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This is a small fic, one of many, that are part of Mystkyten's Advent Calander on her site. There is a link to her site in my profile, from there go to the advent calander and day one for the pic for this fic.


Day One

Happy Holidays From Hogwarts

Professor Minerva McGonagall scowled as she saw Albus Dumbledore in his Santa outfit once again. Every year was the same, ever since the two had got together some forty years ago.

"My dear Minnie, are you not getting dressed yet?" he asked as he smiled at her.

Minnie sighed a long suffering sigh and answered, "Albus, do I have to? I always feel a little silly doing this?" she complained once again, as she had done for all the years they had been together.

Albus smiled and twinkled his eyes at her, "Of course, it's for our Christmas cards. Get in the mood Minnie dear. It is only once a year." He chuckled.

"I know, but I do feel rather silly as Mrs Claus, though you do make a handsome Santa," she said as she stood up on her tippy toes and gave him a gentle kiss.

"It's time, Minnie, face the camera," he smiled as her, as he charmed it to go off in ten seconds.

The two got into position in front of the sleigh and reindeer, Albus shot his hands up air sending the words 'Happy Holidays from Hogwarts' into the air between the two.

I hope you enjoyed it.