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On a planet in the to-be-named Edrandi solar system. A species was born. They were called the Zakon. After dominating the cell, creature, and tribal stages with their military mind set, they now advance to the civilization phase, ready to make discovery's that would rock their world.


Tribal Log day 97 of the year 149 TA (Tribal Age)

Chieftain Walter

It is time. The age of shamans and mere tribal development is over. I have received the final vision from the spirits, instructions of what to do in place of my leadership and guidance. I hope that my kind will rise to become a true race that dominates all.


"My fellow tribesmen!"

The tribe looked up to their chieftain. By his guidance, they were building a city, not much now, with half completed walls and only a town hall that was barren save for their beds.

"Come forth."

The tribe proceeded to stop at their work and walk over to the town hall where the chieftain was standing in front of.

"Today is the dawn of a new era. Today, we set the founding stones of a glorious civilization, a civilization where we will grow, a civilization where our children can play. A civilization where no one but ourselves are our masters!"

That last statement had struck home as the tribe cheered, remembering their former enslavement and how they fought free.

"A civilization where the only limits we have are those we set on ourselves! A civilization, where we may achieve any dream. But I must tell you my fellow tribesmen, the path of civilization, is not one I can follow."

This sent the crowd into an uproar, for they didn't want their trusted leader to leave.

"Fear not, for there are those among you who have the spark of leadership like I do. Now…" He walked to the crowd and pointed to a male.

"You, Rak, what do you think we could do?"

"We could build a great city, a bastion of prosperity and happiness."

"Hm. A good answer." Said the Chieftain. He pointed to a female. "Kesset, what do you think we could do?"

"Could build weapons of war, more powerful and stronger than any warrior alone." She replied with a sense of violence in her voice.

The Chieftain chuckled. "Still as brutish as ever, Marks…" He pointed to another male, who still had his mason tools in his hands. "What do you think?"

"We could go further and faster. Reaching the skies and the stars, maybe even beyond." He replied with a dreamy voice.

"Good." Said the Chieftain. "You three shall be the first leaders of the new civilization. Lead your people well. And if you need help, I left some scrolls. Goodbye." And with that, the Chieftain plunged his staff into the ground and disappeared in a slash of light, never to be seen again.


Civilization Log 0 AC (After Chieftain) Day 2

Rak Log.

I still cannot believe it! The leader who guided us through the dark times is gone! Still, I see why, we have walked in his shadow and guide for time immortal, now we must make our own path. His final words also shock me, for Kesset, Marks, and I are to be the leaders of our people. I shall look for the Chieftain's scrolls and become the leader that is needed.


The new leaders stood in a circle around a table. On it were four scrolls, one marked with crossed blades, one with a musical note, and one with a coin marked on it. The fourth had no mark on it but a note that said Read this one first. Marks opened it.