ML: The timeline for Danny Phantom is a little after 'Master's of Time.' And for Teen Titans, it is a week after the events of 'Haunted.' Also, in this story Robin is Dick Grayson. Now that you are informed, read on!


Chapter 1

A Danny Phantom/Teen Titans crossover

The wind howled in the night. Rain lashed out of the sky, large, fat drops, creating enormous splashes in the choppy bay water. One could barely see the lights of the city, unless you were inside the city itself. From the outskirts of the city, haggard blue eyes – narrowed tight against the pounding rain – took in the sight that lay before him.

The small, skinny figure hunched his shoulders when a particularly strong gust of wind blew through him, nearly knocking him over. The figure could have been a child from the size of him, but he was dressed in a heavy trench coat and ratty jeans, making him appear bigger than he really was.

Where am I? the figure thought, taking an unsteady step forward. His legs felt like jelly, and his head swam every time he moved. He put a hand out, leaning heavily against the bark of a tree, his vision blinking in and out of focus.

What am I doing here? The question sent his head into a vortex of pain, and he hissed in a silent breath, clenching his eyes shut. He tried to recall what he had been doing before he woke up underneath the tree, alone in the pounding rain. But his mind was blank. There was nothing to remember. There was nothing there.

The boy furrowed his eyebrows, and dug deeper in his subconscious searching for anything. Anything that would hint at where he came from. But he ran into a wall. A large, black wall, blocking all of the information from him. The boy threw himself against the wall, but it didn't even budge. It was thick and seemed to go on for miles. He withdrew from his mental assault and sagged to the ground.

His memories were on the other side of that wall. He knew it, but why? Why can't I remember? He felt a sob rise in his throat, and he wrapped his arms around his shaking body. The rain continued to slam down unmercifully on his back. and the boy huddled closer to the tree, his only source of protection at the moment.

He felt a rush of fear shoot through his veins, and his blue eyes darted back and forth. The boy felt … what was the word? Helpless. That was it. He felt helpless.

For some reason, he knew that it wasn't normal for him to feel this way. He didn't know why, but it frightened him, badly. The boy pulled the dirty coat tighter around him, and bowed his head, his racing thoughts beginning to slow down as darkness licked at the edges of his vision.

Who am I? The thought caused the boy's eyes to widen for a moment, and they drifted back out into the harbor. He tried to remember his name, birthday, family, social security number, anything. But it wasn't there. It just wasn't there. Nothing was there. His mind was completely blank. His eyes landed on the island in the center of the bay, and his mouth dropped open at the sight of the giant, brightly lit T standing alone on a spit of land. He was sure he'd never seen anything like that before.

I wonder who lives there. the boy thought fuzzily as his raven haired head dropped to the ground. He drifted off into an uneasy sleep, the rain slowing down to a soft drizzle around him. He had no idea that he would be finding out sooner than he thought.


Inside Titans Tower, Robin, the Boy Wonder, stood in the main room, staring out over the bay and through the rain at Jump City. His city. It looked so beautiful and peaceful. The teenager sighed, leaning an arm against the glass of the large window covering the entire wall. He pressed his forehead against the cool glass, and let his breath fog up the window in front of his mouth.

"Hey, Cy! That's so not cool!" Beast Boy's shouts echoed behind the brooding leader, and he cast a glance over his shoulder. BB and Cy were, as usual, playing video games on the couch. Beast Boy was currently standing on the cushions of the couch, furiously pounding the buttons on his game controller, with a panicked expression. Cyborg was grinning easily, and he pounded his controller much lighter than the green changeling.

"Sorry, BB, but you're going down!" the half robot crowed, an inch away from victory.

Robin sighed irritably, turning back to the window, a scowl creasing his forehead. He knew that it was alright for them to be celebrating. They had captured Mad Mod earlier during the day as he was trying to rob a bank, and no one had gotten hurt. But, the dark haired teenager just couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

"Booyah!" Cyborg suddenly shouted, the arm holding his game controller punching the air in triumph. "Game over! That's right!"

The green changeling's ears drooped and he threw down his controller. "Aw man. That's six games to one," BB whined.

"Rematch," Cy asked hopefully.

"You're on!" The two picked their controllers back up, and began intensely playing again. Robin was almost sure he could see sweat dripping down their faces from how hard they were concentrating.

Robin rolled his eyes under his mask, and pushed himself away from the mirror, stalking past the furiously playing boys and out of the room. His cape blew out behind him as he walked quickly through the abandoned hallway. The quiet atmosphere was broken by a squeal of joy followed by the appearance of Starfire.

"Friend Robin!" she greeted joyously, her hands clasped together in front of her chest. "Come, you must join me and, Friend Raven, in the painting of the toenails."

Even in his brooding mood, Robin couldn't fight down the small smile that grew on his lips. "Sorry, Star. But I'm a little busy right now."

"Oh," the alien princess said, crestfallen. "When you are done, you will join us, yes?"

"I'll try, Starfire," Robin said, and before the girl could retort, he walked around her and continued on down the hallway. Starfire watched him go with a sad expression before floating, less enthusiastically, back into her room.

Robin rubbed the back of his neck tiredly as he keyed in the password to open his bedroom door. The door slid open a moment later, and he slunk into the darkness, instantly some of his anxiousness drifted away. He chalked it up to all his time spent with Batman and his love of darkness and caves.

The Boy Wonder flipped his desk lamp on, and a small circle of light appeared in the darkness. He gazed at the pictures on his walls, masked eyes coming to rest on the one face that sent shivers down his spine, no matter how much he tried to deny it.

Slade's mask stared back out at him, the empty eye socket somehow more frightening than the man himself. Robin didn't know why he kept it up there. Maybe as a reminder of why he trained so hard, he thought. The teenager shook his head, running a hand through his spiky hair. But he stopped, gazing drifting into the eyeless mask once more.

Maybe that was why he felt so anxious. It had only been a few days since the hallucinogenic dust incident and maybe … maybe he wasn't completely over it. He snarled quietly, turning his back on the mask. Slade's gone, or at least staying away from me. He's not the reason. The Boy Wonder tried to convince himself.

Needless to say, it wasn't working too well.

A knock suddenly rang out through his room, and Robin sighed going over to the door, with a sour expression. He opened it a crack, already starting to talk, "Listen, Star, I really need to be alone for a-"

"It's not Starfire," a monotonous voice interrupted him, and Robin opened the door fully.

"Raven," the teen said, a bit surprised. He had been expecting Starfire, or at the least Beast Boy. "What do you need?"

The Gothic girl pulled her hood down, her purple hair shining in the light. "I sensed you were anxious about something," she explained. Robin rubbed the back of his neck, about to say something when Raven continued. "And I've been feeling the same way."

The Boy Wonder's hand dropped from his neck and his face became serious … well, more serious than usual. "Do you know why?"

Raven shook her head, fingering her temples as if they pained her. "I don't know, but I think something big is about to happen."

Robin nodded. So he wasn't being irrational. He glanced over his shoulder at the mask on the wall and he asked, without turning around, "You think Slade is involved?"

The half demon's eyes widened a fraction of an inch, and she couldn't help but think of Cyborg's words only a few days ago, "There was a signal that activated the dust. Somebody triggered it, from outside the tower."

She pushed the thought away and answered, "It's possible, but not likely."

Robin's masked eyes narrowed. "Thanks, Raven, I've got some things to do." He dismissed her, and closed the door. He turned around slowly, glaring at the mask. He stalked over to it, and snatched it off the wall.

"When you come back, I'll be ready," he vowed, slamming the lifeless mask onto his desk. Robin began to pace back and forth, his hands clasped behind his back. Unbeknownst to the worried teenager, in another dimension, he was being watched by a figure clothed in purple.

The being smiled lightly, his blue face that of a child with a jagged, red scar running down his eye. The child's form changed to an old man, and he leaned on his staff more heavily. He waved his staff in front of the mirror and it changed to a picture of a young boy with messy raven hair, huddling under a tree, his coat pulled around his small form.

"All is as it should be," the figure intoned, his deep voice echoing out around him.

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