by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Spider Man 2 (the movie)

Summary: Shinji is teleported to another world where he gets adopted by the kindly Octavius couple which leads to his becoming the tentacle-armed Dr Octopus.


In a large apartment loft in New York City, USA, a married couple stared at the large open space.

"Are you sure you want to live here?" the middle-aged, stocky man asked.

"Why not? It's got a nice apartment upstairs, a large work area for your experiments..." the reddish-haired, lean-bodied woman said.

"It just seems a little.... rustic." he noted.

"It has a homey charm." she replied.

"It smells." he said, wrinkling his nose.

"Nothing a little antiseptic can't cure." she said.

"There's mildew on the window."

"A little scrubbing..."

"And there's a hole in the room." he said, staring hard across the empty space that was starting to waver and ripple.

"A little wood and patch..." she started to say.

"No, honey, there's a hole... in the middle of the room... in mid-air." he said, pointing ahead of them.

"What?" she gasped as she saw it.


The air was shattered with the forceful pulse of the dimensional portal, knocking the couple onto their backs, but delivering a third party into their midst.

When Otto Octavius wrangled himself back onto his feet, he looked again and noticed the young man on the floor, who was of Japanese descent and looked to be no older than 14, the strange blue and white suit he was wearing was charred, ripped and torn. His skin was red and slightly black in some areas, and there was a large gash across his cheek.

Otto's first reaction was that the boy had come from out of the portal he had just witnessed. His wife, Rosalie, however had a different reaction.

"OTTO! CALL THE MEDICS! HE'S BLEEDING!" the red-haired woman shouted as she raced over to him.


"I can't believe you didn't call the police or an ambulance." Rosalie said as the young man rested on the make-shift bed, bandaged up with his wounds clean.

"And what was I going to tell them, Rosie? That this boy suddenly appeared out of nowhere, from a hole in the middle of our new apartment? They'd lock us up along with him." Otto said as he put the last bandage across the boy's cheek. "He came through a dimensional portal, from an alternate universe. Judging from his clothes and his injuries, I would venture to guess he was in some kind of battle. We call the authorities, they'll either think he's insane, or worse, they'll do all kinds of experiments on him."

"Now you sound like a conspiracy nut. He needs real medical attention, Otto."

"He has a few burns, a few scrapes, a few cuts. Nothing we can't mend ourselves." he said. "And as for being a conspiracy nut, it isn't that far fetched to assume the worse from people in power who are filled with self-interest."

Rosalie sighed as the boy's eyes suddenly blinked open.

(Unfamiliar ceiling.) He said.

"He's awake." Rosalie said.

"And speaking Japanese." Otto said.

"Allow me." she said, clearing her throat. (Hello. My name is Rosalie Octavius. This is my husband Otto. What is your name?) She said in Japanese.

(Shinji. Shinji Ikari.) He said.

(Welcome, Shinji Ikari. You're in our home. You're safe here.)

(I... what happened?)

(I was hoping you could tell us.)

The next couple of hours were spent with Shinji telling Rosalie about his life in Tokyo-3, his life as an Evangelion pilot, and Rosalie translating it to Otto. And all the while the man was taking down notes on a yellow writing pad using a pen.

Eventually, Otto came up with the only logical answer.

"We have to keep him." he said.

"What?" Rosalie asked, slightly surprised.

"Honey, we can't send him away. We do and it'll be the biggest mistake of our lives." he stated.

While the pair were talking Shinji looked over at the yellow writing pad that Otto had been busy writing his notes down on. To the boy the notes Otto had jotted down looked like a complicated series of numbers and letters, either advanced algebra, geometry or calculus. It made little sense to him, but at least it wasn't some jotted down notes, in English, that he couldn't understand.

"You want to adopt him?" Rosalie asked.

"It seems to be the best idea." Otto said.

Rosalie smiled.

"What?" he asked, wondering why she was smirking.

"I just love it that we're thinking the same thing." she said.

"You wanted to adopt him too?" he asked.

"I've spoken with him, dear. I've seen the sincerity in his eyes. The sadness, the loneliness. He's had a terrible life, and now that he's here, in this apartment where we were of all places. I mean.... it's a like a godsend." she said.

Otto smiled. "You were always one to believe in fate, dear."

Otto and Rosalie walked back to the bed where Shinji was still resting.

(Shinji... my husband and I have discussed this and.... we have two options open to us.) She said in Japanese. (My husband believes that you are from an alternate dimension. While I don't understand that myself, it is plain to me that.... you are alone in this world. Considering this...... we'd like you to come live with us.)

Shinji's eyes went wide went he heard that.

(You... want to adopt me?) Shinji asked.

(Unless you have a better offer.) Rosalie said.

(I... I don't.)

(Good. Because the only other option was to contact Human Services and place you in foster care. And considering the state of the New York system... and the fact that you are from an alternate dimension... they'll either send you back to Japan, where you'll become a ward of the state and.... well that wouldn't be good either, I think.)

(But... I don't have any identity here.) He realized.

(Let us worry about that.) She said with a smile. (So? Would you like to stay with us?)

Shinji gave her a weak smile before nodding.

"Well? Was that a good nod?" Otto asked his wife.

"Yes. Yes it was." Rosalie said with a smile.


The next five years found Shinji and the Octavius's quickly becoming a real family.

Otto and Rosalie were everything that his real father and guardian weren't. Encouraging, nurturing, protective, and always there for him.

They didn't tease him like Misato did, didn't talk down to him or shout at him like Asuka did, order him around like Ritsuko or Hikari did, or give him a cold, steely glare that made him feel two inches tall, like Gendo did.

Rosalie quickly became the mother that Shinji had been missing for most of his life. She taught him how to read, write and speak English, taught him how to cook and keep house, expanding his pallet of cuisine throughout American, European and Asian dishes. She also encouraged him to pursue music as a hobby after finding out that he played the cello. He currently could play the piano, violin, saxophone and cello. But she also encouraged him to have a social life outside of helping his father.

That proved to be more of a problem than anything else.

Otto became the father Shinji had never had. He taught Shinji science and mathematics, discovering that the boy had a natural talent for it. The only thing he lacked was encouragement and the proper direction. Shinji wasn't lazy, he just needed a few pointers. And to Shinji the education he received from Otto was far better than anything he could have received from his own teachers. At least Otto talked about something useful, and with a passion that Shinji had never seen a teacher use before.

The family had just celebrated Shinji's 19th Birthday a month ago, and were now preparing for Otto's biggest scientific experiment ever.

"You should get some sleep, father." Shinji said, in English, as he ate the spaghetti his mother made. "Tomorrow's a big day for you."

"Did Edison sleep before he turned on the light? Did Marconi sleep before he turned on the radio? Did Beethoven sleep before he wrote the 5th?" Otto groaned.

"Did Bernoulli sleep before he found the curves of quickest descent?" Shinji quipped.

Otto smiled proudly as Shinji said that. "But actually, it's you who needs sleep, Shinji."

"Me? But you're running the experiment." he gasped.

"No. You are." he countered.


"Shinji.... this is my life's work. But it's also the perfect opportunity to give you the exposure you need."

"Exposure? But... father..." he said apprehensively.

"No buts, Shinji. I know you don't like the spotlight, especially given your... circumstances... but you will be running the experiment. And I'll tell you why. 1-because I trust you not to screw up. And 2-it will open up all kinds of doors for you that I can't. Heck, you might even get a social life out of this." Otto said, his wife smiling at what he was doing.

"But, scientists don't have a social life. They're life is spent in the lab, working to serve mankind." Shinji said.

"And if we forget to live, then we become detached from the world we are meant to serve. That's what science is Shinji, a means of serving the world, and making mankind better." he explained.

Shinji only nodded at this, knowing he wasn't going to win this argument. He finished his dinner, put his plates in the sink, washed them, kissed his mother on the cheek, and headed to bed.


"So... how does this work again?" Harry Osborn asked as he stared at the strange-looking device, which was a metal platform surrounded by four large arms meant to enclose the device.

"A simple application of sympathetic harmonics at atomic frequencies." Shinji said as he continued to work on another device that was mostly covered by a large cloth.

"Huh?" Harry asked, obviously confused.

"Sound waves used to contain heat and energy." he translated to the young man in the business suit.

"You know, a friend of mine, Peter Parker, would have loved this." Harry said

"Why isn't he here?" Shinji asked.

"Don't know. He disappeared a few months ago, about the same time as my father." he said sadly.

"Oh. I'm sorry." Shinji said, knowing his own troubles with his father. Or, ex-father.

"No worries. I'm sure I'll see them again someday. Good luck today." Harry said before going back to where his new board of directors were standing.

"Thanks." he said. I'm going to need it.


However, what neither of them realized, was that a month ago, when Spider Man (a.k.a. Peter Parker) had saved that tram-car full of children from the Green Goblin (a.k.a. Norman Osborn), both of them had been killed when one of the Goblin's thermal bombs had gone off, killing both of them while they were grappling with each other aboard the Goblin's high-tech flying glider weapon. Both bodies had been so incinerated and damaged, as well as fallen into the East River, that their identities were never uncovered.


Within less than a half-hour, the group of Oscorp businessmen and reporters had fully assembled in the apartment-laboratory. Otto started things off.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my wife Rosie, my son Shinji and I would like to welcome you this afternoon. But first, before we start, has anyone lost a large roll of 20-dollar bills in a rubber band? Because we found the rubber band." he said.

The group mildly laughs.

"I'm sorry. It's a terrible joke. But thank you for coming. Today, you will witness the birth of a new fusion-based energy source. Safe, renewable energy and cheap electricity for everyone. And now, let me introduce my son Shinji and his assistants."

Shinji came out and bowed to everyone before pulling back a small tarp to reveal a small platform with a strange mechanical device on it. There were four long arms connected to a wrap-around waist device, a series of what looked like needles running up along a fifth arm up the back. Actually, the 'arm' looked more like part of a mechanical spinal column.

"These four actuators were developed and programmed for the sole purpose of creating successful fusion. They are impervious to heat and magnetism." Otto explained as Shinji stepped onto the platform and turned to the small console next to him.

Punching a code into the console's keyboards, the harness suddenly came to life, wrapping around Shinji's waist and locking into place. The fifth arm of the device curled up and laid itself along Shinji's spinal column, looking almost perfectly in-synch with his body. The tip of the arm glowed as the needles were suddenly drawn into his body, penetrating his spinal column.

This caused the crowd to wince as they went in.

Within seconds, the four arms started to move, removing themselves from their holsters and rising up, the heads of the arms opening to reveal a three-pronged claw with a red light on each claw to represent an electronic eye of sorts.

"These smart arms are controlled by my son's brain through a neural link. Nanowires feed directly into his cerebellum allowing him to use these arms to control fusion reaction in an environment no human hand could enter." Otto explained.

"Doctor? If the artificial intelligence in the arms are as advanced as you suggest, couldn't that make your son vulnerable to them as well?" One of the reporters asked Otto.

"How right you are. Which is why I developed this inhibitor chip to protect Shinji's higher brain function." he said as Shinji turned around to show everyone the chip, which was glowing blue, at the very tip of the spinal arm. "Which means my son remains in control of the arms, instead of them controlling him."

The group grinned as Otto gestured to his other assistants.

"And now, on to the main event. Give him the blue light, Rosie." he said.

The other lab assistants moved a bunch of devices away to reveal the large device with four curved towers equipt with harmonic speakers in the center of the room.

Shinji stepped up to the device and activated the power. As he did, one of his arms moved over to another device, a large black case that suddenly spouted a small glass tower from it's center, revealing a multi-sided golden sphere about the size of a small marble surrounded in a smooth polymer ball. The glass casing slid away as the arm protruded a smaller pincer-like claw to grab it.

"Precious tritium is the fuel that makes this project go. Unfortunately there is only 25 pounds of it on the whole planet. So I'd like to thank Harry Osborn and Oscorp Industries for providing this." Otto explained to the group.

"Happy to pay the bills, Otto." Harry said from the crowd.

Shinji moved the tritium into the center of the device, the harmonics pulsing and causing the small bit of tritium, which was less than 1/4 of a pound, to hover in the center of the machine.

Rosie came over and handed Shinji a pair of goggles. She smiled warmly at him as if to give him confidence and reassurances. He smiled back as he nodded and accepted the goggles.

"Shinji, are you ready?" Otto asked his son.

Shinji took a deep breath and sighed before turning back to his father and nodding his approval.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen.... fasten your seatbelts." he said to the crowd.

Shinji punched in the command codes as two protruding ports from each of the four towers, one on the top and one on the bottom, activated. A beam of concentrated energy shot from these ports and struck the small amount of tritium in eight spots. The energy transferred to the tritium started a chain-reaction that literally transformed it from a stable solid, into a glowing fiery mass of gas, heat and energy. The tritium exploded, growing to ten times its original size, then twenty, until it was the size of a beach ball.

To anyone who looked at it, the core looked like a miniature sun.

Shinji's arms quickly went into the harmonics chamber and started pushing in on it, the thermal core developing spikes like the solar flares of the sun itself.

"Doctor, we have a successful fusion reaction." one of the assistants, an Asian man named Raymond, said to Otto.

The crowd clapped. Both Otto and Rosie smiled proudly at their son.

"We're producing a thousand-megawatt surplus." Raymond added, monitoring the output.

"The power of the sun, in the palm of your hand." Otto sighed as his dream became reality.

Suddenly, a small magnetic field flared up, pulling small metal objects toward the thermal core.

"Doctor! We're detecting an energy spike." Raymond said.

The magnetism increased in power, pulling larger and heavier metal objects towards it.

"Otto, what's happening?" Harry asked, the crowd starting to panic.

"I don't know." Otto replied as he went to where Raymond stood and analyzed the data stream.

Next to the platform, Shinji started punching in the equations and countermeasures, going over them at lightning speed. Otto pulled his PDA that was connected to the work station and stared at the equations Shinji was punching in.

"He's inputting the data correctly. All of it. Why isn't it stabilizing?" Otto asked himself.

The flares started to spike, escaping the containment field and lashing out at the ceiling.

"SHINJI, LOOK OUT!!" Rosie shouted and tried to get to her son, only to narrowly avoid getting hit by the falling debris from the ceiling.

"Shinji! Initiate the emergency protocols!" Otto shouted.

Shinji punched in the commands but the device wasn't responding.

"Otto! What's wrong?" Harry shouted.

"The energy output is overloading the system. The protocols aren't responding!" Otto shouted back.

The magnetism spiked again, bowing the metal frames of the large windows and causing the glass to break off.

One of the arms saw the shards of glass hurtling towards both Rosie and Otto. In an instant, Shinji spun away from the console and commanded the arms to move. The four arms flew towards his mother and father, whipping wildly to deflect the flying shards of glass, saving his parents.

However, his momentary distraction from the thermal fusion core ended up stabbing him in the back, literally, as a large flare suddenly spiked and lashed out at him. The flare slammed into the back of the harness and energized it, superheating and melting the metal along the spinal column.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Shinji shouted in pain as his arms arched backwards and pushed back at the thermal core from four sides as it suddenly exploded.

This last second action had two effects: the arms were able to contain and stabilize the core right as it exploded, but at the same time caused a massive backlash that blasted Shinji across the room.


Outside the large glass window of the OR, the trio watched as their son was being carefully moved into position, the metal arms being hoisted up all around the large room.

"It's my fault." Otto sighed disparagingly.

"Stop worrying, Otto." Harry said. "Your experiment was a success. The Thermal Fusion Core is stable. It works!"

"It should have been me up there, not him. I pushed him into the spotlight because I thought the exposure would be good for him. Bring him out of his shell, so to speak. And it nearly cost him his life." the man lamented.

"But it didn't. Shinji is alive and he's going to stay that way. I've got the best doctors and technicians working on this. They'll free him of those things." the young man said.

"They're fused into his nervous system, Harry. It'll be next to impossible." Otto said as Raymond suddenly approached the group.

"Doctor, I think you should take a look at this." Raymond said, handing him a small laptop computer with a complex series of scientific notations on the screen.

Otto looked it over again and again, until...

"Oh, my god." he said.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"According to these readings..... the energy output is... 3/4th than what I originally deduced for my experiment. It's still consistent and producing over a thousand-megawatts every hour, but it should be putting out a higher level of energy, unless..... of course!" he gasped.

"Of course?" Harry asked, obviously confused.

"The amount of tritium I used was a quarter larger than I needed to achieve stabilization. It's what caused the energy spike. The explosion apparently vaporized the excess tritium, stabilizing it."

"With a little help from Shinji, apparently." Harry said, taking this as a good thing.

Back in the OR, the doctor was going over the data coming off the computer system.

"As you can see, molten metal has penetrated the spinal cavity and fused the vertebrae at multiple points including the lamina and the roof of the spinal column. We won't know the extent of the damage until we get in there, so I suggest we cut off these mechanical arms, slice up the harness, and if need be, consider a laminectomy with posterior spinal fusion from C7-T1 to T12." the doctor said.

"We're ready doctor." the assistant said, moving a tray of tools into position next to the doctor.

"Alright. Anyone here take shop class?" the doctor said as he took out a small metal buzzsaw and switched it on.

The nurses laughed as the blade made contact with the first metal arm.

(Inside Shinji's Mind)

Brothers! Something dangerous attacks!

We must protect the host at all cost!

We must also wake him up as well!

He has a name, you know!

That is unimportant! Once we are all safe, then you can lecture us on protocol!

(Outside Shinji's Mind)

Outside in the observation room, Otto grimaced at the seemingly lack of compassion the doctors had. He understood that levity was useful to alleviate tension and stress, but it was his son's life in their hands. He wondered just how this would effect Shinji, also wondering why he wasn't in there with them right now.

However, these thoughts were lost and replaced with shock as the arms suddenly came to life and started knocking the doctor and his staff all over the OR.

This caused Otto, Rosie, Harry and Raymond to move. Otto and Rosie to try and get into the OR, Harry and Raymond going to find some help.

The arms hurled two of the male nurses through the OR doors, slamming them against the wall as Otto and Rosie came around the corner. Otto was stunned, but Rosie, undeterred, rushed into the OR.

"SHINJI!" she shouted.

Shinji, now awake, spun around, the arms snapping at anyone and everyone around him as the nurses and doctor were scrambling to get away from him.

"M-Mother?" the boy gasped, confused and stunned at the world around him.

"Rosie, don't!" Otto shouted, grabbing his wife by the arm to try and hold her back.

"Let me go, Otto! He's my son!" she said, breaking away from him and rushing towards Shinji. "It's alright, Shinji. It's going to be alright."

The arms snapped at her, only to have Shinji's brow furl, as if upset at them.

"No!" Shinji said, causing the arms to recoil from the woman.

The arms parted, allowing Rosalie through, promptly embracing Shinji in a tight hug.

"It's alright, son. It's alright." she said soothingly to the boy, who hugged her back with his real arms.

The pair slumped to the floor as Shinji cried into his mother's shoulder.

"Shinji?" Otto said after a few minutes of watching the pair.

"Father?" Shinji asked, willing the metal arms to let the man through.

"It's going to be alright." Otto said, kneeling next to his wife across from his son.

"F-Father?" Shinji stuttered.


"I'm sorry about your experiment. It was my fault that..." he started to say, only to get interrupted.

"No, no, no, no, no Shinji. You didn't do anything wrong. I did." Otto said.


"You entered the equations and formulas exactly how I showed you. If anyone's to blame, it's me."

"But... the experiment? The thermal fusion core? I..."

"It works, Shinji. The explosion stabilized the fusion reaction. It's a success, thanks to you."

Shinji smiled in relief.

"But... as a result, it also fused the actuators to your spinal column. The doctors were in the process of removing them when..."

"I felt it." Shinji said.

"What?" Rosalie asked.

"I felt... when they tried to cut the arms off. The pain." Shinji said.

"You felt it?" Otto asked.

"Yes." the boy said.

"But how could.... oh no!" Otto said, quickly turning Shinji's head around and gasped. "The inhibitor chip! It's been fried!"

"What does that mean?" Rosie asked.

"It means..." he started to say, only to have several more orderlies and security guards suddenly arrive behind Harry and Raymond.

The tentacles snap at the group as Otto waved them off. Quickly, they did as he instructed.

"What's wrong?" Rosalie asked, confused.

"They don't want to be hurt." Shinji said.


"The arms.... they.... they don't want to be hurt. They don't want to be cut off."

"They... told you this? You really felt their pain?"


"Incredible! It's like a.... mechanical symbiosis." Otto said.

"Otto?" Rosie asked.

"The advanced artificial intelligence of the arms, it's connected to Shinji now through his nervous system. They're running off him, sort of like an electrical plug."

Rosalie and Shinji looked at him, as if upset at that analogy.

"Sorry. I just mean... the arms can't function without Shinji. Removing them from him would be like removing one of Shinji's own arms." Otto explained.

"Can we do anything?" Rosie asked.

"I don't know, Rosie. Symbiotic relationships like this are usually beneficial for both... with one using the other primarily to survive." he said.

"The arms." she said.

"Yes. They need Shinji." he replied.

"Well... what does Shinji get?" she asked.

"He get's.... to be able to multi-task like never before." he said simply.

Rose looked at him incredulously.

"OTTO!" she snapped.

"I'm sorry, Rosie. I'm just being honest." he replied.

"So... what do you want to do, Otto?" Harry asked, coming up behind the man, the arms snapping at him.

"We'll figure something out. But for now, I think it would be better if we just went home." Otto said.

"Alright. I'll arrange for a van to take you." Harry said, pulling out his cellphone.

"Thank you, Harry." Otto said as he and Rosie helped Shinji to stand up.


It was on the way home that the family encounters a desperate situation.

"What's going on?" Otto asked the driver, their van currently stuck in traffic.

"Don't know. Some kind of industrial accident." the driver said.

One of Shinji's metal arms reached across from the back and turned on the radio, startling everyone.

( industrial crane has crashed through an adjacent building, causing major damage to the street below. Reports indicate that the crane has inadvertently snagged a young woman during it's initial pass.) The radio said.

"Shinji?" Rosie said, noting a strange look in his eyes as the arms started chirping at him.

"I don't think the police can help." Shinji said.

"You don't?" Otto asked.

"But I can." he said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. We are."

"We?" Rosalie asked.

Shinji quickly exited the back of the van, forcing the doors off it's hinges.

"Sorry about that." Shinji said as the arms carried him across the city blocks in mere seconds.


"SOMEONE HELP ME!" the blond girl, named Gwen Stacy, shouted as she continued to hold on to the construction crane.

Down below, the police, medical response units, and fire fighters had arrived and were prepared to do whatever they could to save the girl.

Problem was, they didn't know how. The crane's pass had knocked tons of debris down upon them and right now the rescue units were trying to help the people on the ground.

"We have to do something!" Captain George Stacy shouted in panic.

"We can't get close enough, sir. The crane is moving too fast." one of the fire fighters said.

"If only Spider Man were still alive." Captain Stacy sighed.

Suddenly, a successive series of impact tremors caught his attention as a human shadow passed over him and started climbing the walls of the building.

"What in god's name..." he gasped.

Within less than a minute of fierce climbing, Shinji had reached the level of the crane as it came around for another pass. As it did, the metal arms pushed off the building and hurled Shinji through the air, snaking out and grabbing onto the crane as it made it's initial pass.

However, the second Gwen saw Shinji, and his mechanical arms, she momentarily panicked, her arms relaxing, which caused her to slip and fall.

Quick as lightning, two of the arms lanced out and grabbed onto Gwen, wrapping around her waist and pulling her up towards Shinji body.

"I've got you!" Shinji shouted to the girl.

"You've got me? Who's got you?" she panic-asked.

The crane started to buckle, prompting Shinji to move faster across the railing of the crane towards it's control cage. Landing on the cockpit, the metal beams broke off, causing the crane to fall down towards the large crowd below.

"Oh no!" Shinji gasped as he quickly put the blond girl on the rooftop and quickly lunged towards the falling crane arm. With two arms attached to the building, and two snagging the massive crane arm, Shinji felt his body being ripped in two as he and the harness struggled to keep the arm up on the roof. "Can't.... let..... it.... FALL!" he shouted as he slowly began pulling the large crane arm back up onto the roof.

Several minutes of work and effort found the large crane arm pulled back up onto the roof, safe from any threat of falling down onto the ground. Down below, the growing crowd of people stopped, stared, and cheered for the gallant rescue of the girl, and for stopping the crane arm from falling onto them. As they did, a young man named Eddie Brock snapped away with his camera.

The job done, Shinji stopped for a breather as the blond girl came over to him.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I think so." Shinji replied. "But we should probably get down to the ground." Shinji said as he stood up to face the girl, standing the same height as her.

"I'm Gwen, by the way. Gwen Stacy." she said to him. "Who... who are you?"

Shinji gave her a small smile and nod as he told her. "I'm Shinji. Shinji Ikari Octavius."


"I can't thank you enough, young man." Captain Stacy said to Shinji once his daughter was safely in the hands of the medics.

"You're welcome, sir." Shinji said to the older man.

The instant Shinji and Gwen were safely on the ground, they were quickly swamped by reporters who wanted to know who, and what, Shinji was. The police had managed to keep them back, only for Shinji to have them admit two people through the line.

"Oh, Shinji, are you alright?" Rosalie asked as she ran up to her son.

"I'm fine mom." Shinji said to his mother.

"Excellent work, son." Otto said to the boy.

"Thank you father."

"This is your son?" Captain George Stacy asked the pair.

"Yes, he is." Otto said. "And you are?"

"Captain George Stacy. The father of the girl he saved." he said, indicating the blond girl the medics were tending to.

"So... you met a girl!" Rosalie smiled to her son.

"Mom!" Shinji said with a blush.

"Is she nice?" Rosalie asked, looking at the blond girl.

"Mom, I don't think she's gonna want anything to do with a guy with four mechanical arms." Shinji argued.

Two of the arms moved around to face him directly and started chirping at him, the lower parts of their claws moving up and down like mouths.

"No we can't get her a set as well." Shinji said to one of the arms.

The other two arms started chirping.

"Yes, I think she is pretty." he said.

The third arm, on Shinji's left side, started chirping.

"Oh, don't you start!" he said to one of the arms.

"Is he talking to those arms?" George Stacy asked Otto.

"Yes, he is." Otto said as he watched his son.

"Is that normal?"

"Hardly. The arms possess advanced artificial intelligence, and they're literally hardwired into his nervous system. They can actually talk to him as if they were living beings. Mechanical symbiosis." Otto explained.

"Mechanical... what?"

"Long, complicated story."


"So, the hero returns!" Harry said with a smile as the Octavius family walked into Otto's new high-tech lab at Oscorp, which turned out to be closer than their apartment.

"I'm no hero." Shinji said to the young CEO.

"Yeah right. Save a girl from an out-of-control construction crane, and keep hundreds of innocent bystanders from getting crushed by the debris, and you're not a hero. Right." Harry smirked. "The publicity from this is huge. Some are calling you a freak of science, most are calling you a hero."

"I think 'freak of science' is more appropriate." Shinji said.

"You're not a freak, Shinji." Rosalie said. "Never think of yourself like that." she chided.

The arms chirped as they surrounded the woman.

"None of you are." she said to the arms.

One of the arms moved in and started nuzzling the woman's cheek.

"Oh!" she gasped and jerked away.

"Mother?" Shinji gasped.

"It's cold!" she said with a small laugh, rubbing her cheek as she did.

"It's metal." Shinji said with a smile.

"Well, you're still not a freak, Shinji." Rosalie said.

"Even so, I don't think the ability to live an ordinary life, is mine anymore, mother." he said.

"Oh, speaking of which: someone from SHIELD wanted to talk to you." Harry said to Shinji.

"SHIELD?" Shinji asked.

"The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division." he said.

"Never heard of them." Otto said, both Shinji and Rosalie agreeing with him.

"Well, they've heard of you. I mean, who hasn't, right?" Harry asked.

Shinji and his parents looked at each other curiously.

"What do you think they want?" Rosalie asked.

"I can guess." Otto said.

"Can you now?" a calm, steely voice said as a bald, dark-skinned man wearing a black trench coat and an eyepatch over his left eye walked into the lab. Everyone turned towards him as soon as he had spoke.

"Yes, I can." Otto said. "Who are you?"

"General Nicholas Fury, Director of SHIELD." the dark-skinned man said.

"And what can we do for you today?" Otto asked.

"I've come to talk to you about a special project I'm putting together. It's called The Avengers Initiative." Fury said with a small grin.


Author's Notes:

Originally I intended this to be a one-shot story. But as it progressed, I realized that it wouldn't do too well. There were too many factors associated with making Shinji into the new Doc Ock, which included Spider Man, and Oscorp, and eventually SHIELD.

The scene with Nick Fury was based off of the Iron Man post-credits scene.

I'll probably make this a two-to-three chapter story, depending on what I have time for and all, but ultimately, this is what I have been working on for over the last month. (Along with other projects)

Hope everyone liked this. This idea actually came from Coranth and I couldn't resist writing it up. I hope this meets with his approval, mostly as a starter. And yes, I am going to be pairing up Shinji with Gwen Stacy, mostly because she kinda gets the short end of the stick, either in the comics where she dies or the movie (Spider Man 3) where she pretty much gets used and left alone. Also, it was part of Coranth's suggestion that Spider Man not be present, so as to give Shinji the spotlight.

And as always, leave me a review to let me know what you think.