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Title: Valentine's Day

Pairing: Yuffentine, Cloti, CidxShera

Prompt: Chocolates/Valentine's Day

By: Little Patch of Heaven

Summary: He opened the box and smirked. She knew him so well.


Seventh Heaven was abuzz with activity, as many of the former members of AVALANCHE had joined there to join in the tradition of exchanging chocolates and greetings.

Deciding they needed an excuse to see all of their friends again, it had been Tifa who had suggested the get-together, and had invited everyone over for Valentine's Day. She had been pleasantly surprised when Cloud had chosen this day – appropriate, she supposed, seeing as it was the holiday of romance – to ask her a very important question.

And of course her immediate answer had been 'yes', the proof now weighing down the finger on her left hand.

Cid and Barret had proclaimed the question a perfect excuse to order up a whole new round of drinks, as well as forcing Cloud to drink as well. The three men were now all drunk – much to Tifa's dismay – and had started an interesting game of strip poker in the corner. One of which, Tifa was glad she was not a part of.

And of course, Marlene and Denzel had been shooed up to bed, and Tifa had noticed that their candy bags had mysteriously gone with them.

As she began to clean another glance, she realized that there were two people who still had not arrived; though one of them wasn't a surprise at all.

That didn't last long at all, however, for the door burst open and a familiar ninja barged in with a grin on her face and a bag full of chocolate in her hand. "Hello everyone!" she shouted, stomping in and sitting down at the bar after throwing the bag onto the counter.

"Hey Yuffie," Tifa greeting, glancing at the bag.

"Oh, go ahead," the younger woman sighed, and Tifa grabbed a chocolate. The ninja's eyes caught on something on the martial artist's finger; realizing at once what it was, she let out a loud squeal. "A ring, an engagement ring!?" Tifa's cheeks were tainted pink when she nodded. "No way! Spike proposed?"

"Just a little bit ago," Tifa muttered, taking a bite out of the chocolate and then raising an eyebrow at her friend. "This is good, what is it?"

Yuffie smiled. "Wutian chocolate! But come on, no getting off topic. I want the juicy details."

"There's nothing much to tell. I mean, Cloud came back from a delivery, and then he just…proposed."

Yuffie rolled her eyes. "Oh that was informative. Where is Chocobo Butt, anyway?" She looked over to the corner where Tifa had pointed, and raised an eyebrow. "Okay then…"

The two girls laughed as Cloud was forced to remove his shirt. "So," Yuffie laughed. "Are you going to stop that any time soon?" Tifa shook her head. "Why not?"

With a smile the older woman replied, "Cloud's losing," which then caused the two to break out in another laughter fit.

"So…." The ninja glanced around the bar. "I see Cloud, Barret, Cid, Shera and Nanaki….where's everyone else?"

"Reeve and Cait left a little while ago, and I haven't seen Shelke recently."

"And Gloomy Mc. Gloom didn't show, huh?" Yuffie pursed her lips in a frown, crossing her arms over her chest.

Tifa smiled sadly. "No, Vincent never came."

"Moron," Yuffie muttered under her breath, though Tifa heard her anyway. "I told him to come." She shook her head before reaching into her bag and removing more chocolates for everyone else at the bar, before standing.

"Where are you going Yuffie?" Tifa asked as the young ninja opened the door.

Yuffie turned back to her friend with a grin. Brandishing the box of chocolates that she hadn't left on the bar counter, she replied, "I'm going to go find Vinnie and force him to accept chocolates from the great Yuffie Kisaragi!"


"Where the hell is he?!" Yuffie yelled suddenly, wrapping her arms around her to try and provide her shivering body with more heat. She had been searching for hours, forcing people to give her rides to different places and paying them only half of what she owed them. She had checked everywhere, and there was still no sign of the cloaked gunslinger.

Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, and looked down at the chocolates in her hand.

"Maybe not everywhere…."


Vincent Valentine sat in the dark cave, staring up at the crystallized form of Lucrecia Crescent. He had avoided the others, even though Tifa had invited him to her place, and Yuffie had threatened him to come.

Valentine's Day was a day he despised, ironic since he shared the same name. While a holiday for love for young couples, it only served as a reminder of what he had lost.

He frowned, thinking of something. When Yuffie had insisted that he show up at Tifa's for the party, he had hesitated before deciding to once again spend the holiday in the cave he had been spending it for the last few years.

He wasn't quite too sure what it was about the young, energetic ninja that made him smile when he was around her, or why when Valentine's day had come up he had thought of her instead of Lucrecia. It troubled him, however. If it was true that he was developing feelings for the young girl, he was afraid that he would hurt her.

That he would taint her just as he had done to the shining Lucrecia.

He didn't want that. Yuffie was someone innocent, still a young child at heart. She had so much left living for, and he didn't want her to suffer a fate anywhere near what his former love had suffered.

But, it was absolutely impossible that he thought of her as anything other than a friend. Right?


She had known. All along she had known that Vincent would choose no place other than Lucrecia's cave to spend Valentine's Day. She had known, but actually being proved right was horrible.

Yuffie didn't think that he had seen her. He probably didn't even know she was standing at the entrance of the cave, watching him. He was probably too caught up in memories and sins, thinking about repentance to have heard her enter.

Sighing softly, she felt tears prick at her eyes, but refused to acknowledge them, or allow herself to cry. Yuffie looked down at the box in her hands.

It was a large heart shaped box that was black instead of red or pink. The only red was the ribbon tied around it. She had figured that it would suit him better than a frilly, girly Valentine; on the back of the box she had signed her name in Wutain.

She had spent more time on his valentine than any of the others, hoping that it would be able to hint at the feelings she couldn't say aloud. Vincent was still brooding and angsting about his past, and she knew she had to work on him slowly instead of suddenly overwhelming him with her feelings.

But of course, it had been Lucrecia he had thought about come Valentine's Day, not her.


Vincent stood slowly, turning to leave the cave. Really, he didn't know why he was actually going to show up at Seventh Heaven instead of remaining in the cave like he normally did. For some reason, the thought of seeing Yuffie's disappointed face had made up his mind for him.

As he left the cave, he kicked something he hadn't seen, and looked down. His eyes widened slightly as he recognized the item as a heart shaped box of chocolates. Though it was different than most, as it was black instead of red.

His name was written across the front, and as he turned it over he recognized the characters on the back as Wutian writing. "Yuffie," he muttered, opening the box and staring at the chocolate inside.

He wasn't one for sweets really, another reason why the holiday wasn't anything big for him. He couldn't understand why Yuffie could eat countless sugary sweets one after the other, as they simply made him sick. But even so, the fact that it was from her caused him to take a bit out of one of the chocolates anyway. Vincent smirked. They were dark chocolate; Yuffie knew him too well.

But if she had been here, where was she now?


Tifa didn't ask Yuffie what had happened when she returned to Seventh Heaven. She could tell by Yuffie's face that she didn't want to talk about whatever it was.

Instead she just asked the ninja if she could help her drag an unconscious Cloud up to his – soon to be his and Tifa's – room, and then Barret up to a spare room. Luckily for them Shera managed to drag Cid to their temporary room.

Without a word about what had happened, Yuffie made herself comfortable on the couch while everyone else went up to bed. Shifting on the makeshift bed, she cursed and wished that she could shove Cid out of his bed and take over it.

The sound of the front door opening caught her attention, and she tensed, ready to defend the Lockhart home from robbers. The footsteps of the robber were quiet as they got closer, and she heard a rather familiar 'hmmm' that made her almost gasp in surprise before she caught herself.

It was Vincent. She didn't need to turn around and look to know that the gunslinger had returned to the Seventh Heaven bar and was now currently very close to her.

She evened her breath, pretending to still be asleep, and listened closely. She didn't want to deal with him right now, but she did want to know what he would do.

He got closer, until his breathing was right overhead.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Yuffie," she heard him mutter, and she almost let out a gasp. Something was laid by her head, before Vincent turned and left the room.

When she was sure that he was gone, she opened her eyes to look at what he had left her, surprised to see a small box of milk chocolates and a gleaming heal materia.

She laughed quietly, hugging the present to her chest, unaware that Vincent could hear her giggles from the kichen.