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Dean heard the gun go off. He dropped the dinner trey in horrified shock. Forgetting to breathe he raced to the guest room. He instantly vomitted at the sight of his brother's blood that was splattered everywhere.

"No," he whispered, knees almost buckling. What had just happened was incomprehensable to him. His brother had shot himself. Maybe it was like before, in the alley Where he thought Sam was dead, but Sammy was still alive. But he knew the truth. His bolted to the bed and he put his hand over to his mouth as he saw Sam's wide dead eyes. The gun in his gaping mouth. Blood draining out from the back of the head. Yes, Sam was very dead.

Bobby flew to the doorway then, but Dean was blocking his view.

"What happened?" He gasped. "I heard a gunshot when I was outside..."

Silently Dean moved aside. Bobby stared at Sam's dead body, unable to show emotion.

"No." he breahted. He couldn't believe that they would lose both John and Sam. And Sam so soon after John. It was impossible, and yet it was very real. Dean stared in paralized shock. His brother was dead. And to make it worse, Sammy died thinking that Dean hated him. That was far from the truth. Bobby stood there. How was he supposed to act in this kind of situation? This whole thing was foriegn to him. He was still trying to grasp the fact that Sam Winchester had shot himself.

"Dean..."He trailed off, not really knowing what he was going to say .

"Please leave." Dean was surprised that he was still able to form words. "Just leave." Bobby nodded, chosing how to obey.

Dean stood there, trying to remember how to breathe. How to feel. How to care. How to be human. Than he remembered one thing. He remembered how to cry. So he did.

For the next few days Dean didn't remember much. He was too drowned with liquir to really remember anything. Sometimes he even forgot who he was. But he always remembered Sam. He could never forget Sam. One of the things he remembered that he loved about the bar was that he could drink in bitter peace. That no one bugged him. No one asked questions. So he wasn't that pleased when he saw a dark haired woman sauntering over to him.

"I'm not in the mood, lady," he growled.

"Relax, suger," she laughed. "I'm not looking for a one night stand, though for you I might make an exception." He raised his eyes in mild surprisement, but by than his eyes were so red, puffy, and glazed that it wasn't very expressive.

"Than what do you want?" He asked in an exhausted tone.

"Is there anything you wish to have, more than anything?"

He frowned. Did she know?

"What do you mean?" He snapped.

"What is it that you most desire? Fame? Fortune, talent, a career? It can be yours. For a price of course."

Dean snorted.

"Sorry, lady. What I want is something you can't get me." She smiled.

"Try me."

"Can you bring my brother back from the dead?"

She looked surprised but than collected herself.

"Yes," she said, calmly. Her eyes changed black. "It's not completly unheard of."

He stared at her, tensing. He had left the colt in the Impala. But he backed away, touching the holy water.

"What the hell are you?" He snarled.

"I'm the demon that can bring back your precious brother, for a price of course," she snapped. "So get away from that Holy Water, Dean Winchester." She smiled at his look. "Yes, don't look so surprised. I knew who you were the instant I saw you. Now, do you want to talk buisness with me or not?"

He swallwed.

"What's the price?" He whispered. He couldn't afford not to ask.

"Your soul, of course. In 10 years I will come to collect it," she said, smiling at him. "But hey, 10 years is a lifetime! And it sure beats the alternative of being alone, doesn't it?"

He shuddered, gulping more liquir.

"What about my dad?"

"Sorry suger, only one dead body at a time."

He didn't have to think much. His soul wasn't worth anything. It deserved to go to hell. He had to get Sammy back. Finally he nodded.

"Good," she purred. "Than let's seal this, shall we?" Quickly she leaned over and locked lips, causing him to be surprised and disgusted.

A few minutes later he stumbled to the Impala and barely managed to drive home. He didn't really believe this deal would work. It was too good to be true. But nonetheless he ran towards the guest room and stared in disbelief as he saw Sammy sitting up, looking like he had never been wounded.

"Sammy," he breathed. "Thank God." And he went over to embrace his brother. That made the entire deal completly worth it. Just seeing him again. But than his brother did something unthinkable. He pushed Dean back and stared at him with large fearful eyes.

"Who are you?" He whispered and Dean stared at him in horror, wondering if what they brought back was his brother, and how much of Sam was really in there...

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