Title: Platypuses

Pairing: Yuffentine, YuffiexVincent

Prompt: Platypus

By: Little Patch of Heaven

Summary: Sometimes, a pointless question can make a hell of a lot more sense than one will originally think.

A/N: I was in spanish class, and I turned to my friend and asked her to say the first things that came to mind. These included: chicken pot pie, Little Bo Peep (which I used to write a short OHSHC drabble), bubblegum, bubble bath, and many others. Platypus was one of the words she said, and I just now used it to write this. Because the prompt was platypus, it is pretty random, but I'm actually pretty happy about how this turned out.


Platypus: noun

plural. plat·y·pus·es
A semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of Australia and Tasmania, having a broad flat tail, webbed feet, and a snout resembling a duck's bill.


"Vinnie, what is the plural form of 'platypus'?"

Vincent raised an eyebrow, wondering what had brought on such an irrelevant question. Of course, he figured it shouldn't surprise him anymore; the young ninja always seemed to say the most random things at times.

"Platypuses," he said simply.

He watched with curiosity as Yuffie nodded and mumbled, "I was sure it was platypi…."

The two were currently sitting in Shinra Manor, avoiding the rain that poured down outside the large building. Vincent had taken off his cape, and Yuffie was bundled up in about three different blankets.

The normally silent gunslinger had been reading, content with Yuffie's uncharacteristic quiet, when the silence had suddenly been broken by the young ninja's sudden question. She had been living at his mansion for about a month now, and he still couldn't see how she could bring up the most pointless things for no apparent reason.

"Why are platypuses considered mammals?" Yuffie asked, and Vincent looked up from his thick novel again.

"They have hair."

"Yeah, but they have a bill. How many mammals have bills? They have webbed feet, and they lay eggs, for crying out loud," Yuffie insisted stubbornly, and Vincent wondered why she wanted to know in the first place. "Anyway, platypi-"

"Platypuses," Vincent corrected while Yuffie frowned and waved a hand at him.

"Yeah, yeah. Platypuses then….they sure are weird, aren't they?" Vincent raised an eyebrow, but nodded slowly just to satisfy his unusual houseguest.

"They aren't at all pretty looking, definitely not cute," she continued as Vincent listened to her with true curiosity. "They don't really fit in anywhere, either. They're not really amphibians, but they're not really mammals either. They're something different, somewhere in between two worlds."

Yuffie wasn't acting as childish and hyper as she normally did; even considering the strange topic, she was acting strangely serious. Her face was set in a straight face, and she talked as if she was discussing an important investment. Vincent had the feeling what she was saying was something he needed to listen to.

Of course, he always listened to the young ninja, even when what came out of her mouth had no point or purpose, he listened.

"And the other animals don't really understand the platypus. The mammals look at him, and only see the bill, and the webbed feet, and think 'He's different. He's odd….strange. He's not like us, we can't trust him.' And even though the platypus is a mammal, the other mammals don't accept him.

And while the platypus looks much more like an amphibian, the amphibians laugh at him. They fail to accept him as well.

Over and over, the same words he hears. 'Different…..odd…..strange….a monster. Not one of us, we hate him. He doesn't deserve to be trusted.' He feels lonely, because he's stuck right there in the middle of two worlds, a part of both, but never truly accepted in either world."

Vincent stared at her, realizing what she was saying. An odd way of saying it, that was for sure, but he appreciated it all the same.

Yuffie continued. "It's sad too, because even though the platypus is so interesting, he's never accepted. I like that the platypus is different, but I guess the others can't. Because they only see different as bad, and can't accept the good in the platypus."

She suddenly looked over at him and smiled widely. "But you know what?" He raised another eyebrow, and she laughed. "There's a plural form of 'platypus'. Which mean's that there has to be someone else for the platypus, right? Although it looks like the platypus is all alone, standing in-between two worlds, there's someone right there next to him.

There's always someone standing by his side, whether he realizes it or not. Because there would be no reason for the word 'platypuses' if there wasn't someone out there for him, am I correct?" Large grey eyes stared up at him in anticipation and….a bit of nervousness.

Vincent stared at the young girl….no woman, beside him in surprise and shock. This side of her, the side that held so much knowledge and understanding past her nineteen years, was a side people rarely saw. It was not the first time he had seen this side, but whenever she spoke of things like this, he continuously felt amazed of the small ninja.

Finally, he smiled, a small, soft smile, but a smile nonetheless.

He leaned towards her, setting his book down beside him and asked, "Will you be my fellow platypus?"


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