It all started in a dark room, with a single, only chair on it.

Mirmo, a little muglox walked into the room.

He had blonde hair and was dressed in sky blue and white. He looked around.

Mirmo: Hey, what is this place? Is anybody out here? Hello! Somebody there? Can somebody please speak up?

There was no answer. Mirmo sighed and sat in the chair in the room. Suddenly, the room lighted up.

Mirmo: Huh!?

Then an announcer voice began talking.

Voice: Know your stars! Know your stars! It's time to know your stars! Let's begin!

Mirmo: Know your stars? I think this might be fun.

Voice: Know your stars! Know your stars! Mirmo, he has a purple cat tail.

Mirmo: No, I don't have a purple cat tail.

Voice: Yes you do. Now stand up and show off your purple cat tail.

Mirmo stood up and looked at his bottom. There was no purple cat tail.

Mirmo: There is no purple cat tail on my bottom!

He sat down in the chair again.

Voice: Mirmo, he uses his magic by playing spoons.

Mirmo: No, I don't use my magic by playing spoons! I use my magic by playing my maracas!

Mirmo stood up again and grabbed his maracas out and showed them off. Then he putted them away and sat down again.

Mirmo: See? Told you!

Voice: Mirmo, one of his favorite food is bacon.

Mirmo: No way, one of my favorite food is chocolate!

Voice: Mirmo, when he moves around, he spins.

Mirmo: No I don't.

Voice: Yes you do.


Mirmo stood up the third time and walked around the room and sat down in the chair again.

Mirmo: See? I don't spin while I walk!

Voice: Mirmo, he is related to an ugly old lady.

Mirmo: No, I'm not related to an ugly old lady!

Voice: Mirmo, he always sleeps with a stuffed slime every night.


Voice: Now you know, Mirmo.

Mirmo: No you don't.

Voice: You're always a pussy.

Mirmo: I'm not a pussy!

Then Mirmo left the room in anger and after he left, the room darkened again.