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Day Twenty-Four

All Tied Up

Harry was in a body bind, courtesy of one Draco Malfoy. Who was standing in front of him, a large smirk on his face as he looked at his one time enemy.

"What are you doing Draco?" Harry asked his friend.

"Simple, I have had enough, you continually going on how Severus could never want you or love you." Draco said, an annoyed look upon his face.

"So… he wont," Harry said sadly, interrupting Draco.

Draco rolled his eyes, "and I have had enough of Severus moaning to me about how you would never think to look at him as anything but a greasy potions master." He said when Harry shut up again.

"What?" Harry said, as he was now confused.

"I plan to give my godfather a gift for Christmas, and that my friend is you. Right, I best start, only a few hours before sun rise." Draco mumbled to himself as he divested Harry of all his clothes, "right ribbon," he grinned as a green ribbon started to wrap around Harry, tying up his wrists, ankles, things and arms. Another green piece of ribbon made a gag over Harry's mouth.

Draco walked around the naked Harry and admired his work, with another spell a green thong with a large green silky bow at the front. "Just one more thing Harry, and everything is set," Draco smiled at his friend. He took out a green ribbon with white snowflakes on and wrapped it around Harry's throat, tying it into a fancy bow. He then took out a gift tag and added that. "Now you are done." Draco said as he stood back and looked at his handy work.

Draco levitated Harry into the living room and placed him underneath the tree. "Don't worry, Severus will be here soon." Draco winked, "Severus!" Draco shouted out into the cottage.

"What Draco, I was asleep," Severus shouted back from his bedroom.

"You extra special present is here, come down and get it now, wont last much longer." Draco smirked as he then went over to the fireplace and disappeared in the green flames.

Severus grumbled as he got up, swung his black dressing gown on and plodded down the stairs. When he came to the living room he stood there, shocked at what he say, "Harry?" Severus questioned, wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him, he walked over and poked at Harry, who responded by growling. "So you are my present, hum, well this is a nice changed," he smirked, "what do you say Harry?" he asked as he moved the gag.

"Do you like me?" Harry asked the man kneeling above him.

Severus nodded, "and you?"

"Yep, I do." Was all Harry said.

"Good, now I can have some fun." He said as he picked up the bound Harry Potter and took him upstairs to his bedroom.

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