Friday December 25th

The Burrow

3:01 pm

Christmas Day

- - -

"Uncle Harry! Uncle Harry! Mo-ve!!!"

Harry leapt back just before a two miniaturize Quidditch players flew past him locked in a fierce battle for the Snitch, right where his head had been less then a moment ago.

"Thanks for the warning boys," said Harry gratefully as he looked up to see his eldest son and two of his nephews (Fred and Louis) standing on the landing above him, their hands on controllers as they directed their Quidditch players around the room, Uncle Charlie's Christmas present to the trio. Thankfully Charlie hadn't given them miniaturized dragons like last year thought Harry as he continued on his way into the other room, stepping around Lily, Lucy and Roxanneas they played on the floor with their new dolls.

Entering the room he spotted Ron and Hugo sitting together in the corner, both sporting identical freckled faced grins as they stared at the picture frame in Ron's hand. For Hugo had given Ron a wonderful Christmas present, a drawing he drew of him and his dad, magically enchanted to move around like people in normal pictures. The picture was incased in a wooden picture frame built by Arthur's own two hands and Harry couldn't tell who was prouder of the present, Ron, Hugo or Arthur. Chuckling over the two, Harry started to head over to them but was stopped suddenly by his mother-in-law shout.

"Everyone wash up. Supper is ready," shouted Molly as she held her wand to her throat, magnifying her voice so the whole house could hear it. Within seconds the Burrow was filled with noises, as children scrambled to wash their hands and parents stepped over the multiple toys and gifts as they brought the delicious smelling food out to the table. Harry stood off to the side slightly, watching all the action.

"Beautiful isn't it?" said Arthur as he joined Harry and handed him a butter beer, with the air of a man well used to noise and chaos. Harry smiled softly as he took the drink from him, his eyes drifting over to rest on his three children sitting in the middle of the long table, talking loudly with their cousins about everything they got that morning, and their cousins trying to top that by telling them what they got for Christmas. Recalling his bleak Christmas days before Hogwarts and Ron -actually Hogwarts and the Weasley's, Harry gave a silent prayer of thanks that his children never had to experience that. For all they knew was love around the holidays and lots of it.

Harry looked over to Arthur and realized he had never answered his question. Taking a swig of butter beer Harry nodded his head before replying, "Yes, it is."

"Merry Christmas son," said Arthur as he laid a hand on Harry's shoulder briefly.

"Merry Christmas," said Harry as the two men stood there watching their family, both smiling broadly with love and affection shining in their eyes.

Author's Note: So, as you can tell, Harry won this last chapter. I was actually surprised by the responses, I expected some of the kiddies to get a fair amount of votes since the story is about them but daddy!Harry led the way. I really hope you enjoyed this story, it's been a joy to write and a wonderful way to countdown to the holidays, at least for me. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and I sincerely wish you all a happy (and safe) New Year. See you in 2009!