Xev hurried after Kai – "Kai, what was that back there?"

The Assassin never broke stride as he spoke. "Something far worse than you can ever imagine. Something powerful enough to slaughter an entire army of Divine Assassins single-handedly."

"Another Divine Executioner like Vlad?"

"No. Though Divine Executioners are indeed powerful beyond many peoples' comprehension, what you saw back there was something far more terrible. Something with such horrific might that even His Divine Shadow feared unleashing it."

Xev stopped. "Wait…His Shadow made that?"

Kai finally stopped and faced her. "Yes."

"So why did He fear it?"

Kai seemed to reflect for a moment. Xev swore she sensed a wave of cold fear tear through the dead man's body.

"As you already know, Divine Executioners were created for the purpose of destroying Divine Assassins who'd failed the purposes of the Divine Order. Despite their overwhelming strength and fanatical loyalty to the Order, His Shadow did not wish to take the chance of a Divine Executioner gone astray – used against him, the Order could have easily been destroyed."

Xev was shocked. "That…thing can…?"

"Yes. Despite the astronomically miniscule probability of a Divine Executioner turning against the Order, His Divine Shadow personally oversaw the creation of a force with such power, no words in any human language are sufficient enough to describe it. A class of warrior with the power to utterly annihilate not only an army of Divine Assassins, but also every Divine Executioner in existence."

The love-slave could barely believe what she was hearing.

"What is it, Kai?"

"It is called a Divine Nemesis. In the whole history of the Divine Order, only three were ever created, and only one has ever been used. His Shadow personally oversaw their creation, imbuing them with a portion of his power so that only He personally could control them. Unlike Assassins and Executioners, the Divine Nemeses are not only built from the decarbonized bodies of the dead, but by the use of ancient dark sorcery, the bodies are merged with the spirits of the fallen of countless generations. They do not even require proto-blood to function. A Divine Nemesis is thus both the spirit and flesh of infinite, indescribable darkness."

Xev had to learn against a wall to gather herself.

"So how to we stop it?"

"We cannot, even in the manner used to defeat Vlad. As I said only His Divine Shadow was personally able to defeat Divine Nemeses through the same ways he created them. When the Light Universe was destroyed by Mantrid, all recorded knowledge of how to destroy them was lost. We must get as far away as we can as quickly as possible. If the Nemesis is not already on board the Lexx, it very soon will be."

As Xev got to her feet, she remembered what Kai once said about Vlad.

"If a Divine Assassin is death incarnate, then the Divine Executioner is the apocalypse made flesh."

"Yes," said Kai, "And if a Divine Executioner is the apocalypse made flesh…then the Divine Nemesis is the Will of Oblivion Made Manifest."