A/N: So…Christmas festival anyone? I sure hope so! This one is my contribution to the fun and excitement. As usual, I can't just do what's expected. I have to do something completely odd.

I want to introduce you guys to my own KakaIru kid—I finally came up with a way to make an MPreg work for me. To give you the rundown of the story that I may or may not eventually write: Sayuri was conceived without either parent knowing because our ever-evil Danzou (the new bad guy for everything!) cast a jutsu on Iruka. He wanted to preserve the Umino clan, you see, because Iruka has a very unique blood trait (this follows my Kingdom of Secrets universe that I AM going to eventually finish). He knew that Iruka would never agree to father a child, as he and Kakashi are already in a relationship, and Tsunade wouldn't force him. So, he took matters in to his own hands to try and create the perfect solider. After her birth, Danzou kidnapped her. But they got her back!

Normally, I'd just use Sakiko, but I liked the story idea so much I wanted to invent the baby, even if I never write the story, and then she needed a story to belong to. So, here you go.

Disclaimer: I don't own the parents, but Sayuri is completely mine. Hooray for me!

Summary: Christmas as a couple is fun. Christmas with an infant is even more so. KakaIru plus one for my Christmas festival.

Christmas with the Hatakes
By: Reggie

December 1: Christmas Tree

Iruka blinked. Then he frowned. When that still failed to change anything about the situation, he blinked some more. Still the living room remained exactly as it had been when he walked in. Which was not the same as when he left. There was instead an intruder sitting in one corner of the house.

This would have been a little more distressing, except the intruder was a giant pine tree. There was nothing that Iruka could think of that would make a pine tree particularly threatening all by itself. Even if it had had a decent threat level, Kakashi was sitting on the ground next to it with Sayuri lying on her blanket making happy babbling noises not far from his reach. Even if he was hopelessly tangled in a length of rope, Kakashi wouldn't just let their daughter sit close to something that might harm her.

But how the tree had gotten in there in the first place, Iruka could not even begin to guess. Instead, he chose to get his answers from the source. "Kakashi, what are you doing?"

"Failing," the Jounin whispered in a miserable voice, holding up his tangled arms for inspection.

Iruka couldn't help but chuckle appreciatively at that, and moved to help his lover. "Who would have thought, the elite Copy-nin felled by simple rope? Now, what were you trying to do with a pine tree in our living room and some rope?"

"I'm child proofing our Christmas tree." Kakashi sounded so pleased with himself that it stopped Iruka from laughing at him. The Chuunin knew better than to laugh at childish accomplishments, it inevitably led to unhappiness for both parties.

Instead, he leaned down and started working on untangling his lover, one little loop at a time. "Dare I ask how the rope was going to help you accomplish this?"

The jounin was nearly bouncing as he used the hand Iruka wasn't holding to untangle to retrieve a book from his vest. Carefully, he shook off the Icha Icha slip cover to reveal the book underneath. It was white, with "Baby's First Year" written across in pastel colors.

Iruka dropped the arm he'd been holding, ignoring Kakashi's wordless protest, and went to pick up the wiggling baby. Sayuri had managed to roll over on to her belly, and she was trying to squirm her way over to the box of lights under the coffee table. "You're the only man I know that disguises baby books as porn."

Kakashi laughed sheepishly from behind him as Iruka scooped the girl up. She protested a little at first, but recognizing who it was soon quieted.

The Chuunin smiled a little, turning around with the six-month-old cradled in his arms. She was surprisingly sticky, and Iruka guessed Kakashi hadn't had time, or hadn't bothered, to bathe her since her lunch. There was even something that appeared to be baby food stuck to her short brown hair. "So, you're going to use the rope to anchor the tree?"

"That was the plan, yes." Kakashi stood, and the rope dropped to the ground. Apparently, the little bit Iruka had untangled had been enough to allow him freedom.

"And what, exactly, where you going to tie it to?" The wall was blank, as far as Iruka knew, unless Kakashi had decided to put hooks in the walls. Iruka hoped he hadn't, because the tree would only be up for three weeks and that sounded like a very permanent solution.

"I hadn't thought that far ahead," Kakashi muttered, appearing suddenly with a damp wash cloth in hand, which Iruka took gratefully. "I wanted to see where you wanted the tree first."

Sayuri squealed in protest as the cloth was rubbed over her hair, and brown eyes—Kakashi's shade of brown, not his—stared up at him indignantly. Iruka smiled at her and nuzzled one pudgy cheek with his nose, which earned him a delighted coo. He then captured one small, drool covered hand in the cloth and began cleaning that. "I appreciate that, but why did you get a tree in the first place? We've never had one before."

"Well," Kakashi shifted from foot to foot a little uncomfortably. "I ran into Kurenai at the store today, and she wanted to know what we were doing for Sayuri's first Christmas. When I said we hadn't really planned anything, I thought she was really going to kill me. She probably would have if Sayuri-chan hadn't been in the cart between us."

Iruka chuckled appreciatively, and watched out of the corner of his eye as Kakashi moved toward the coffee table and picked something up off of it.

"She gave me this, and then I felt like we had to have a tree to put it on since she went to all the trouble." Kakashi held out his hand and uncurled his fingers to reveal a small white circle, with 'Baby's First Christmas' engraved on it. "So then I went and bought a plastic tree, since the book said that it minimized needle choking hazards, and put it up, and now that we have it I think we should use it, don't you? It IS her first Christmas, Iruka, and you only get one of those. We should make it special."

"Kurenai got to you." Iruka said flatly, but he couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from twitching. It was always endearing when Kakashi really got in to this having a family thing. He'd been so out of his element the past few months, having to deal with an infant for probably the first time in his life, that even though Iruka didn't doubt Kakashi's love for both of them he'd been surprisingly distant. It was nice to see him really trying. "Alright then, we'll keep the tree. But you realize that we're only decorating the parts she can't reach, don't you?"

Kakashi nodded enthusiastically, and rushed back to the table to grab another box. "I bought the perfect ornaments, too!"

Logic was telling Iruka he didn't want to know what was in that box, but when it was held out to him the Chuunin couldn't resist a peek. Inside lay about twenty little blue plastic dolphins and yellow scarecrows. On top of that sat a perfect replica of Pakkun.