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"Just close your eyes, my darling and make a wish," The old ladies voice croacked. Giselle looked down the well. "That's right" she enthusiastically continued. "Lean in close. Are you wishing for something?"
"Yes I am" Giselle closed her eyes and folded her hands like she was praying.
"And they both live happy ever af.." This was the moment. She was shocked up by a push. The next thing she knew was her falling. She screamed as she fell.
This was going to be her end.
The old lady weaved, chanted and her shape started to change to her original evil, dark queen form.
"My most adored queen, where did you send her?"
"To a place where there are no happily ever afters…" She said in a cold, thriumphantic voice. Nobody would ever take her place now…

Giselle stopped falling out of nothing. She noticed she was floating around. Little tinkerbell lights were flying around and they tingled her.
It felt a bit like a little needle stinging her. They were all over her. Stinging, it stopped. She was shooting through the air now like superman with no control over his flying strength.
Then she landed on a stone ground. Her hands were on a metal round plate and there was a light coming from the other side. She looked at her hands they were different. How could they be so different? She put her hand in the ray of light, but quickly pulled it back. Afraid it would hurt. It didn't. She looked with her eye through the little tiny hole. There was silence on the other side. She wriggled the metal plate and it opened. When she climbed out, she was in an unfamiliar place. And she felt so different. As she turned around there was a sign that said: "Welcome to Sunnydale"