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Summary: Numair doesn't leave Carthak till later( it was inevitable) and gets a job for the riders, as he struggles to make a new home and protect it. DN I promise.





Arram Draper watched the crowded market, Port Tayka was crowded from for the Spring Festival. Worse he had managed to arrive in the afternoon so all the jobs were gone except one. Something with the Queens riders 'that should be interesting' he thought 'Carthaki women barely take off their veils much less wear breeches and fight.'

The riders were by the corral filled with spirited mountain ponies. They were two women, one obviously a k'mir that appeared to be in her late 20's who surveyed the crowds with a solemn face. The other woman was beautiful, tiny, slender, her brown hair was tied into a loose horsetail at the nape of her neck, her blue-grey eyes were bright as she bargained with a jolly merchant for a dappled black mare. When she was finished he shyly stepped forward "E-excuse me Mistress but I understand you are hiring."he stammered, calling himself ten kinds of idiot. The young brunette smiled encouragingly at him but the k'mir looked skeptically.

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