Peri opened her eyes and saw Dean leaning over her. She blinked her eyes and sat up. Dean helped her to her feet.

"Told you I wasn't a demon," she said softly.

"Then how the hell did you bring me back?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, don't press her," Sam said.

"Yeah, Persephone is fragile," Ruby added.

"Kiss my ass."

Peri stretched. She stopped and took a moment to listen to the music. Bon Jovi had changed to Nickelback. The song was 'Savin Me'. She turned and looked at Dean.

"I think we found your song. It fits doesn't it?" she said to him.

"No, it doesn't. Now, how'd you do it?"

"I asked my fairy godmother. See she had granted me three wishes and you were the last one."

"Damnit, I want answers!"

"Why? Because you really want to know or because you're scared Sam helped me by using his mojo psychic ability?"

Dean was quiet. He turned and looked at Bobby, Ruby and Sam. Ruby was smiling, Sam looked uncomfortable, and Bobby looked angry.

"Any of you care to tell me how I came back to the world of the living?" he asked.

"Who cares? You're back, aren't you?" Sam said.

"Sammy, I'm not suppose to be here. If I am, that means I welched on the deal and you'll die."

"Dude, I told you that the deal is null and void. Sam's going to live to be an old man," Peri repeated.

Dean grabbed her by the shoulders. He slammed her against the wall. His eyes bore into hers.

"Answer my question," he stated.


Bobby walked over to Dean. He pulled him away from Peri and stood in between them. He looked in Dean's eyes.

"Let it go, boy. Just let it go."

"Bobby, I can't. I shouldn't be here."

Peri stepped forward. She had had about enough of Dean's little pity party. She looked in his eyes and let her tears fall. She grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and shook him.

"Believe me, if you were really meant to be dead and cooking in hell, I wouldn't have been able to bring you back. You ARE meant to be here. I've met a lot of people who are dirtbags and don't deserve to breathe on this planet. You, Dean Winchester, despite all the screw ups and stupid moves, deserve to be here."

"Really? How much did Sam give you to bring me back? A thousand? Two?"

"I didn't ask for any money, although I should of. You are a stubborn pain in the ass."

"I don't believe you."

"About the money or you being a stubborn pain in the ass?"

Sam walked over to Dean and Peri. He stood beside Peri and looked at his brother. He was happy to have Dean back but was angry that his brother wasn't grateful.

"I didn't pay her," he said.

Dean raised an eyebrow," What? Sam, I know that she's hot and all-."

"You think I'm hot? Thanks, but you're still a stubborn pain in the ass," Peri interrupted.

"I am trying to talk to my brother."

"Dean, I didn't give her anything. Ruby called her and-."

"I knew it. Ruby!"

The four of them turned around. Ruby was gone. Peri let go of Dean and walked over to the coffee table. She grabbed the phone and dialled a number. She stood there a few minutes. She then hung up.

"She's not answering her phone," she said.

"Damnit! Now, what am I going to do?" Dean yelled.

"Live your life. You've been given a second chance," Bobby pointed out.

"Bobby's right. Come on, Dean. Can't you be happy to be back?" Sam asked.

Dean walked away from them. He stood in the kitchen. He stared at the wall and held in his tears. He didn't know how he could go on with his life after what had been done to him in Hell.

Peri watched him. She walked over to Sam and Bobby. She took Sam's arm.

"Why don't you and Bobby go get something to eat? You know to celebrate," she suggested.

"But Dean-," Sam started.

"I got this. I brought him back; I'll deal with the meltdown."

"Are you sure? He's a tough nut," Bobby added.
"I can handle him. If all else fails, I'll just kick his ass."

Sam didn't look convinced. He looked at his brother and then realized that Dean would never tell him what was wrong. Dean wouldn't tell him thinking that he was protecting Sam, while in reality he was just closing Sam out. Sam decided to let Peri have a shot.

"Alright. Here's my number, call me if anything goes wrong. I mean ANYTHING," he stressed the last word.

Peri took the number and smiled at Sam. She watched them turn and leave. Once she saw the car drive down the driveway, she walked over to Dean. She sat on the table and watched him closely.

"What the hell are you looking at?" he spoke.

"A man who is completely lost. What happened there, Dean?"


"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England. Now, are we done jumping around the subject?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Wouldn't I? Dean, I had to go down there and get you. And do you know how I figured out I could do this?"

"Don't care."

"I'll tell you anyway. My little sister died, she was ten. It was leukemia."

Dean looked up. He saw the tears come to Peri's eyes. She wiped them away. He felt himself softening towards her. He remembered seeing Sam die. He couldn't imagine sitting by months on end just watching your little sister waste away.

"What does that have to do with me?" he asked softly.

"When she died, I begged to have her back. I sat there for hours just repeating the same thing over and over again, 'Please give her back. Please bring her back.'"

"Did she come back?"

"No, I got an audience with Osiris, Egyptian God of Death and Rebirth. He told me that it was Missy's time to go. He couldn't bring he back."

"Why not?"

"Missy had gone to Heaven, which is beyond Osiris' control."

Peri was quiet. She knew that Dean didn't believe in Heaven, Sam had let her in on that fact. She looked at him and wondered what was going on in his head.

"So, what did you do? Come home and start pulling people out of Hell?" he asked.

"No, just one. After I found the ritual, she's a family member. Our matriarch you could say."

"Who? Mother, Grandmother?"

"More like a few dozen generations back."

Dean looked at her with a serious look on his face. He didn't like where this was headed.

"Do I even want to know?"

"It was Ruby. Family legend was she was a witch who sold her soul during the plague. She wanted to live because she was pregnant. She sold her soul so she could have her child. I decided to bring her back. Let her see that her family was still around," Peri answered.

A/N: And in true Supernatural fashion this is the end of the first part of the story. I have the sequel written by hand I just have to type it up. Pt2 is called "Savin Me" so stay tuned. And I think this story is going to have more parts then I thought. So, just try and be patience. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. :)