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Inside the scroll, the trio quickly saw a tiny representation of their chieftain come out of it.

"Holy chieftain!?" Exclaimed Rak.

"Yes and no, young leader. I am just the spirit of your chieftain, here to grant you knowledge and wisdom to ensure that our kin may survive and prosper."

"Tell us what we must do holy chieftain." Said Kesset in a revering tone.

"Step 1: Abandon me."


"You have grown too dependent on my judgment in the past, you have to make your own choices."

"Very well." She replied in a moody tone.

"Besides, I am just a chieftain, there are greater powers in the world to revere."

"I understand." Though in truth she could not.

"Good, now step 2: Know that there are no boundary's for what you can do, anything can be done with enough effort or will."

"I see." Replied Marks, already putting his mind to work at thinking what they could do.

"Step 3: You might want to check out that red geyser near the mountain, its important."

"What, how?"

"That's for you to find out."


"I wish I could stay longer, but I do not have much more time in this world. Those three scrolls." He pointed at the embroidered scrolls. "Can teach you three ways to build and rule the city, one of trade, one of spirit, one of war, choose carefully."

The small figurine then disappeared, along with the scroll it was on. The trio then looked at the scrolls.

One of trade, one of spirit, one of war, what to choose? They all thought together.

Just go by instinct Replied a voice inside of them.

Marks took the scroll with crossed blades.


Civilization Log 0 AC Day 3

Marks Log

We throw ourselves across a cliff, not knowing of where we will land or how long we will live, but it will be a glorious flight that I will enjoy.


The city was different. While there were no seeable changes, the mood suddenly changed, tribesmen suddenly began thinking How do I use this to attack/defend? instead of will this work? The air all around the city was suddenly filled with intent, thirsting for battle and war. And then, just as soon as it came, it left, and the people resumed working, unaware of what they were filled with.


Civilization Log AC 0 Day 4

Tessert Log

Today I shall explore. I cannot explain why, but I have a feeling that I should. I got permission from the leaders yesterday, so I'll be fine. Hope I find something.


As Tessert walked to one of the gates the workers were erecting, getting a glance of what they were doing. The wall was being out up at a slow pace, as everything had to be done by hand. He could see there was a change of style on the uppermost levels, structured not to hold out pests, but to be able to hold tribesmen that would hold throwing spears. He also saw on the outside of the wall, wooden spikes jutted out of the wall, denying anyone from getting close up.

What have we become? thought Tessert as continued walking away from the city.

As he walked, he choose to go to the mountain, somehow drawn to it. There he saw a geyser, but it was different. It was spewing out red mist instead of water.

"Curious." Said Tessert as he walked over to it. He waved his hand through it, finding it covered in the same red stuff it was spewing out. He then decided to take some home and took out a little sack and filled it up.

"Wonder if this does anything." He rhetorically asked as he walked back to the city, unaware of the chain of events he would put into action.


Civilization Log AC 0 Day 4

Kent Log

Today it has been the general consensus of the leaders that we need a force to defend the city, and I, one of the old tribal warriors, have been chosen to make such a force.


Kent stood in front of a dozen young laborers. There, he was to turn farmers and workers into part-time soldiers or militia as according to the tribal scrolls. He looked at the table with weapons, throwing spears, stone axes, torches, all weapons that were granted by the will of the chieftain. Time to move on thought Kent before he began his briefing. "Tribesmen, today you have been selected to be the next generation of defenders of your kin. You will be instructed in the ways of fighting every three days from sunup to midday. Now for your weapon," He picked up a axe. "This will be your means of close defense." Or attack He thought. Which it will inevitability come to.