I've always wondered what would happen if Sam shot and killed John. I truly believe that would devestate him, not to mention, jeapordizing his relationship with Dean. Sorry if this isn't exactly the way it went, but this is basing it on memory :)

"I can feel it inside of me!" John pleaded to Sam. "Shoot me, Sam! Go ahead! Shot me!"

"No Sammy," Dean grunted weakly as he was pinned to the wall. "Don't. No."


His father's voice, the drill sergeant of the family was pounding in Sam's ears. He remembered the look in John's eyes as he tortured Dean in front of Sam, and knew for a fact that that wasn't his father.

"SHOOT ME!" John was begging now. Really begging. Tears in his eyes. Sam shook his head, his own cheeks wet.

"I can't," he whispered, his voice trembling.

"Shoot me, now that's an order goddamn it! I can't control it forever, Son! Shoot me!"

"No Sammy, please no." Dean was also begging. Begging for him not to shoot their father.

Sam's hands shook as he held the gun. He was faced with an impossible choice. Inside John was the demon they had hunted their whole lives. But should that revenge really be worth jeapordizing their father? But if he didn't, he'd be putting his life and Dean's life at risk.

"Shoot me!"

Suddenly John's eyes changed to a darker shade of black as he started to rise. Sam's finger was already on the trigger, so on instinct he pulled.

The bullet went straight through John's head, sending an electrical shock through his body.

"NOOOO!" Dean screamed in agony as the grip was released from him and he fell to the floor. "Dad!"

Ignoring Sam, who had now dropped the gun in utter shock, he raced towards John, catching him before he fell.

But even Dean knew that John was already dead. He had been dead as soon as he was hit in the head with that bullet. Tears filled his eyes nonetheless, though, as he held his dead father's body in his arms.

"How could you?" He hissed with hurt and hatred mixed as one. He didn't have to look at Sam to speak to him. "You hated him so much that you had to..."His body shook in rage and agony as his voice trailed off.

"Dean I'm.." Sam shook his head, still numbed with shock. He knew whatever he said wouldn't undo the pain and anger that Dean was feeling. Or sooth the guilt that had eveloped his body. So slowly, still staring at the gun, he left Dean alone as he held their father.

Their father that Sam had to kill to save them. Their father who died to protect his sons....

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