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1 The Last Encounter: Prologue

1.1.1 By shyne

It was tiring, all the running and hiding. She wished it would all stop, but it wouldn't. It wasn't as if she looked for trouble. It was the other way around, trouble went looking for her. She had been on the run for three months now. Continuously, she barely managed to elude the enemy. But exactly who was the enemy? She thought it was Magneto or Mystique, but there were so many people after her, how was she supposed to fight the enemy if she didn't know who they were? At first, she went to her so- called friends for help, but they were allied with the enemy. She felt her heart twist as she remembered what happened on that fateful night. How could they do this to her, after all they had been though? They had fought side by side, broke bread with each other, backed each other up! She had thought better of them, actually of HIM. She thought she could trust him that he would always be there for her, but she was wrong. All those little speeches and heartfelt, although corny, congratulations were all a joke. A big, fat joke.

~ Guess those shades hid the real him. ~ She thought bitterly as she ran down the muddy alleyways behind loud bars and nightclubs. She paused and cautiously peeked around the corner of the building she was hiding behind; she never knew where they would show up next, now did she? The last encounter was three days ago. She hadn't had enough time to get to travel far enough for her to feel somewhat safe, yet. Currently she was in New York City. If she is lucky, the streets would e so crowded and messed up, they wouldn't be able to find her, for a while. Relieved that the coast was clear, she slipped quietly into a random bar, maybe she could win off a few bucks in a hand of poker or two. Looking nonchalant, she slid her black sunglasses onto her nose, hiding her eyes, she didn't want anyone to go yelling 'freak,' or 'mutant.' Surveying the optional poker tables she had, she decided to try for the one in the far back. There were three burly men, already drunk by the looks of it. Checking that her gloves in place, she swaggered over to their table. It was easier if she played a drunken ditz than another runaway teen. Giggling sweetly, she sat down with a loud thump in a chair. Slyly, she positioned her chair so her back was to the wall, and not the door, she had learned that lesson the hard way. Slapping down a five, she bellowed in a giggly voice, "Deal me in boys!"

The men just eyed her with slight interest before throwing her five cards. This would be so easy, it always is. She had a sucky hand, only a pair of two's, a jack, a five, and a seven. There was only one way to win this round, bluff. Thankfully, she had a lot of practice at the Institute. With expertise, she made her eyes all wide, although they couldn't see them behind the shades, and her mouth very big, in the shape of an 'O.' Gleefully, she did a little jump in her chair snickering. The three boys eyed her warily, before exchanging cards for new ones. She pretended to organize her cards, drawing the three chums out, making them uneasy. With a big grin, she slid exchanged her jack and seven with two new cards, only another five and an ace.

~ Too bad. ~ She thought. Still, she wasn't about to lose five bucks on the first go; her pride wouldn't let her. She continued her little act, pretending she had an awesome hand. They bought it, all calling 'fold.' Happily, she scooped up the money, fifteen bucks, not including her own five. The man to her left, flipped her cards over, revealing two two's and two fives. The man groaned and showed the other men her pathetic, but well played hand. One snorted, the other grinned invitingly, showing possibly the worst teeth she had ever seen in her life, even Toad had better teeth than that. They continued to play five more rounds. She knew she would get in trouble if she kept winning, so she lost two on purpose, not big ones through. In the end, she had earned about sixty bucks, not bad, that'd earn her a semi decent dinner and breakfast or two, possibly even lunch if she really stretched it, city life was expensive. Tipping an imaginary hat at her poker partners, she walked out the door and into the fresh city air. With a forlorn sigh, she flipped up her collar on her wool jacket, and walked towards the ratty motel where she was staying, her head bowed and shadowed by the flickering streetlights. ~ Well, I guess I'll be safe for a day or two. The Professor wouldn't let his precious 'kids' out on the dangerous, city streets at night. ~ Grinning, Rogue, now ironically known as Kate, pocketed her newly won money and decided to get some dinner for a change.


"We have to find her Professor."

"I know, but I can't get a read on her mind waves, somehow she must be blocking it." A voice said on the other line of the telephone.

"Can we go back out and look for her?"


"Tomorrow!? She could be all the way to Canada by then!"

"Calm down, Scott, now isn't the time to get too hasty. Anyway, she doesn't have enough money to take the train there, and I have already put the train stations on the look out for her. If she does try to leave, we'll know."

"Fine. But do you think Rogue knows about, you-know-what?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, though I wouldn't be surprised if she does."

"Hmm, do you think the Brotherhood are looking for her too?"

"Probably, if I know Mystique, she has already sent Lance and his friends in search of her. Luckily, she doesn't have the same expenses as us. She has already spent enough money trying to find her the first few times."

"We were so close Professor. We had her right in front of us, but she got away, somehow. You don't think she has gained new powers do you? That would explain some things."

"If she has, Scott, not only is she a danger to society, but a danger to herself. If her powers start evolving too rapidly for her to control, the result may be disastrous, although we would definitely get a clear reading on her location."

"We must find her before THEY do. They are more trouble than Magneto and Mystique. If they get a hold on her, who knows what the outcome might be."

"I agree Scott, assemble the team at 5:00am sharp, you have a plane to catch."

"Yes, sir. We'll find her, if it's the last thing we do, I promise." On the other line, all the way in Bayville, a bald man in a wheel chair sadly thought, ~ It might be. ~

End of Prologue


That's the end of the prologue. I need five reviews before continuing, but knowing me, I'll probably still continue *sigh.* I am sorry if I haven't uploaded lately. I am so slow. I have writer's block, and I can't seem to get out the net chapters. It is easy to start a story, but not finish one. Has anyone ever wondered why they call it X Men, and not X People, I mean, there are mutants of both genders, aren't there? Well, it's just some food for thought.