by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Spider Man 2, Spider Man 3, or X2.

Summary: Shinji is teleported to another world where he gets adopted by the kindly Octavius couple which leads to his becoming the tentacle-armed Agent Octopus.


Chapter 2
The New Heroes

How did I get myself into this mess? Shinji wondered as the SHIELD transport plane flew towards the Canadian Wilderness, specifically to Alkali Lake.

One of his arms swerved over to him and started chirping.

"Because I said yes? I know that, I was just...." he said as a second arm chirped at him. " I don't think mom and dad would have been arrested if I said no." he said as the third arm chirped. "No, I'm sure General Fury sending us to look for one of his people does not make us errand boys."

He was at least glad that General Fury had given him a custom-made black uniform with a strange SHIELD symbol on his chest. Equipt with black boots, black pants, black shirt, and black vest with holes in the back for his arms to extend through, Shinji was actually impressed someone had come up with a custom-made outfit for him so quickly.

While Shinji and his 'brothers-in-arms' continued talking, the two transport pilots couldn't help but stare at their odd passenger.

"So who is this guy again?" one of the pilots asked.

"Some kind of special operative I figured." the co-pilot said.

"Isn't he the guy who saved the girl from the construction crane a couple days ago?"

"I think so."

"Uh... is he talking to those mechanical arms?"

"Do you see anyone else back there?"

"Maybe the Invisible Woman's riding with us."

"Wish I could see that."

The transport eventually reached it's destination, a lake blocked up by a large dam miles from any form of civilization. There was a high degree of cloud-cover, which was to be expected this time of year.

"Are You Ready?" the second pilot shouted at Shinji as he stood at the back of the transport plane.

"Remind Me Again Why I Agreed To Do This?" Shinji shouted as the back of the transport opened up.

"Because You're The Guy With The Metal Arms?" the man said to the dark-garbed young man.

Shinji just stared at the guy as he tightened the straps on his parachute.

"Did I Happen To Mention I've Never Done This Before?" he shouted as the transport hit some turbulence, causing Shinji to lose his balance and fall out of the plane.

Two of his arms snaked out and grabbed the door of the transport.

"This Is Not What I Signed Up For!" Shinji shouted as he continued to flail behind the transport.

Looking down he saw his intended target and forced his arms to release him.

Free-falling towards the lake, he popped the chute and slowly drifted towards the east side of the lake where a military-grade helicopter was waiting. Looking at it strangely he followed a small trail to an old concrete bunker with a steel door that lead down into a dark maze of corridors.

Looks like General Fury was right about this place. Shinji thought as his metal arms scanned the dark corridors before Shinji descended down into the tunnels.

Shinji wasn't even sure why he was doing this, or where he was going, but forged ahead until he came to a fork in the tunnel.

Where do I... he thought, then paused, as both he and his arms heard the sounds of fighting coming from the left tunnel.

Quickly moving down the tunnel he missed a grizzled 50-ish man slinking through the shadows. He eventually came to what looked like an old underground lab, where a pair of individuals in black leather were duking it out.

One was a rough-looking man with three metal claws popping out on each hand and a wild hair-style. The second was an attractive Chinese woman with foot-long claws springing out of her fingers.

And what's more, the woman was the person he had come to find.

Yup, that's her. Shinji thought as he held up the picture Fury had given him.

The arms started chirping while the fight was going on.

"No, I'm sure the General didn't intentionally neglect to tell us she was a mutant. Yes, I'm sure that the guy she's fighting is a mutant too. No, I don't want to see her pick her nose with those things." he said as the woman grabbed the man and tossed him across the lab. "Wow. Strong and beautiful."

The man got up and was about to attack, as the woman leaped through the air at him, claws out.

Wolverine's claws were out as Deathstryke flew through the air at him. Thus far the woman had given him a hell of a beating, her powers seemed to match his, both in terms of claws and healing factor.

Stryker did a number on me, but did worse to her. I have to end this... and fast. He said as she flew to him, only to get knocked away from him into the far wall.

"What the...." he gasped as a new figure entered the fight. And even to Wolverine, he was the strangest figure he had ever seen.

"Sorry to interrupt your fight, but I kinda need her in one piece." Shinji said.

"Who the heck are you?" Wolverine asked, staring at the mechanical arms that were coming out of the young man's back.

"Right now, a friend." the tentacle-armed young man said.

"Mine... or hers?" the razor-clawed mutant said.

"Well.... I came to retrieve her, so I have to interrupt your fight, if that helps."

"Actually, it does. I've got business with the guy who gave me these!" he said, holding up his claws.

While the pair spoke, Deathstryke had gotten up and leaped at the pair. Shinji's arms saw her attack and quickly lashed out, catching her arms and legs.

"Whoa!" Wolverine gasped as Shinji held Deathstryke in mid-air.

"Better go. I'll deal with this lady." Shinji said.

"Right. And thanks." he said as he moved over to where William Striker had escaped. He paused for a few seconds, turning back to Shinji. "Hey. I never got your name."

"You can call me.... Agent Octopus." Shinji said.

"Agent Octopus?" he asked before considering the metal arms. "Right. You can call me Wolverine." he said before running off to track down Stryker.

Once Wolverine had gone, Shinji turned back to the woman struggling in his mechanical grip.

"Now... what am I going to do with you?" Shinji asked, as suddenly, a massive wave of pain overtook her, causing her to shriek out in pain and squirm in his grip. "What the..." Shinji gasped as he dropped the woman who looked like she was having a seizure. Thinking quickly, Shinji went to look for some medical boosters to help her, when she stopped squirming and fell unconscious. "Okay... that was.... ARRGGHHHH!!!" Shinji shrieked as his own mind was suddenly assaulted.

What is happening? One of the arms asked.

Shinji's mind is being attacked! The second arm said.

We must help him! The third arm said.

But how? The fourth arm said.

Combine our minds to block the attack! The second arm shouted.

The four arms focused their collective thoughts upon Shinji, quickly forming a barrier around his mind, like a poncho around a person to block the droplets of rain.

The strange mental attack stopped a minute later... but Shinji had long since recovered from that.

Thanks guys! Shinji thought as he picked up Deathstryke and headed out of the underground bunker.


Shinji had no way of knowing that the psychic attack that Deathstryke had suffered, and that he had suffered a minute later, was being conducted by the mutant known as Professor X, who was being manipulated by William Stryker to destroy all mutants, which included Deathstryke. It was Magneto who turned Professor X the other way and tried to use him to destroy all the humans, like Shinji.

After he had gotten Deathstryke out of the base, before the dam collapsed, Shinji had called for a pick-up from the transport. Considering what had happened to him, he was lucky the pilots had landed the transport before they crashed it.

Once they were airborne, Shinji noticed that Deathstryke was starting to come around. And what's more, she wasn't trying to attack anyone.

"Where am I? This isn't Alkali Lake." she said, looking around, not noticing she was tied up with steel cables.

"We're on a transport headed back to New York." Shinji said.

"Oh, god! I remember. I remember everything!" she gasped. "Where's Stryker?" she asked again.

"Don't know. Do you remember who you are?" Shinji asked.

"I am..... Yuriko Oyama. I am an agent of SHIELD!"

"And apparently a mutant as well."

Noriko looked down at her hands, even though they were bound as well.

"Yes. Shortly after my infiltration of Stryker's anti-mutant group, he discovered I was one. Somehow I... I don't know how he did, but... he used some kind of mind-control serum on me, then put me through his experiments to lace adamantium to my skeleton."

"That sounds painful." Shinji winced at the thought of such an operation.

"It was. But the serum forced me not to care, and my mutation enabled me to survive." she said. "I would have done anything for him, even if it cost me my life. And worse... I remember all the things he made me do."

"Nothing.... degrading, I hope." he said with a look of concern on his face.

She turned and looked at him. "He didn't make me sleep with him, if that's what you mean. I was grateful for that, at least. By the way, who are you?"

"My name is Shinji Ikari Octavius. I'm code-named Agent Octopus." he said, his four mechanical arms waving about.

"So I see." she said. "Was that your choice, or General Fury's?"

"General Fury's."

"I see. Uh... can you untie me now?" she asked.

Shinji's mechanical arms snapped to attention.

"The mind-control serum has worn off now. I won't attack you, I promise."

"Alright." Shinji agreed. "But I'll be watching you, just to be sure." he said as his mechanical arms moved over to remove the metal cables that tightly bound her.


However, while Shinji had been away, three new individuals had risen up in New York.

Eddie Brock, photographer for the Daily Bugle, had inadvertently become the new Spider Man when he got bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker at the science center after it escaped. But what was worse, a strange meteorite had crash landed in the bay and released a black, liquid-like creature that bonded to the dead bodies of Peter Parker and Norman Osborn which were lying on the bottom of the river. Unbeknownst to anyone, the alien symbiote was able to sense their unique natures and tired to revive them in order to control them. Though regeneration, not revival, was more the word.

Unfortunately, the symbiote didn't have enough strength to fully regenerate both individuals and once it had drug them back to the shore, he abandoned them for a new host. It was then that a disoriented Eddie Brock came across the pair, and the symbiote bonded to him, sensing the same uniqueness that Peter had.

At virtually the same time, after Shinji had left, Nick Fury had pressured Harry Osborn to improve the Performance Enhancers that his father had originally developed. And like his father, without time to find a proper test subject---he tried it on himself.

And of course, while this was going on, escaped convict Flint Marko had managed to elude police and ended up in one of Osborn's science labs where he was blasted by an experimental particle-accelerator and turned into an alluvium-based shape-shifting Sand Man.

And as fate would have it, all three of these unusual individuals had decided to attack Oscorp on the same day.

Eddie Brock, now controlled by the alien symbiote, was attacking Oscorp after learning from Osborn about the Performance Enhancers that could create a foe as powerful as himself. He was attacking it in order to find the Enhancers so that he could enhancing Eddie's own powers.

Harry Osborn, who had been driven mad by his father Performance Enhancers, was ransacking the company looking for more weapons to make himself invincible.

And Flint Marko was attacking Oscorp in order to kidnap and extort money from Osborn, whom he felt was responsible for his transformation, in order to pay for his daughter Penny's medical bills.


The SHIELD transport flew over Oscorp and saw that the entire facility was under attack.

"What's going on down there?" Shinji asked the pilots.

"Not sure, sir. Reports say that three super powers are attacking the facility. SHIELD agents on the ground aren't having much luck dealing with them." the co-pilot answered, stilling listening to the transmissions coming out of his headset.

"We should get down there!" Yuriko said.

"Right." Shinji said and turned back to the pilots. "Make Another Pass! I'm Jumping Out!"

"We're Jumping Out!" Yuriko said.

"Are you sure about this?" Shinji asked.

"It's my job, kid!" she stated, showing her un-clawed hands to him.

Shinji didn't argue, just wrapped his arms around the shapely woman and leaped out of the transport as it passed over the center of the complex.

The pilot's didn't notice that they hadn't taken a parachute with them.


Inside the large state-of-the-art laboratory of Doctor Otto Octavius, General Nicholas Fury and about a half-dozen remaining SHIELD agents were locked in combat against the three bizarre super villains who were attacking, though it was obvious that they weren't on the same side.

Despite this, the agents were having as much trouble with one of them as they were with three.

The black-garbed Spider Man-like creature leaped through the air and kicked one of the agents in the chest, slamming him hard into the concrete wall as the second agent kept firing on him.

The dark-garbed figure on the flying glider was throwing orange-colored bombs around the room, blasting two more agents across the room.

And the green-shirted man who seemed to be made out of sand was lashing out and taking out the last two agents with his shape-shifting hammer-like hands.

Off to the side, two people were huddled behind a large lab counter top.

"So... is this the reason you wanted to recruit my son?" Otto Octavius asked the dark-skinned man, glad his wife wasn't here now.

"More or less." Nick Fury said as he slammed another clip into his gun.

The agents were defeated and the three super villains were about to turn on the nearest occupants, when the skylight exploded open and two people fell into the room and dropped to the floor. One of the figures extended three mechanical arms to grab and swing off of anything in order to slow their descent. This included the lighting fixtures on the ceiling and the large machines in the lab.

The pair swung back on the mechanical arms and dropped onto the counter top where Nick and Otto were hiding. The pair looked up and stared at two people they recognized immediately.

"Shinji?" Otto gasped as he saw his son.

"Hi dad." Shinji said to his father.

"Yuriko?" Nick gasped as he saw his operative.

"Hey boss." Yuriko said to the man.

New Goblin gripped one of his bombs and hurled it at the pair of newly arrived individuals.

One of Shinji's arms saw the bomb fly towards them, so it snaked out, grabbed the bomb and hurled it to the opposite side of the room. The bomb exploded as Shinji and Yuriko ducked behind the lab table.

"You send me on a little errand, I leave for a couple days, I get back and things have gone straight to hell!" Shinji said to Fury before he grabbed both his father and the SHIELD director and pulled them out of the lab. "Get going, I'll deal with this!" he shouted to the pair.

"You mean we'll deal with this!" Yuriko said to him.

"You sure about this, Agent Oyama?" Shinji asked.

Yuriko just extended her claws from her ten fingers and glared at him. "Call me Deathstryke, Agent Octopus!"

Shinji just turned back as the three villains, still not working together, attacked the pair.

Agent Octopus sprang from the ground with his arms and into the air, knocking New Goblin off his glider as Sandman lunged towards him. Deathstryke followed suit and lunged at the black Spider Man, slashing at him with her claws. Sandman lunged at Agent Octopus as the young man lashed out with his mechanical arms, spraying part of his opponent across the room.

Black Spider Man knocked Deathstryke across the room after dodging her claws.

"You're not Spider Man, are you?" she asked getting back to her feet.

"No. I'm not." Black Spider Man said.

"So what do I call you?" she asked, extending her claws once more.

"We are poison to you.... so you can call us... Venom!" he hissed with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and an incredibly long, red tongue.

We? Us? Is he more than one person? She thought as Venom lunged at her again.

New Goblin got back up and leapt at Agent Octopus, who had grabbed a pair of black goggles from the lab so as to keep parts of Sandman from getting into his eyes. He never made it as one of the arms lashed out and knocked him backwards into one of the electrical generators, electrifying him with intense energy.

Deathstryke slashed again at Venom, the symbiote villain jumping back to avoid the claws as his body quickly healed the injury. He leaped up onto the wall, nearly ten feet off the ground as his female opponent raced after him.

"Get back down here and fight!" Deathstryke shouted.

"No. How about you... come up!" Venom snarled as he fired his webline's to her, wrapping around her wrists and tugging fiercely.

Deathstryke was flung through the air and tossed into a large rack of mechanical devices, which came crashing down on top of her as she fell to the ground.

With his opponent down, Venom turned back to the tentacle-armed young man who was trying to stop the shape-shifting man of sand.

And while they are distracted, we'll go and finish what we originally came here to accomplish! Venom thought as he went off to try and locate the lab that the Performance Enhancers were kept.

However, that didn't happen as a slim, female figure rose up through the mechanical rubble and glared angrily at the symbiote.

"Alright! That..... hurt!" she growled as she grabbed one of the devices and hurled it at Venom.

The device slammed into Venom's head, knocking him backwards into a collection of chemical vials and containers, covering him in liquids. However, the device that Deathstryke had hit him with, which was actually a prototype for the thermal bombs that Norman Osborn had developed, which had been damaged by Deathstryke hurling it at Venom, suddenly sparked to life and blasted the symbiote with intense energy.

The energy was a combination thermal plasma and magnesium phosphorous, that enveloped Venom in intense heat. However, it also caused the chemicals he had been drenched in to vaporize his symbiote skin to such a degree that it relinquished control of his mind and body.

Venom collapsed to the ground as Deathstryke turned back to see that her partner had managed to capture Sandman using the most unlikely of devices.

An industrial-strength, air-tight vacuum.


"I still can't believe you did that!" Deathstryke said to Agent Octopus as his mother bandaged his left arm.

"I didn't have much choice." Agent Octopus replied as his father and General Fury just stared at the now imprisoned Flint Marko inside a special air tight glass chamber. "Punching him wasn't working so I figured I'd use a more... appropriate method."

"Appropriate? You sucked him up into a vacuum! I mean... it's like something out of a cartoon!"

"Is that what you're upset about?" Rosalie Octavius asked, while checking one of the mechanical arms for any lingering sand.

"No. I'm just... kinda shocked that it worked." Deathstryke said.

While the pair were sitting down at one of the undamaged counters in the lab, Harry Osborn walked over to the pair, still dressed in his New Goblin costume.

"How are you feeling, Harry?" Shinji asked, still a little shocked that it had been Harry in the suit.

"Not so good." Harry said, still rubbing his head. "Though I should be glad you knocked me into that electrical generator. It neutralized whatever side-effects the Performance Enhancers had on me."

"So you're not going to try and kill us?" Deathstryke asked.

"Not after the thrashing I got last time." he said as he sat down next to the pair.

"Speaking of which... how's the webhead?" Agent Octopus asked.

"Better. Though he's a little confused about what happened. Or how he got like this." Deathstryke said as the group looked over and saw the dark-garbed Spider Man resting on a lab table with an armed guard standing over him as a doctor and scientist ran another battery of tests on his strange black suit.

While the trio mused on what was going to happen to the new Spider Man, Nick Fury was making the contained Flint Marko an offer.

"You're serious?" Marko asked the dark-skinned man.

"Oh course. We'll pay for your daughters medical treatments... and in return, you work for me!" Fury said.

"As one of your agents." he said with disbelief.

"That's right." Fury said. "And in addition to your daughter's medical bills... we'll expunge your record. Give you a clean slate."

Marko actually liked how that sounded.

"And how long do I have to work for you?" Marko asked.

"Well, five years is the usual length of service for something like this. If you do a good job, it'll be no more than that."

"Unless I become too valuable for you to just let me walk around."

"You're already that. Considering what you are... I'd probably be willing to bring you on full-time. Expunged record or not." Fury said.

"You mean, an actual job."

"Even with an expunged record, it might be hard for you to get a regular job."

"Yeah. Guess so." he said with a depressed sigh.


Fury eventually managed to convince the new group of superhumans to join SHIELD as his special agents. He didn't offer any of them a place on his Avengers Initiative, since they were all unknowns. Aside from Shinji that is.

Eddie Brock, who had proven less hostile since his symbiote had been 'depossessed', was made into the new Spider Man. He even looked like a dark-garbed Spider Man, not like the monstrous Venom.

Flint Marko would become the Sandman.

Harry Osborn would become the New Goblin, when he wasn't running his company.

And Yuriko Oyama took the name Deathstryke that she had once held under Stryker's control.

Shinji kept the code-name of Agent Octopus when he went out on special missions, but whenever he was helping out in his fathers lab he was simply known as Shinji Ikari Octavius.

Such was the case when Gwen Stacy decided to pay him a visit.


Two days after the massive battle at Oscorp, Shinji and his father were still in the process of cleaning up the lab.

"Shinji?" Rosie Octavius called to her son, who was using his metal arms to hang from the ceiling while he wielded another panel into place with his flesh-and-blood arms.

"Yes?" Shinji called back.

"You have a visitor!"

Visitor? He thought.

I hope it's not another reporter! The first arm spoke.

Maybe it's that blond girl who we rescued from that construction crane. The second arm said.

We'd best find out. The third arm said.

Shinji crawled down the wall and dusted himself off as Gwen Stacy walked into the lab.

HA! I knew it! The second arm said.

Be quiet and let's find out why she's here! The fourth arm said.

"Ms Stacy." Shinji said with a bow. "It nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you too, Shinji." she said with a smile.

"What brings you here?"

"Well, uh... I have two tickets to a play this weekend. And I was hoping you'd like to join me. As my way of saying 'thank you' for saving my life." she said with a mild blush.

Shinji looked shocked as his arms started chatting.

She's asking you out! You should take her up on it! The second arm said.

You say no and it could hurt her. The fourth arm said.

Not that it wouldn't be nice to go out once in a while to relax. The third arm said.

Then again we do kinda stand out in a crowd. The first arm said.

Can't be avoided. But she wouldn't be asking us if she didn't like us. The second arm said.

She likes us because we saved her life. The third arm said.

All the more reason not to reject her. The fourth arm said.

"ENOUGH!" Shinji shouted at the arms, causing them, and Gwen, to jump back. "Sorry. They just wouldn't stop talking." he said to the girl. "Uh... I'd like to go. If you don't mind being seen with a guy with four metal arms."

"I really don't mind at all." Gwen smiled.


(SHIELD Science Lab 1)

Fury walked into the hidden lab and stared at the two figures in the human-sized glass tubes, floating in special medical liquid with breathing masks attached to their faces. The young man in the first tank with the torn red and blue outfit was missing a leg, which was slowly being repaired by advanced nano-machines. The older man in the second tank in the torn green outfit was missing an arm, which was also being repaired by nano-machines.

"How are they doing?" Fury asked.

"They were barely alive when we found them. But their vitals are getting better." the doctor said.

"And their DNA and blood-work?" Fury asked.

"It's what we figured, sir." he said, handing the director two clipboards with their medical records attached to them.

Fury looked over both reports and grinned.

"Alright, then. Let me know when their bodies have been fully repaired."

"Yes, sir."

"And once they are.... we'll begin Project: Thunderbolt!"


Author's Notes:

In case no one noticed, the two people in the glass tanks were Peter Parker and Norman Osborn, who SHIELD agents found at the shoreline and brought them to their secret lab. They were already dead when the symbiote found and merged with both of them, rejuvenating their bodies and bringing them back to 'half-dead' before abandoning them for Brock.

Originally I was just going to clone them, but I thought that was a cliché idea. I'm probably stretching things by using the symbiote to help bring them back to life. Probably would have turned them into zombies, ordinarily.

And I hope no one minds that I did a mild crossover with X-Men 2 movie, and saved Deathstryke from being killed by Wolverine. The way I saw it, she was a victim and pawn of Stryker, not an actual villain like she has been portrayed in the comics and cartoons. Since there wasn't much explanation for who and what she was in the movie, I thought to give her a better back story, and made her a SHIELD agent who was also a mutant. And also, Fury didn't know about her being a mutant because he isn't used to dealing with them like Stryker is.

And just so everyone knows, Shinji was approached by Fury to be part of his Avengers Initiative, unlike Venom, Sandman and New Goblin because they are not public figures. No one knows about them yet, so for now Fury can create his own superhuman black ops group. Which includes Deathstryke. Fury also sent Shinji to find one of his agents as a kind of test for him.

And just so everyone knows, my next updates will be for 'Shinji X' and 'Shinji Meets The Avengers'. Hopefully for tomorrow.