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Of cousre Clara insisted I sit first class, so here I was still crying like an idiot.
"Are you sure I can't get you anything" the stewdess asked for the fifth time

"I'm fine" I shouted. She gave me a glare and stomped off in the other direction. I fell asleep while we over the Atlantic Ocean and of course I dreamnt of him. I felt like I left my other half back in New York with him. When we landed In Berlin we had two hours to get off the plane and do what ever we pleased. I headed for the first bathroom I saw. I got a cup of Greman coffee and nearly sit it out after the first sip. It was horrible. So far I've had a pretty shitty trip. I went ahead and made my way back to the early because knowing me I would get lost and they would leave me.

The rest of the ride was dull and boring so I just plugged my iPod in and ignored all the glares from all the stewardess's aparently the one told all of the I was a selfish bitch most likely.

When the plane finally landed the moment I stepped off the boarding there was a huge blonde man holding a sign that said Isabella Swan. I'm pretty sure he was bigger than Emmett. I walked towards him.
"I'm Isabella" I said towards him. He looked down at me and smiled

"Welcome to Moscow!" he boomed in a thick Russian accent just like Clara's" My name is Jon!" WOW that was pretty American I thought. Maybe this place won't be so bad

"It's short for a name that I can't even pronouce" he laughed"I'm going to be your chaffur for your time hear in Russia"

"Ok then!" I said just as loud and laughed. He drove me too the hotel I was going to be staying at and unloaed all of bags in one trip. He left me to get settled and gave me the phone number to call him on when I wanted to go on. Before I left my mom gave me about 15 calling cards, so I decided to put one of them to use. I dialed the number on the calling and thne his number.

"Hello?" he said confused and groggly into the phone. Oh I forgot that its about 2 in the morning

"Hello sleepyhead!"

"Bella!" his tone got alot more excited

"The one and only" I laughed " I miss you already" I said in a more sadder tone

"I know going to bed without you next to me was heartbreaking" he said I could hear him shuffling around " So how was your flight" he asked

"Boring..." I told him all about the stewardess and Jon. He laughed when I menchened how big he was.

"Looks like Emmett has some competion" he said laughing

"Your calling card exspires in 5 minutes" a womens voice said in the phone

"I don't wnat you to go yet, love I don't think I'll be able to go back asleep"

"I know I love you so much" I whispered tears coming to eyes

"I love you too, sweetie" he whispered back

"Well I don't know when I'll get to talk to you again so this is it for a while"I said

"No it's not I'm there with you in your heart" he said back

"I'm there with you too" I said "Ok I better go, I love you" I said

"I love you more than anyone oa anything, bye" he whispered the last part

"Bye" I said then hung up.

The next couple of days were very hectic with auditions and everything. My only friend there was Jon, everyone else thought I didn't deserve to be there. I was literally in Ballet Hell! Tonight I was going to have dinner with Jon and his family. Which I was excited about. I was dying to meet his daughter he talks abot so much. I waited in the back of the studio while she read off what part which people got. She still hasn't called my name which is usually a bad sign

" And The Sugar Plum Fairy goes to Isabella Swan" She said and smiled at me. I was speechless. Then it dawned on me I would have to do the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy composed by Tchaikovsky. Well thats just great I thought.

That night at Jon's house I met his wife who was a beautiful women just looking at her made my self esteem take a hit. Josaphine, his daughter was quite a character. thats was the best dinner I had since I've been here

It was December 4th already and I haven't had time to think about anything than rehearsal. That night was espeially hard Clara was working me harder than anyone. I'm so glad I took point all those years, but what she was doing was making my feet feel like they were about to just break. Finally she let me go and it hurt just to walk.

"Are you sur you don' need me to carry you up" he said

"No I'm fine" I said wincing as I stood. I rode up the elevator in pain. When I unlocked my door and opened I saw the outline of someone My heart stopped beating as I flipped on the lights. I gasped and ran towards him and he scooped me up into his arms and kiss me passionatly.
"I miss you so much" I said between kissed. I kissed everywhere I could reach

"Wait! Why are you here early?" I had stopped kissing him and was looking at those green eyes I'd miss so much.

"Well I couldn't wait anylonger to see the love of my life" he said and kissed my forehesd I blushed

"Well thats just fine" I said. the rest night I stayed in his arms sleeping peacefully. I had to be at the studio by 7 so I said my goodbyes to half asleep Edward.

"You can take a day off" he said and pulled me back to bed

"I wish I could, but I really do need to go" I said laughing while trying to get out of his embrace

"Ok fine" he pouted" I love you" he siad and lifted his head up and I gave him a kiss.
" Love you too" and I left him for the day. that day we didn't do much of hard work I just had the to rehearse the dance a few times then I was done for the day. I made it back to the hotel.

"Edward" I called out...nothing. There was a note on the bar

Hello Love,

I had to run a few errends, be back before you

have time to miss me


Errends? Oh well, I went straight to the jacuzzi bath , I've only used it twice since I've been here. The hot water felt good as I slid into it.

After I got out Edward still wasn't back so I decided to make dinner for both of us. I looked around in the cabnints for somrthing to fix, I found some noodles and decide to fix those.I t was around 6 and he still hadn't come back. Finally I heard the door open and was greeted by a wonderful smell. Edward walked in with a big of food that smelled wonderful.

"I made noodles" I said pointing towards the kitchen, he smirked and picked me up bridal style

" I would love to eay your noodles, but all this good food would be put to waste" I rolled my eyes

" Lets eat" I said eyeing the food

The next couple of weeks Edward and I had a routin going. The prmiere of the show was only four days away so that everyone would be here in two. I rarely got to see Edward with the hectic schedule but he would send me flowers or a special note or even come visit me at the studio.

"Ok are you sure you don't mind picking them upo at the airport?" I asked Edward once more

"Bella" he kissed my nose" I don't mind"

"Ok Jon will be there to help you too" he looked at me and smirked

"Everything is under control, all you have to worry about is the show, My Sugar Plum Fairy" he said and kissed me

Everyone would be arriving today and Clara was keeping me late once again.

"Clara you don't understand-" she cut me off

"I understand completely and so will your family. now again! Act 2!" I rolled my eyes. I got out of there about an hour later

"Bella!" Edward answered the phone

"I'm so sorry I'm late UGH! Clara is going crazy since the show is so close-"

"It's ok babe were all here waiting for you" he said calmly

"Ok i'll be there in 15" I said

"Ok love you"

"Love you too" he said and hung up

"Big plans tonight Miss Bella?" Jon asked

"Yeah, my family and friends are here visiting and to see the Ballet"

"Well I'm happy for you" he smiled. We pulled up in front of the hotel and I jumped out

"Thank You Jon! See you tomarrow?"

"Of course! Have fun tonight" The elevator wouldn't move any faster! Finally I reached my room and was greeted by a screaming Alice and Rose before I even put the key in.

"BELlA!!" They both screamed

"OH! I've missed yall so much!" I yelled. I looked up and saw my mom waiting for me smiling. I let go and ran to her and gave her a big hug.

"OH I've missed you" she said still hugging me

"I have to" and pulled back with tears in my eyes and saw my dad talking with Edward.

"Hey dad"I said and hugged him

"Hey Sweetie" he said smiling

"I see you've met Edward..." I said

"Yes I have, he's quite a gentlemen" he said patting on the shoulder and walked over to my mom. Edward leaned down and kissed me lightly

"How was your day?" he asked wrapping his arm around my waist

"Tiring" I said back he chuckled

"Alright! Where's the squrit?" I heard Emmett boom

"Over here!" He picked me up into a bear hug

"Good to see you too Emmett" He put me down gave me a knucle sandwich

"Hey!" I complained

"Hey Bella, It's good to see you" I looked up ans saw Jasper and gave him a hug

" OK!" Alice said" Since you never told us and Edward refused to tell us he said he didn't have the right to" Alice glared at her brother I looked at him and saw him blush a little" WHAT PART DID YOU GET?!?!?" she yelled. I laughed

"Sugar Plum Fairy" I said smiling

"DANG!" Emmett yelled

"YES !" Jasper cheered" you owe me $50 bucks" he said to Emmett

"You betted on what part I would get!" I rolled my eyes. My mom came up to me and congragulated did everyone else.

It was the day of the premiere and I hadn't seenanyone today except Clara and the rest of the Ballet. I was sitting in my dressing room nrevous as hell.

I already had on my costume which was a mid thigh tutu that was purple and green and a lavender leotard. I wasn't on till ACT 2 so I had another hour to sit here. The Ballet hade already started. I looked at myself in the mirror and barely recongized myself with all the makeup.

Clara came in 30 minutes later and hugged me

" I'm so proud of you" she whispered

"Thank You" I said back

"Now get to your place" she smiled

It was intermission but I couldn't spot anyone I recognized. Then it dawned on me it was Chrismas Eve and I hadn't gotten anyone presents! Oh well I can't think of that now I thought worry about that after the show. Act 2 I had to do my dance to Tchaikovsky. Everything went smoothly, I did all my steps and ballet moves correct. after I was finished the audience erupted into cheers. I smiled to myself. Once the Ballet was over it was time to bow. I had to dance out to the middle of the stage amd bow. Once again the crowd cheered and clapped. I smiled and waved. I looked up and was meet with grren eyes on the first row of balcony 1 and I blew him a kiss and he smiled and blew me one too.

I changed out of my costume into the evening gown for the afterpart that Clara had insisted on buying me.

" Why hello there my love" I turned around and saw Edward standing in the doorway looking overly handsome in a black tux. I went up and hugged him

"I'm not going to say anything because there are no words for how you did tonight" I blushed

"Bella I love you so much, do you know that?" he asked looking into my eyes

"Of course, and I love you" I said

" Good" he whispered and slid down to one knee

"Isabella Swan, I love you more than anyting and anyone in this world, I can't live without you, Will you please marry me?" I gasped and was lost for words.


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