He lost a lot of blood, and he will have to go to psychical therapy. Whoever or whatever took him out really did a number on him. "

Rogue bit her lip; through the window she could see Emma and Logan over Gambit's bed. Her anger began to stir, "What are they doing?"

Hank looked to see what she was talking about; he saw Emma lay her hand down on Gambit's forehead while Logan watched impatiently.

Hank cleared his throat; he could see Rogue getting agitated. "Well, Logan thought while Gambit is recuperating that he may as well let Emma look into his memories."

"So he could get information?"

Before Hank could grab her, Rogue swung the door open and asked with the anger obvious in her tone "What do yah think you're doing?"

Logan didn't even look at her, "Trying to find out what the hell happened to him."

"Don't you think that we should wait till he gets up before we let Frost go prancing around his mind?"

Emma released her mental hold on Gambit; the all-dressed-up-in-white telepath huffed in annoyance. "Well, my dear Rogue, you don't have to worry about me prancing around his head. I can't get through his mental blocks."


Emma casted a cloudy look at Logan and smiled as she smoothed down the wrinkles on her blouse. "His mental blocks are strong for a mutant. Not only that, I can't even seem to connect to him in the astral plane."

She crossed her arms, "So I guess I can't give information about his contract with Kelly." Emma watched as Rogue stood rigid in anger, she wanted to see these two fight again, it was so entertaining.

"Logan, you know that the Professor wouldn't condone this." Unfortunately for Emma, Ororo had decided to intervene in her fun. The weather witch looked at three of them before walking towards Gambit. Ororo gently brushed Gambit's hair back and stroked his cheek.

"Storm?" Logan looked questionably at her, surprised by her maternal nurturing for the young man.

"Until he wakes up, no more looking into his mind. That's the last thing Gambit needs." Ororo looked at Logan, waiting for him to go against her.

Instead Logan stomped off with Emma following behind. Rogue jumped a bit when she felt Ororo hand slip into her own gloved hand. "Thank you for helping him, Rogue. You did the right thing"

If Rogue hadn't seen it, she wouldn't have believed it. Ororo's bright blue eyes were watery and her usual smooth coco skin was blotchy.

"Storm…?" she started to ask, but Ororo waved her off. Instead Ororo just hugged her awkwardly and left.

The sound of the heart monitor and Gambit's slow breathing filled the room. Rogue moved one of the guest chairs over closer to his bed, she could only watch helplessly and wonder who could have done this.

He could feel the first bullet in his side as he took out two large men. He was able to crush the second man's skull in, but a third man punched him in the back of his head. He charged a deck of cards and threw them at four more men who were running to join the fight. He could only watch as the cards blew up the men, victory was almost his till the second bullet hit him in the same spot as the first one did. He could feel the blood oozing out, warm and flowing. He started to feel light headed.

Gambit opened his eyes to find himself looking up at a white ceiling with suspending light fixtures. The sound of the heart monitor grew faster when he discovered he couldn't move, the sound almost doubled when he saw the needle and stitches in his arm. His other arm and leg were in a cast.

"No, no, no, no…" he looked around the room widely. He was in a hospital, the smell of rubbing alcohol, ammonia and bleach made his stomach churn. He had to get out and quick before they came looking for him. He had to find him, he had to save him. Gambit knew that he would have done the same for him.

He was already out the bed, the pain in his body was excruciating. What ever medication the nut jobs were giving him, wasn't working properly. Gambit knew his body had a habit of healing itself in no time.

"Whoah, where do you think you're goin'?" The light southern accented female voice caught him by surprise. The girl, covered up in a black and green t-shirt, long jeans, and gloves, looked a bit scared of him. She stepped back slightly when she saw his red on black eyes start to glow. Gambit grabbed the sheets from his bed and charged them.

"Tell me where I am, or dis place goes boom." He threatened her in a sore voice. Instead of looking more scared, the girl looked surprised. Rogue wasn't expecting to hear a Cajun accent; it made her think of home.

Except home didn't threaten to blow her up like Gambit was at the moment.

"You're in Xavier's school for the gifted and talented." She explained to him slowly, "We found you last night and took you in."

Gambit could feel her lying about the last part. Someone didn't want him here according to her feelings he was picking up from his empathy.

"You-you look better." Rogue finally said lamely after Gambit just stood there silently studying her. Before Rouge could even blink, Gambit had the charged blanket around her. She could only wonder how a guy with a broken leg and a broken arm could move that fast. When she looked up at him, she could see the pain he was biting back.

"Where. Is. Wolverine?" he asked her gruffly, the blanket began to grow even warmer around her middle.

"Ah-he's here somewhere. Ah could-"

He tighten the blanket around her middle again, "Scream." He ordered her.

"Scream or dis place will need a new paint job."

A shrill female scream rang through the med bay and beyond the walls. In the kitchen the X-men froze in their spots.

"What was that?" Scott asked.

Logan snarled, "That was Rogue." His claws shot out. "And she's scared."

Five minutes later the whole team was in the room, carefully watching Gambit as he held Rogue hostage.

"Where is he?" Gambit growled, Rogue could feel his hot breath tickle her right ear. The smell of his dried up blood made her head spin. She wished she could absorb him, but she couldn't pull off one of her gloves without moving.

"Where's who?" Bobby asked, already in his ice form. He was about to freeze the Cajun to the spot, but Emma warned him otherwise through telepathy.

"He knows." Gambit pointed a shaky finger at Logan. Logan snarled as he heard Rogue whimper in pain, the charged blanket was burning her skin.

"I don't know. So why don't we let the girl go. Before you get hurt." He explained the best he could in a calm matter.

But Gambit wasn't buying it; instead he wrapped his good arm around Rogue's neck. "Where's Wade?"

The team could feel and see Logan's mood shift. The name rang thousands of bells through Logan's mind.

"How do you know Wade?"

Gambits absorbed some of the energy from the blanket, but his hold on Rogue tightened. "Where is he?!" the Cajun yelled.

"I haven't seen Wade in months. I don't know or care where he is."

Gambit sensed he was telling the truth. "Dieu." He absorbed the energy from the blanket and shoved Rogue into Scott and Kitty.

Gambit started to mumble like a mad man, "I got t'go find him." He didn't move more then two feet before Logan grabbed him and pinned him against the wall.

"You just held a member of my team hostage and threaten her life. You think we just let you go like that?" Logan snorted, "They're going to be picking up pieces of you for weeks, bub."

The metal in Logan's body began to burn. Gambit smirked smugly and held on tightly to Logan's shirt since he was trying to back away.

"I could say de same t'you, mon ami."

"Gambit. Logan. Enough!" Ororo ordered. A wave of thunder and lighting shook the house. Both men loosened their hold on the other and backed away.

Ororo smiled, "That's better." She ordered Gambit to sit back in the bed again; to Logan's surprise the Cajun listened to her.

"Now," she began "What is this about a missing friend?"
"Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. He's a mutant mercenary." Logan explained to the team. "The guy kills for a living and for the fun of it." He brought his attention to Gambit.

"He the one that did this to you?"
Gambit shook his head 'no'. "He's my friend; he's been missing for a week. Have a feeling dat whoever tried to kidnap me also kidnapped him."

"How did you and Wilson become friends?" Logan asked curiously, he could see how a professional thief and assassin could become chummy, but he couldn't see why Gambit would care for a guy like Wade Wilson.

Gambit studied Logan for a few seconds and chuckled. "Y'really don't remember me, do you?" he asked.

The whole room grew quiet, the X-men could only stand and watch as Logan tried to figure out what Gambit meant by that.

Gambit sighed, knowing full well the Logan couldn't remember him. If he had, their first run in would have been filled with more questions about their past.

"I have to go find him."
"Yah have a broken arm, leg, and a concussion." Rogue spoke up for the first time. Hank had been kind enough to patch up her middle in another room.

Gambit just shrugged, "I heal fast." He turned his attention back to Logan. "I need to save him." He tried to get up from the bed, but Logan sat him down again.

"Rogue's right, you're not any condition to leave. Plus you just said it yourself bub, someone tried to kidnap you, you really think the smart thing to do is to go back out there without a clue on where to start?"

Gambit sulked; he knew full well that Logan was right. But he needed to find Deadpool quick. He knew what they would do to Deadpool, and he didn't want that on his conscience.

"I'll t'ink of somet'ing."

"Well right now you need to rest." Hank warned him, "Or else I could give you a syringe full of morphine."

Fear was written across Gambit's face. He hated needles with every fiber in his being.

"I'll be good." He gritted through his teeth.

Hank and Logan smiled at each other, "Good." As the others started to walk out Rogue stayed behind.

"See somethin' y'like, chere?" Gambit asked in amusement. Rogue blushed; she hadn't realized that she had been starring at him.

"Are you alright?" she asked softly. Gambit was about to respond but Logan interrupted him.

"Rogue, I want to see you. Now." He barked at her.

Rogue flipped him off behind his back, earning her a laugh from Gambit. She turned to look at him.

"Go on, cher. Don't look like I'll be leaving anytime soon."


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