Hey guys! I was browsing, happened across Toosweet's story "Five ways Jennifer made the first move" and thought of another way....so here it is! I hope you enjoy!


The newest member of the science expedition was young- barely out of school, beautiful- with long dark hair and exotic grey eyes, and utterly obsessed. She had studied Doctor Rodney McKay in detail, even writing several papers on his research and now, finally, she got to meet him. Not just meet him, work with him. In Atlantis.

She stared at him sitting next to her at the table in absolute wonder. Across the table, John smirked and McKay shifted uncomfortably. Ronon snorted softly to himself, nudging Teyla to catch her attention.

Rodney glared at his team as the girl continued to stare, completely star struck. "Don't you have numbers to run somewhere?" He snapped.

The girl smiled dreamily. "You sound just like I imagined you would, Doctor McKay."

Rodney suppressed a groan. Sure it had been fun at first to have a beautiful woman fawning over him, but.....now it was just annoying. And besides, he had his eye (and heart) set on some one else, so he wasn't even interested.

Speaking of....Rodney sighed as Jennifer entered the mess hall. He had hoped that she would join them, but now this new girl was in her seat. He turned back to his food in misery, then jumped as a familiar voice sounded just above his ear.

"He's taken." Jennifer stared evenly at the girl, tossing her long hair over one shoulder and tapping one foot softly. The girl jumped as though she had been tasered.

"Wh..what?" She stammered.

"He's taken. And that's my seat." She smiled frostily.

The girl stared at her, then ducked from her gaze, quietly gathered her things, and left.

"Wait, what? I am?" Asked McKay, utterly confused.

Jennifer nodded. "Yes, you are."

Rodney shook his head, confused.

Jennifer smirked, slid into the chair, and pulled Rodney's arm around her shoulders. "Look, if we are going to make this relationship work, you can't let girls like that follow you around. It gives them the wrong idea, and you are very taken. You understand?"

Rodney blinked. "Re...relationship? Are we in a relationship? I...I...haven't even asked you out yet!"

Jennifer smiled sweetly and kissed him. "Yes, well I figured that it would take you ages to ask me out, and then another few months before you had the nerve to bring up the 'r' word, so I'm just....helping."

"Oh. Oh!" Rodney grinned suddenly. "Okay."

Thanks for reading!