This is a birthday fic to awinnie! Um, aka awin-chan.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! With mucho love!

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Shishido hates the way Niou looks at him, hates the way the boy gives him that awful smirk, as if he knows everything that's on Shishido's mind.

He always cocks his head to one side, a smirk on his lips, looking at him with piercing and taunting eyes, one hand in his pant pocket, just looking at him, teasing him, daring him to say something. Shishido hates it, hates the way Niou walks, and hates the way Niou goes around as if he has the right to skip class all the time. It's a sort of jealousy that's grown inside of him.

Shishido, however, doesn't hate Niou for who he is. He actually likes it; likes the courage Niou has to skip class, the confidence he has whenever he plays one of his pranks.

It's a sort of love-hate relationship that's being played out between them.

Sometimes the things Shishido hates about Niou overcome the things he likes, and sometimes it's the other way around. He doesn't know whether their relationship will last, what it will become, depending on the circumstances. All that he knows right now is that he's with him, him with he.

What will happen to them doesn't always have to be black and white. If they try hard enough, if they want, they may end up somewhere in between. It's still undecided, and that's what makes them stay together, the uncertainty of their relationship. If they knew the certainty of their relationship, they may not necessarily stay together.

Their fights and apologies make the history of their relationship, memories that one day they'll be able to look back on.

Shishido and Niou plan on making memories.

Lots of them.