The chair still remained in the darkened room.

Mulu, Mirmo's younger brother, walked into the room.

He had light purple hair and was dressed in sky blue like his brother, along with a red ribbon.

Mulu: Hey! It's dark! I can't see!

Mulu bumped into stuff as he walked around the room and bumped into the chair, causing him to sit down. Then the room lighted up the third time, along with the voice communicating.

Voice: Know your stars! Know your stars! It's time to know your stars! Let's begin!

Mulu screamed in horror.

Mulu: Something spoke!

Voice: Know your stars! Know your stars! Mulu, he always eats brown dirt.

Mulu: No I don't!

Voice: Mulu, his parents are ogres.

Mulu: My parents are not ogres! My parents are Marumo and Sara! They are the king and queen of the world I live in!

Voice: Excuse me, Mulu.

Mulu: Yeah?

Voice: Tell the world you eat brown dirt and that your parents are ogres.


Voice: Okay. Mulu, his brother is a cuckoo clock.

Mulu: My brother is not a cuckoo clock! My brother is Mirmo!

Voice: Oh, you mean, Mirkoo Clock?

Mulu: No! MIRMO!

Voice: Mulu, when he eats marshmallows, he vanishes.

Mulu: NO I DON'T!

Voice: Mulu, when he uses his "Antenna Beam", it summons fire.

Mulu: No, when I use my "Antenna Beam", it summons lightning!

Then Mulu stood up and used his "Antenna Beam" by facing the door. Then he sat back down again.

Voice: Mulu, he always licks nail polish on spoons every day.

Mulu: I don't lick nail polish on spoons every day!

Voice: Now you know, Mulu.

Mulu: No you don't.

Voice: Just like you are, you crybaby.

Mulu: I'm not a crybaby!

Mulu then sobbed uncontrollably running out of the room. After he left, the room darkened and the chair still remained.