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Summary: Prequel to An ASS of U and ME. Story of how they got together.

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Harry and Neville walk into the Great Hall and pause. Neville looks at Harry to see what he will do and watches as Harry slowly looks around the hall, watching everyone closely.

They stand there for a moment before the doors open behind them and an arm goes around Harry's shoulder and another arm goes around Neville's.

The entire hall freezes, waiting for one of the Gryffindors to say or do something. To everyone's surprise Neville smiles tentatively and says "Good morning Draco. How did you sleep?" To everyone's greater surprise Draco simply smiles back.

"I slept well, thanks for asking. How was yours?"

"It was pretty good. Oh and thanks." Neville responds, politely nodding his head.

"No problem. And thank you. You know there would have been consequences had you not handled it as well as you did." Draco coolly glares at him for half a second, before Harry wraps his arm around Draco's back and smiles as Neville does the same.

"As happy as I am that you are getting along, we should get eating before breakfast is over."

I agree." Neville pauses looking at Harry. When he gets a smile and nod he looks at Draco and asks "Would you like to join us at the Gryffindor table?"

"I would be delighted. Thanks Longbottom."

"Your welcome. And my name is Neville."

Draco respectfully dips his head and the three of them proceed to the Gryffindor table, where Hermione and Ginny had moved apart to give the three boys a seat.

The two Gryffindors and one Slytherin begin filling their plates as the great hall bursts in a flurry of whispers and stares.

"Um, Harry…?"

"Don't worry. I'll tell later."

"Alright. Welcome to the Gryffindor table, Malfoy. You can call me Hermione, or just 'Mione."

"Thanks Grang…Hermione. Call me Draco."

They smile at each other, and the four of them return to eating in relative silence.

They are about half way through breakfast when a looming black shadow makes itself known.

"Ahem. What, may I ask, is going on here?"

"We are eating breakfast, sir."

"I can see that Mr. Malfoy. I am speaking of why you are not at your own house table."

"Excuse me professor, but there are no rules against sitting at other house tables."

"Thank you for that unwanted bit of information Miss Granger. Move it Malfoy."

The four stay silent for a moment, then Ginny suddenly stands up.

You heard him. Come on guys. He wants you at your own table Malfoy. Let's go sit there for the rest of breakfast."

Everyone stares at her for a moment before Draco smiles and stands up, pulling Harry and Neville with him.

"She's right. Come on."

He motions to Hermione and she stand up too. They all walk towards the Slytherin table, while Snape stands by the Gryffindor table slightly fuming and in shock, before storming out of the hall.

The group laughs and walks the rest of the way to the table. Crabbe and Goyle move apart and force people to slide over to make room for the new group of friends. Draco thanks them and sits down. He is followed by the Gryffindors, ending up with Hermione between Harry and Goyle and Ginny between Neville and Crabbe.

They sit there eating slowly and making small talk for the next twenty minutes before Ginny speaks up.

"So what are your plans for this lovely Saturday, Malfoy?"

"Draco. I don't really have any plans yet, what about you Miss Weasley?"

Ginny laughs saying "You sound like a professor. It's Ginny. Well, we had planned to spend some time out on the grounds, visit the lake, and maybe say hi to Hagrid. Care to join us?"

"That sounds quite fun. Can Crabbe and Goyle come to?"

Ginny looks at the other Gryffindors and upon getting a collective nod says "Of course."

"Then we shall join you." Draco responds, after receiving nods from Crabbe and Goyle.

Smiles go around and the group goes back to eating and making small talk.

They all finish eating in the next ten minutes, waiting patiently for the last person, Crabbe, to finish eating. Once he is done they all get up and head out of the Great Hall.

Draco is walking in between Harry and Neville, with his arms around their shoulders, and their arms around his back. Ginny and Hermione are behind them, with Crabbe and Goyle just steps behind them.

The Great Hall watches silently as they all proceed out of the Great Hall. The silence lasts for a moment before a dull thud is heard. As heads look towards the noise, they see Ronald Weasley sprawled out on the floor, having fallen off the bench from fainting.

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