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"Cammie, hurry up!" Shouted a petite brunette who was holding three over-sized shopping bags. (How she managed to lug around all those bags was a mystery.) "Come on Cammie we don't have all day!" She shouted again, this time she walked over to me and grabbed a hold of my arm. Then, with strength that shouldn't be possible for a girl her size, she started dragging me (her best friend!) to our next destination. I sighed in annoyance. "It's okay Nessie I am perfectly capable of walking by myself." I attempted explained as I pried her arm away from Nessie's strong grip.

"I'm sorry Cammie it's just that we have so many stores to go to and it's already," Nessie paused to check the time on her cell phone, "ten o'clock! We have a lot of ground to cover if we are going to make it out of this mall by five." Nessie exclaimed.

Life with Nessie as your best friend wasn't that bad, even though it seemed like she was on a permanent sugar rush. Shopping was just one of Nessie's favorite pastimes and no shopping trip was complete without her best friend forever… me. Okay maybe not forever, but come on, try to name one person you've known since the second grade who you still hang out with at the age of sixteen.

I sighed again, was defiantly one of the worst days of my life. First, I had received a call from Nessie at seven thirty in the morning, did I mention it was a freakin Saturday!? Ever since seventh grade (when our parents had clarified it was safe to take the subway alone) Nessie had declared every Saturday official shopping day. The idea hadn't seemed that bad back then, but Nessie forgot to mention the part were we woke up extremely early to get to the mall. Any normal person probably would have shot Nessie's idea down as quickly as possible but, being the faithful friend I was, I had agreed to leave my apartment in D.C. at eight every Saturday morning to join Nessie on our weekly epic shopping trip.

"Oh quick Cammie I heard there is going to be a sale at Abercrombie and Fitch! We have to go now!" Nessie nearly screamed in excitement. It took all of my self control not to cover hmy ears and groan at Nessie's screeching, but that would have been extremely rude and I wasn't about to hurt my friend's feelings. "Yay!" I said in an attempt to sound excited. Luckily Nessie caught on "You know I think I'll let you sit this one out." Nessie smiled.

I nearly jumped for joy. "Okay, I think I will." I said, as I claimed a spot on a nearby bench. Nessie flashed mea friendly smile before walking away "Don't worry I won't take to long in there. Twenty minutes tops." She said before dashing into the store. Knowing Nessie twenty minutes meant around an hour.

I pulled out a mall map from my back pocket and quickly scanned it for any interesting stores. Unfortunately, no store in particular seemed worthy of my precious time (away from Nessie) at the moment. "Excuse me miss." said a voice. I turned around to find a middle-aged woman with blond hair swept up in a bun, and a pair of glasses sitting on top of her nose. The woman's clothing and large, black briefcase screamed business woman. "Yes?" I asked, somewhat wary of the stranger. "I was wondering if you could direct me to the Borders bookstore, you see I'm new in town and have not had a chance to familiarize myself with the local stores yet." The woman asked kindly. She seemed innocent enough, so I glanced at my map quickly. "Sure it's on the second floor on the east side, since we are on the third floor you need to take the elevator over there," I said pointing to an elevator which people were crowded around "then you'll pass Sephora and Macy's and it will be on your right." I said finishing my explanation. The woman however had her attention focused on something behind me, but as soon as I finished giving the directions the woman snapped back. "Thank you dear I'm sure I would have been searching forever if I hadn't asked you." The woman flashed another warm smile and set off at a brisk pace.

I stared at the woman extremely confused. 1) She didn't even pay attention! And 2) she was going the opposite way of the elevators. She must have not been listening. I thought as the woman hurried into a bathroom. Around ten minutes later the blonde had still not exited the bathroom. That is so weird I thought a little creeped out by the strange woman. Then a blonde haired woman walked out of the bathroom wearing gray sweatpants, a plain pink t-shirt, and flip flops. Her hair was long and had a wave to it as if it had been pinned up for a long time. Then it clicked. That's the same woman I gave directions to. I thought in sudden realization.

The woman looked both ways as if she was being watched and quickly walked towards the opposite direction of the elevators. Curious, I began to follow her from a few yards back. The woman walked at very fast pace and I had trouble keeping up with her. 'Mystery Woman' (I had to give her some sort of name) used an escalator to get to the fourth floor. Not wanting to lose site of her, I got on the escalator as well. I tapped my foot impatiently as the escalator slowly made its way to the next floor. This was the most interesting thing that had happened to me the whole day and Nessie wouldn't be out of Abercrombie for at least another forty five minutes. I finally reached the floor and speedily got off the escalator behind a group of boys in school uniforms. Not paying much attention to the people around me, I continued my pursue of the Mystery Woman. Well, until I bumped into a rather rotund man who gave me an evil glare and snapped "Watch where you're going kid!" By the time I looked up 'Mystery Woman' had vanished.

I took a bite of my pasta as I stared at the large crowd. Still no sign of mystery woman. Stupid fat guy. Sighing, I looked at my plate of food in an attempt to distract myself. Why couldn't the mystery woman just disappear from my thoughts as easily as she did in real life? There was nothing special about her. Besides, the woman had probably already left the mall since it was nearing three o'clock. By the time I had found my way back to the bench Nessie had been waiting for me, and upon my arrival Nessie had made a huge scene. "Where were you Cammie? I was so worried! Why didn't you just wait outside the store for me?" Nessie was only concerned a little… or a lot, but she soon forgot about the incident when she spotted a sale sign hanging in the window of another store.

"So Cammie were do you want to go next?" Nessie asked me. I was still thinking about the strange mystery women who had so suddenly disappeared as if she had never existed. Now that I thought about it more I had realized there was a great deal of strange people occupying the mall. All of them seemed rather tense and were constantly looking in every direction as if their every move was being watched. Suddenly there was a flash of wavy blonde hair makeing its way towards the food court bathrooms. "Um, I think I'm going to take quick trip to the bathroom." I said before sliding out of my chair. "Okay, but don't take too long, we still have two more floors to shop at." Nessie reminded me.

Fortunately, the bathroom wasn't close to our table and by the time I had reached the door Nessie couldn't see me anymore. Perfect I thought. Plan 'Escape Nessie while Shopping' was officially in progress.


"Target spotted, it's almost three fifteen Zach you better hurry up and find one quick." said the voice in the comm. link. I sighed heavily before whispering quickly back in my comm. link. "Yeah sure, I'm trying but there all so damn elusive." Since I was in a huge crowd of people and I didn't want anyone thinking I was an insane nutcase talking to myself. The last thing I needed was to draw attention during a mission.

I scanned the crowd again for any sign of the targets. How hard could it be to find a bunch of giggling teenage girls! Though, these were not just regular girls. They just happened to attend the country's best boarding school, for spies. Still no sign of them, were could they all be! He was going to fail his first real CoveOps mission if he couldn't find a Gallagher Girl to follow to the destination. Zach groaned in frustration. This was not how things were supposed to go. He had been trailing a small, skinny girl for over an hour before he lost track of her in a Hot Topic store. It had happened in a spilt second. She was looking at a bunch off belts and then she had disappeared. Man, why does this have to be harder than it should be. Zach thought. That's when he saw her. A brunette with blonde streaks was quickly making her way through the crowd. She would have looked like any other girl to an ordinary person but Zach wasn't exactly what you would classify as ordinary. She walked at a fast pace as if she were in a hurry to get somewhere. Her eyes were focused and she was concentrating hard. Zach smiled, there was no doubt she was a pavement artist- and a good one. In fact, if he had looked in her direction a second later he was sure he would have missed her. He set off at a rapid pace and started to trail his new target.


I was quickly losing sight of mystery woman again for the second time that day. Mystery woman was around twenty yards in front of me, and the gap between us was slowly growing larger. The blonde woman slipped into an elevator and I followed without hesitation. Why the hell am I doing this again? I asked myself repeatedly. The fact that I couldn't think of a reason why I was doing this was somewhat pitiful.

Finally getting a chance to catch my breath, I looked up to see the blonde woman outside the elevator heading in the other direction. What! I was sure I had seen her go into this exact elevator. Crap. The elevator doors slid closed and I quickly realized there was another person occupying the elevator. A very good-looking person. It was a boy around my age, maybe a year older, he had jet black hair that was spiked a bit in the front. In other words, he was gorgeous. There was an awkward silence in the small space and I slowly shifted away from him as if he was carrying a disease. He cleared his throat suddenly which made the awkward silence even more awkward, if that was even possible. "Hi." He said breaking the silence. "Hey." I replied a bit uncomfortable. "I'm Zack." He said offering his hand to shake. "Cammie." I replied taking it. "So, what brings you here today?" He asked. "Um a shopping trip with my friend." I said, well duh it was the mall. "What about you?"

"Field trip, we were at the museum across the street but our group decided to get a late lunch." He replied smoothly, almost as if it was a rehearsed answer. I narrowed my eyes. "The museum across the street was closed Saturdays. I knew because I had just gone on a trip there with my own class. "I don't believe you." I accused. His mouth opened in shock for a split second but returned to its previous grim line in a flash.


How the hell did she figure out so quickly? I thought amazed at the girl's intelligence. If she were any normal girl she would have been flirting or ogling at me by now. That's because she's not normal, she's a Gallagher girl. I reasoned with myself. "Well for your information I don't believe you either." I shot back. Cammie turned to me with a confused expression on her face. "Why not? I really am shopping with my best friend." Liar. "Really?" I questioned her. "Okay I believe you, but I have one question." "Fire away." Cammie chuckled. "Where is you best friend?" I watched Cammie tense up. Gotcha Gallagher Girl.


Crap, what do I say? Oh, I saw this weird lady and decided to follow her like a stalker. "Um, well y-you see…" I stuttered. "It's okay you can tell me the truth." Zach smiled at me. Suddenly the elevator lurched to a sudden stop. "What was that?" Zach frowned. "Don't avoid the question Cammie." Then the lights flickered on and off for a moment. Then there was nothing.

Perfect timing you stupid elevator! Now I'm stuck for who knows how long with a lying hottie! I thought. Wait, hottie? Did I seriously just think that? "It seems that we're stuck." Zach commented on our situation. "Well thanks for stating the obvious!" I hissed sarcastically. I slowly slid to the floor and put my face in my hands. "Nessie is going to kill me." I groaned. "Who's Nessie?" Zach questioned again. "My best friend that was shopping with me, we were getting lunch when I decided to ditch her." Zach laughed. "If she's your best friend then how come you gave her the slip?" I paused, trying to think of an excuse. "I hate shopping with a burning passion." I mumbled. Apparently Zach had heard, and let out a laugh and before I knew it, I was laughing as well.

"You know what Zach, you're not to bad at all." I said giggling. "I know, you must be wowed by my awesomeness." Zach boasted. "Hey, don't get too cocky, and besides I can't even see you, its pitch black in here." I teased. "Don't worry, I'm right here." said Zach. I could hear him sliding across the floor to come sit next to me. He put his hand on top of mine and whispered "I'm right here." I nearly stopped breathing when Zach gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. Somehow I felt safe with Zach beside me. Have you ever had that feeling, like nothing could ever hurt or touch you? Nobody had ever made me feel that way. Not even my adopted parents, as kind as they are, they still couldn't fill the empty hole in my heart when I think of my real parents, who died in a car crash when I was just a baby. Sometimes when I lie in bed awake during the middle of the night I imagine what they would look like if they were still alive. I guess it has always been my dream to figure out who they were and what they were like. Sometimes I even dream that they're still out there, searching for me, because they love me with all their hearts and even death can't make someone you love go away.

I wasn't sure if it was the darkness, Zach's presence, or a combination of both, but somehow I could feel myself slowly falling asleep. "Thanks Zach." I whispered as sleep finally claimed me.


9,003 seconds later (or around two and a half hours later for those of you who didn't know) the light flickered back on though the elevator didn't. During the time stuck in this cursed elevator I have come to the conclusion that 'Cammie' (if that is even her real name) does not attend The Gallagher Academy and I had been trailing the wrong girl this whole time. I guess she's was just a normal person… who happens to act like a spy. As strange as that sounds, it's true. Cammie possesses a lot of spy traits such as her ability to go unnoticed in large crowds. It must have been sheer dumb luck when I spotted her just hours ago. To bad I'm most likely never going see her again. Maybe if she became a spy like me, I might have a chance to see her again.

9,072… 9,073. I continued counting. Then with a sudden jolt, the elevator finally continued its climb to the next floor.

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