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Grace walked across the sand looking for any sign of Hammunaptra. The hot desert sun beat down on her and she was about ready to give up when the sand beneath her started to crumble away. 'That can't be good' she thought just as she started falling. A loud thud and a throbbing backside ended her descent.

"Ow" she muttered as she stood up and looked around. Stonewalls surrounded her. She was in a room, an ancient room by the looks of it.

"Are you alright Grace?" Jonathon Carnahan's voice broke into her thoughts.

Jonathon Carnahan and Evy O'Connell were Grace's cousins. She had convinced Jonathon to take her to Hammunaptra by bribing him with the promise of gold. After all Imhotep was put back in his grave again. So what could happen now?

She looked up at him as he peered over the edge of the hole, "Yes I'm fine. Actually I think it was a good thing I fell down here. Jonathon, I think we've found it."

"Are you sure?" he asked squinting into the darkness. He leaned over farther to see better. As he did the ground gave way beneath and he fell onto the floor at her feet.

"Bloody hell" he murmured as he pushed himself up.

Grace helped him up, "You okay?"

"Yes I'm fine," he said dusting off his jacket.

"Good, look there's a doorway." She said heading towards it.

"Uh Grace don't you think we should get a torch. I mean it looks rather dark in there and you wouldn't want to twist an ankle or something."

"Oh good idea." She looked around on the walls and she pulled an unlit torch from the wall, "Got a light?"

Jonathon patted at his pockets, "No sorry I don't"

"I don't either," she said

"Well how do u suppose we get out of here? I don't know about you but I haven't got any rope."

" Well maybe if you give me a boost maybe I can get out." She suggested.

Jonathon lifted her up and she reached for the ledge. She could almost reach it, " a little higher," she said.

"Easy for you to say," He responded.

She reached up again and this time a strong hand grabbed her arm and pulled her out. She looked up at the man who helped her. The face belonged to Rick O'Connell. She looked and saw Evy standing behind him.

"Um thanks O'Connell. What are you two doing here?" She asked a bit awkwardly.

"We came after you and Jonathon to make sure you didn't get yourselves into trouble." Evy responded, "But by the looks of it you already have."

"Um excuse me up there but would someone mind getting me out of here if its not too much trouble!?" Jonathon's voice came up from the hole.

"Yeah, Yeah hold on," Rick said getting some rope out of a pack he carried with him.

After they had gotten Jonathon out of the hole it was starting to get dark. Rick helped set up tents and built a small fire. The four sat around it and Evy started to interrogate Grace and Jonathon.

"What exactly were you thinking coming out here by yourself?" Evy asked.

"I just wanted to see if I could find this place. I wanted to study it and learn from it. It would sure convince my professor that I'm ready to be an archaeologist." Grace responded.

"Look I know you want to show everybody that you can do things on your own but going off by yourself and getting yourself lost or even killed is not the way to do it." Evy said compassionately.

"But I wasn't alone.I have Jonathon with me" Grace responded.

"How did u get him to come?" Rick asked, "After what happened last time we were here I thought he'd never be back."

Grace was about to respond when Jonathon spoke up, "Well do you remember a certain room filled with gold?"

"Well anyway we're leaving tomorrow." Rick said standing up.

"Come on O'Connell I just found the way in!" Grace pleaded.

"Well isn't that nice. We leave tomorrow morning." He said nonchalantly.

Grace turned to Evy, "Please Evy just give me tomorrow to look around. That's all I ask."

Evy turned to Rick, "How bout it Rick, one day?"

He sighed, "Fine just don't read any hieroglyphics or remove anything that can bring on another apocalypse ok?

Grace smiled, "thank you" and with that she went to her tent.

Grace lied on the hard sand. The blankets she had didn't do much. Mostly she was thinking of what her professor would say when she brought back an ancient artifact. Dr. Marcus Spencer was one the biggest names in archaeology. He really didn't think too much of Grace and she was yearning to please him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by what sounded like horse hooves. Yes it was and it was getting closer. She instinctively reached for the pistol she always kept near. Slowly she opened her tent flap to look out. Coming near their small camp was a group of ten darkly robed men. She jumped out of the tent gun raised. She pointed at who she thought was the leader. The man rode up next to her and knocked the gun away. Her breathing became quicker as fear overcame her. The man dismounted. In the moonlight she couldn't quite make out his features. He was very tall and looked very strong.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He said. His voice was deep and thick with an Arabic accent. Under different circumstances she would've thought it was sexy.

"I'm Grace Lockhart. I'm just exploring the ruins," she said a bit timidly.

"You must leave this place." He said coldly.

"Now wait a minute," she said bravely, "I just got here and I plan to excavate."

"This I cannot allow," he said.

Grace was about to answer when Jonathon crawled out of his tent, " What's going on out here?" he asked tiredly.

The dark man turned and gazed at him, "Jonathon?"

Jonathon squinted into the darkness, " Ardeth Bay is that you?"

"It is," he said his voice lightening


Evy and Rick came out of their tent and they immediately recognized the men as Med-Jai.

"Ardeth? What are you doing here?" Evy questioned

" My men reported seeing two suspicious people wandering about the City of the Dead" Ardeth replied, " and it is my sacred duty as the Med-Jai leader to keep its secrets undiscovered."

"And it worked so well the other times." Rick said under his breath and Evy jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow.

"My friends you must leave. I would have thought after all things we've been put up against you would have learned your lesson." Ardeth thought back to the Army of Anubis.

"Oh believe me we have, well except for our cousin and Jonathon here, but don't worry we are leaving after tomorrow. You see Grace won't be satisfied until she has explored the place." Rick said.

Ardeth glanced at the young woman behind him. In the moonlight he could see the very determined look on her face. He considered the idea of letting them stay another day. If he stayed here with them they couldn't get into too much trouble, could they?

"All right I will stay here with you just incase and escort you back to Cairo."