Chapter Six: Going Insane

With one swift movement, the Rat King slashed through the Nutcracker, making him fall to pieces. "THERE!" The Rat King laughed maniacally.

And then, with another swift movement, and a spring in his step, the Rat King ripped open Clara's necklace.

Clara's face drooped. "Shit." And with that, she disappeared.

Sunlight fell on Clara's face as she looked around. It was morning in the Akatsuki base... um... Silverhaus'/Stahlbaums' home. Clara sprang upwards, panting.

Clara's parents, brother, and Drosselmeyer looked at her. "Where's the freakin' Nutcracker?" Clara replied, a bored look on her face. Drosselmeyer pointed at the doll that was in Clara's lap.

"It's fixed?!" Fritz gasped. Then the boy lunged to break the toy once more, but was held back by the mother. (Konan) "Why don't we have breakfast?" With that, Fritz was pulled into the kitchen.

Clara looked at the toy and then at the doorway. Standing there, was a man that looked like the Nutcracker. "What the fu-" (script, Deidara, script!)

The Nutcracker took one glance at Clara. "I'm supposed to spend Christmas with a gender-confused freak with mouth on her hand?" The Nutcracker told Drosselmeyer who was standing next to him.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" With that, Clara attacked the Nutcracker-looking Sasori, and they all had a Merry Christmas. Even the Rat King....


"At least I don't have to spend it with Kakuzu." The Rat King propped up his feet. "Instead, you get to spend it with the Sugar Plum Tobi Fairy!!!!" The Sugar Plum Fairy pranced into the room.

The Rat King turned pale as The Sugar Plum Fairy hugged the villain. "I hate Christmas."