a/n This is my first edward/bella fan-fic so if it sucks don't be afraid to tell me, i'm a big girl i can handle it!


Chapter 1

The night was finally here and i could'nt be more relieved. All the days of hard work Nelda has put us three through. My name is Bella Swan and I'm in the New York Ballet. How I got there? I have no clue...I've always been a clumsy person, but when it came to ballet I never tripped once. Alice and Roselie were my two best friends ever. We lived together, worked together, and did everything together. They both were in the ballet too. I was sitting in the dressing room praying to god that i didnt screw up. I was playing or (dancing) as Annemarie a French widow who is sad then meets this wonderful savior named Antone, but let me tell you the guy that dances as Antone couldn't be more of a creep. Mike Newton gave me the creeps and i have to kiss him so am I just lucky or what?

At that time Rose came screaming into my dressing room yelling

" Oh MY god! Bella Guess what?"

"What?" I tried to sound excited but i was a little annoyed she interupted my meditating.

"Alice invited her two brothers and there coming!!" Rose had always had the biggest crush on Alice's older brother Emmett since we've all known each other.

"Wait...by two you mean Edward is coming too??" Oh Shit!

"Yup...please dont tell me you and ar'nt on speaking terms again!?!"

"yes we are! He is a jerk and he knows it!"

"God! BElla get over it that was like a year ago!!"


"bella hating him is not going to bring Alfred back"

"I don't care! I loved him!"

"he was your fish Bella!!"

"Well I told him to feed him only once a day..and he fed him twice...TWICE Rose!"

"Sometimes I think I should just lock you up in your room amd throw away the key!"

"Throw what key away?" I heard the little pixie voice coming in the dressing room.

"Bella still hates Edward for killing her fish a year ago" Rose said smugly.

"Geez...Bella get over it!" Alice rolled her eyes

"you know he is coming tonight...he wouldn't stop asking about you all day! I seriously think he likes you Bella!" she said smiling

"Mmmm hmmm" Rose agreed. I blushed and rolled my eyes

"Whatever guys!"

"Oh by the way just to remind you two party at my place afterwards...spread the word just don't tell Mike!" Rose begged. We all laughed.

"And Bella?" alce asked"yeah?"

"I have your outfit for tonight at the party" Oh great I thought.

"Get to your places!"Nelda yelled. We were standing back stage waiting for the performance to start. I was in my leotard/costume with my long brown hair pinned up in a bun. I was so nervous knowing that Edward was goin to be out there watching me! I never hated him...how could I?? HE was gorgeous! Tall and lean,muslcular but not too much, deep green orbs and messy bronze hair he was never able to contain. Stop it Bella I said to myself!

It was signal to go on when the purple lights shown. Once I was stage I forgot about everyone in the crowd and did what I was supposed to until the kiss, I just pretended it was Edward.

After the performance we did our bows and headed back stage. I saw rose and Alice and ran up to them and hugged them.

"You did amazing Bella " they said

"you two did phenominal!" i said back

"Oh look here they come" Rose squeled. I looked up and standing before me was Edward and he looked...Sexy!

"hello Bella...you did amazing" he said in a voiced that i melted to.


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